Hi all!!

I have been for some time now, wanting to photograph and post the contents of my large BOB. I finally had the time over the weekend to do it!! I kinda got a little crazy with the pictures but i thought it was necessary in order to show everything. Enjoy!!

My BOB is a MOLLE style backpack from Cheaperthandirt
I know that the pack's quality is considered "substandard" by many, but it is all my budget at the time could allow. So far it has been a great pack although I have yet to test it in the field. I will most likely upgrade to a new and higher quality pack sometime in the future.

And a side view with a deck of card for a size reference:

The pack has a compartment where a CamelBack bladder could go but I have yet to actually put a bladder in it.

The next pic shows a bit of the two side pocket's contents:

The left pocket houses:
  • AG Russell Deer Hunter in VG10 Steel
  • Ziplock bag full of 8 Esbit tabs and a mini BIC lighter

The right pocket houses:
  • Standard Leatherman Tool (The nice Wave is in the EDC)
  • "Rite in the Rain" No. 146 Notebook
  • 4 misc large plastic trash bags
  • BOB "CORE" kit in Pelican 1020 case (details below)
  • Misc lengths of paracord

The Pelican 1020 case was detailed in another one of my posts a while back. I have since removed the vial of matches and the ARC AA LED light. I will probably get a Benchmade Benchmite to replace the HUGE SAK in this kit. I added:
  • Photon II LED (White)
  • Large BIC Lighter
  • $100 in various bills
  • Small zip-lock bag with several REI storm matches with striker tab
  • Medium sized Mag/steel rod

I would love to post the newer pics, but i think i have enough pics in this post already... smile

A pic of the right pocket contents:

The outside small pocket at the top contains:

  • Sysnylon pack cover
  • Black Diamond LED/Incandescent headlamp
  • SAS Pocket Survival guide
  • 2 packs of gum
  • Various energy bars
  • 2 plastic trashbags
  • Small AAA LED flashlight from Walmart
  • Cutter bugspray 35 DEET
  • Ziplock bag with sharpening stone,mini bic, superglue,and matches
  • Various lengths of paracord

The bottom outside pocket:

  • 100ft black paracord
  • 2 packs of camping toilet paper
  • 4 packages of GI Trioxane fuel
  • Spare prescription glasses
  • "Croakies" for glasses
  • Reel of 3 color military snare wire (50+ ft?)
  • 2 small rolls of camping Duct Tape
  • 2 person AMK Heatsheet
  • 1 pair elk skin work gloves

The outside large top pocket:

  • Silva Landmark Compass
  • 10 packages Micropur MP 1 water tablets
  • Kershaw Blackout folding knife
  • Garmin eTrex Legend GPS
  • Surefire L1 LED Flashlight
  • Surefire spares carrier for batteries
  • ARC AAA LED flashlight
  • Red cotton bandanna
  • A state and local map
  • AMK .9 FAK
  • SAM Splint
  • 3 packs Gookinaid Hydralyte Drink Mix (from REI)
  • Sparky K1 fire starter in leather pouch
  • Fisher Space Pen from Campmor
  • Various other pens and pencils
  • 2 bottles hand sanitizer

And now for the INSIDE of the pack!!

The small top mesh pocket on the inside contains:
  • 20 various size zip-ties
  • "Pocket chainsaw" in tin
  • Standard Esbit stove with 3 fuel tabs inside
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Sewing kit
  • Large bar of soap
  • Survival sheet (the really loud "crinkly" type smile )
  • Bottle of GI storm matches
  • 3 x 5 Sponge
  • Survival tent from REI (yellow)

The main compartment of the pack contains (this is the stuff on the floor in the above picture):

  • Two 30ml Nalgene bottle with Snow Peak 700ml titanium cup on the bottom of one and 50ft of duct tape wrapped around the other
  • Grey GoLite Cave 2 tarp/tent
  • Standard issue GI "Boonie" hat (green)
  • Pack Towel in mesh bag
  • Stainless Steel mess kit
  • Playtypus 2 liter water carrier
  • Playtypus 1 liter water bag
  • SOS 3600 cal rations (wow these guys are HEAVY!!)
  • SOS 2400 cal rations
  • 3 cotton shirts
  • 2 pair boxers
  • Cotton sweatshirt
  • 3 pair cotton socks
  • 1 pair wool socks
  • BEST GLIDE fishing kit (the larger one)
  • Lid for Snow Peak 700ml cup


Yes, I know what you are thinking, this BOB is pretty heavy. I'm estimating around 45-55lbs.!!! I would like to shave off some weight if possible, but I am use to carrying a heavy bag since I am a student smile.

I am aware of some obvious problems with my BOB (although i am sure there are more i am missing smile ), it needs:
  • Better material clothing (i.e. NOT COTTON)
  • Cold weather gloves and watch cap
  • A Poncho
  • Possibly a small radio (Grundig 100??)
  • N95 Masks
  • Udig-it Trowel
  • Extra batteries (AA and AAA)
  • I probably have too many plastic bags and "various lengths of paracord" smile
  • A gear repair kit is needed
  • Excessive redundancy in certain items even for a survival kit?? (i.e. hand sanitizer)??

I am also thinking about ditching the relatively heavy stainless steel cookset and either getting an aluminum one or just not replacing it at all. I purchased the Best Glide Gill Net but it was WAY TOO BIG for this kit.
I have a Becker BK7 that can be added on the exterior of the kit depending on where i am going. I am also looking for a MOLLE bag\pouch that can be attached to the bottom of the pack for additional capacity...

I am concerned with the functionality of my Esbit stove for boiling water. I am not so confidant in it for this job. I may switch in the future to something else...

Questions, comments, ideas,etc. are greatly appreciated as always!!
"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Frankin