I couldn't even imagine an 11lb one, my work one is 6 and I think its too heavy.
now I do have a couple USB flash drives but they just don't hold a lot. When I started thinking about it most any document I have could be replaced even if for a fee. The irreplaceable stuff is my pictures since there wouldn't be anywhere else to get them from. Those now occupy 16G on my drive. Sure I copy those to another drive but one drop or bump of that and its gone. or plug it into someone else's Windows system and get them taken out by a virus.
Most of those cheap external drives have a 3.5l drive in them which isn't as robust as a laptop drive and they are usually cheap drives to begin with. I take my previous laptop drive when I put in a bigger one and put in an an USB enclosure so I know I have a decent drive in there but with my laptop being only 3.5lb its size and weight are not much more then a cheap pre assembled 3.5" USB drive.