Hi benjammin,

This reverse double male-ended plug technique is how we power our remote hunt camp. The generator (1400watt Honda) is behind the camp and a heavy duty power cord goes from it to the building. A one foot long double male connector then attaches the power cord to a plug-in on the outside wall and into the camp wiring. We have also run the camp lights for a short time off a rechargable power box using this short adaptor by pluging it into the inside plug.

The camp is like an old shed and was wired by a camp member (4 lights and 2 plug-ins), we only use the electricity in the early morning and evening, never at night when people are sleeping. The camp also has propane gas lights and portable gas/battery lights for when we do not bring a generator.

The area is off the grid so no chance of any power company workers getting hurt.

The camp is one room heated by a wood stove and has no inside plumbing, we (the men in the family) love it there.