ahhhhh yep!!! Didn't know you were looking for a pat on the back, that department is down the hall to the left too. As far as learning from someone else, I'm all for that. Here's the thing, we're all different, no doubt about that, everyone thinks what they have to say is important, sometimes I think they talk to hear themselves talk and at the same time impress others. I'm not about that, someones ask's a question I give a answer related to that question, not about something else, its always on topic. I guess everyone see's things different. I tend to stay on tract, if I was looking for health advice or nutritional advice I would have looked under a different topic.......lol or consulted a Doctor. I thought the comments were headed off topic so I made a funny, ohhhhhh bad me, see what I did , I made the topic go farther off into left field. Should I be looking for a pat on the back or a confidence boost, nawwww I don't think I need that.

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