From another part of the world...

Here in Guyana (South America), we have the Amerindians (our indigenous peoples) who live in the harsh jungle and mountainous environments. For city dwellers, this is incomprehensible in that we (I am still constantly amazed) assume that our (especially people like me, any maybe some on this forum) limits of physical and mental endurance are the limits of everyone.

This could not be more wrong!!!

In Georgetown (the capital) a 5yrs old child would have to be transported to school by a parent/adult, while in the interior, a bunch of these Amerindian children would get into a dugout canoe and paddle for 2hrs to get to school.

These Amerindians are generally poor people, but in witnessing these feats (that's what I call it - for them it's a regular day) I'm in awe and am myself impoverished. There is so much to learn - especially how to adapt to an environment to the point that I can relax (well at least not stress myself out to the point of fatigue and eventual panic) and survive.

Now where do I plug in my hair dryer?

"Things to know: a trade and how to swim"