Good ending to this story that I have been following for a couple of days.

Larissa Liepins , CanWest News Service
Published: Friday, November 16, 2007

When the seal fat for the fire ran out, they'd been sleeping for five nights in an igloo in the middle of a trackless Arctic waste.

With a broken-down snowmobile and their cache of fish running out, Laimiki Innuarak, 63, decided he had no choice left - he had to walk until he reached a settlement, or he, his wife Rachel Aglak, and their adopted four-year-old son Noah Jonah Aglak would die in the freezing polar dark.

While little Noah and his mother wept and worried in the igloo Innuarak had made for them, the man finally set out on foot Thursday morning at 7:30. He walked for the next 10 hours.

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