I don't carry water in pillow cases, that refers to carrying bottles of water in pillow cases. I put my water bottles in boxes. I merely load the boxes of water and food into the back of my truck. I have 40mm ammo boxes with electric and electronic components that deal primarily with power supply/conversion and communications.

I am revamping my home emergency binder to be in-line with Blast's binder. The binder is a grab and go of emergency information which is also highly usable at home on a semi-regular basis.

The port-potty has an old "8 track tape box" (I know,,I just dated myself) in which I keep the appropriate TP and chemicals in. It's a grab-N-go.

My goal is to be able to be moving within 2 hrs of being notified or of my having made the decision to go (most likely). Usually I have made the decision to go very early and have waited to see if the need to go is going to be there or not, as in an approaching hurricane. I am already loaded and waiting to see which way the storm is going to jump. If it looks like it is coming close to my location, we load up the kids (includes the dogs & cat) and head out, ahead of the herd and by way of back roads.
The best luck is what you make yourself!