Great discussion - great ideas.

The two greatest threats in my area are tornados and ice storms, so surviving the first and shelter-in-place for the second have been my focus. However, one of this country's chemical weapons repositories is 25 miles down the road, so I'd better rethink...

1) Most here put their computer very high on the must-save list, but my antiquated, hardly-any-memory, piece of garbage isn't worth saving and has no essentials stored on it. There's some time saved.

2) Rusty: do post your list there, if you have not already. Information is power.

3) What is the difference / advantage / disadvantage - of keeping important papers in a "Blast-inspired" notebook as opposed to the firebox some have mentioned?

4) Wildman: ever since I read the list you use, I have wondered how to store water in a pillowcase. ???

5) Samhain: I love (not like, LOVE) your lists. They are helping me prepare NOW, (one of the biggest lessons I have learned here - get it ready BEFORE it is needed) and in an emergency would help me stay focused and organized.
BTW - I lived in BRLA for many years. I think I would move bug spray up the priority list.

LBNL - Another valuable lesson learned here is to plan LAYERS of preparation: the stocked car/truck/camper is the giant BOB, then the self-carry-BOB if you have to ditch the car, then the "essentials" fanny or chest pack (LOVED that idea, BTW) and finally the PSK, or as I think of it, the micro-pocket pack.
No, Ducktapeguy, the kind of bugging out done in CA now is not the mass (i.e. nuclear disaster) kind, but in a "limited" emergency, roads closed or clogged by by flooding, fire, collapsed bridges or fallen trees, or grid-lock traffic may keep a vehicle from getting you out of harm's way. You may have to get out under your own power - hence the layers.