1. The Small Fire Box of the Really Important Papers & Some Cash
2. The already-ready, always full Water Containers (total of 15 Gallons)
3. The Three External Hard Drives & The Three Notebook Computers
4. The Backpack of Handy Stuff (Kitchen, some food, Sanitation, simple Tools, lights, chargers & batteries), stored under the basement steps.
5. The Backpack of Extra Clothing & A Tent (Stored Right next to the pack of Handy Stuff).
6. Some blankets
7. Some kids toys and books for all of us
8. 10 Gallons of Gasoline
9. Depending on where we were going, some small firearms & ammo.
10. A cooler with a few beers.

I can - and have - been able to load all of this in under 10 minutes.