with 30 minutes, we(myself, mother, brother and sister) could probably pack the whole house into a PODS container if we were putto it. Packing the essentials and personal valuables in that time would be nothing. Personally I'd stuff most of my clothing into a duffel, pack my laptop into my backpack-which already contains a change of clothes, travel size toiletry kit, and a novel-and grab the family photo albums if someone else hadn't already done it. Everything else could be replaced. We have lots of family in NC, so if major damage occured, we'd head there.
As others have said, half an hour is a long time to pack. I could probably pack the whole family's clothing, meds, important documents, and computers into the van by myself in half an hour.

The only problem I can think of would be the cats. We have six of them, so unless by some miracle they all happened to be in the same room at the same time, at least one would end up being left behind.
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Camping teaches us what things we can live without.

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...Shopping appeals to the soul of the hunter-gatherer.