Living here in SoCal, I've thought about this once or twice. I live in one county, and my ranch is in another, so that adds a complication. The ranch has already burned once. Evacuating the horses is the biggest issue.

Otherwise, from home:

1. Family, including dogs.
2. Documents (firesafe, laptop, PC chassis, plus I have offsite backups).
3. Pictures/home videos - well, as many as I could load.
4. A little food, as much water as I can (don't forget dog food).
5. A few clothes.
6. Tent, sleeping pads, sleeping bags.
7. Personal hygiene stuff.
8. Cash.
9. Cell phones/chargers.
10. If there's any room, a couple of my better guitars.

In about that order. As said, evacuation is different than bugout. We wouldn't likely be living off the land. Not in SoCal if there was a major earthquake or fire event.

BTW, whoever asked about why computers? Most of our financial documents are on the computer. We run our business from home.

The guitars are "just 'cuz". I like them, and they'd be hard to replace.

Kevin B.

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