Already got a punchlist printed out and ready to go.
(did I ever say I love , not like, LOVE punchlists?)

1) Hurricane Boxes:
food, water, cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, batteries, port radio, chem lites, tp, paper towels, paper plates, plastic cups, disposable eating utensis

2) Personal bug out bags:
2 days of clothes, book, toiletries, towel, psk, fak, light jacket/heavy if winter, multi tool. sak, ipod and charger, nalgene bottle, bug spray, space blanket.

3) Household Black Box:
pending bills, household control binder, phone cards, envelopes, stamps, stapler, tape, pens and pencils.

4) Firebox folder:
2 rolls of quarters, emergency cash, extra checks, b/u of quicken and quickbook files, quicken and quickbook cd's to reload the program if needed, copies of passwords, copies of driver's license, ssn cards, copies of medical ins cards, resume's, professional licenses, life ins, house ins, photos- scanned on cd's, home movies-sooned to be converted onto dvd's but now still on VHS)

5) Household First Aid Tacklebox:
Besides FA supplies, 7 days of prescriptions, and OTC meds-- If I'm bugging out I gotta have my Immodium and Excedrin!!! (was that too much information?)

6) Camping Equipment loaded in/on my external framed pack:
Tent, tarp --already bungie corded together, sleeping bgs, air matress -- for my hunny bunny, beercan stove and fuel, cooking kit, shovel, rope, water filter, micropur tabs, water containers, coleman stove and fuel.

7) Emergency Equipment:
(gun and ammo, walkie talkies, cell charger, maps, tool box)

8) Notify Loved ones
(punch list has them listed -- I just thought about adding their phone numbers as well)

9) Secure House:
(shut off water and power, lock doors.

10) other tasks:
(to be determined)

Most of this is already living in their own boxes or packs. The only things that need to be packed is the camp gear (though the bulk of that lives in it's own big tupperware box) and the DW and DD's individual BOBs. My daily backpack pretty much stands as a BOB of it's own.

I would love (not like, LOVE) some feed back on my punchlist. I haven't done a 30 minute drill (yet) but I think it sounds like fun.
samhain autumnwood