No, I didn;t really mean that it is irrelevant to move, rather, that your moving or not is irrelevant to the fact that you will get cut. What I was trying to get across is the same thing the school I attended was trying to teach.... a man with a knife that assaults a man with a gun is going to do some damage....if he's within a reasonable distance (that distance having been determined by the experts to be roughly 20'). That doesn;t mean I advocate standing still, I don;t, it just means that man is, much more likely than not, going to cut you......many times. If you re-read my first post, you'll see we agree that you're going to some damage to him also.

When I was talking about commands, you have to see it from a law enforcement perspective. If a man has a knife, is not charging you, you'll pay dearly if you fire on him without any more provocation than...."He had a knife". Hence the command(s). Now, if he's charging you, whether you've drawn or not is irrelevant (I like that word smile ), you're justified in any deadly force action you take.

Now, not to provoke you...that's not my intent, but I'll say again....... train all you want (as you should), the "15, 20, or 21 foot rule" isn't BS. If you don;t appreciate the "think now" comment, then at least appreciate that an attacker is moving at you....after you...where you move so will he. I'm speaking from at least some experience, however little. Additionally, I'll celebrate 23 years in federal law enforcement this Sunday. During that time, I've seen plenty of evidence of the danger of irrational persons...especially when they're armed, and even more especially when they're armed with something as lethal and controllable as a knife.

I'm not saying we can't win against the knife attack. I'm not saying we can;t walk away unscathed from a knife attack. I'm not saying training won;t help you. I'm saying simply: a man with a knife, with the desire and huevos to attack another man armed with a firearm, is a true threat at 20 feet or less (or maybe more)... a threat any reasonably well-trained person will recognize.

It ain't BS.