The only advantage I can see is that this type of striker should have much more flint inside than your average lighter...which only needs to last as long as the fuel does (though it typically lasts longer).

I recently bought a Spark-Lite kit from Adventure Medical because I wanted the tinders I've heard such good things about for my pocket kit. The striker is so small I've started carrying it in my pocket next to my lighter as my lighter is windproof and uses a piezo-electric igniter. I'm very curious to see how long it lasts. I carry a modified firesteel in my pocket kit as a mainstay anyhow. At least it will 'throw' a spark and I know when I'm running out (though I've yet to even come close)...there's no telling when you'll run out using a Spark-Lite or this RR striker...not to mention the question of what happens if the spring or wheel fail.