- Are you prepared to use deadly force to stop the life-threatening actions of another person?-
The first time I ever picked up a my dad was there and he told me "if you ever pick up that gun against a person you better be prepared to use it". Since the I have carried a weapon 90% of my adult life in the line of duty, but I have always remembered what my dad said. Quick answer is Yes I am willing and able.
- When was the last time you trained with your firearm?-
Saturday and I have another course set up next month
- How often do you carry your firearm?-
every day
- How do you carry your firearm?-
Depends on what I'm doing and what I'm wearing, My personal favorite is in the back of the waist band, I thinks thats cause I'm getting old and fat
- Where do you keep your firearm when it's not being carried?
Next to my bed
- Is your family trained in firearm use/safety?-
When my kids were at home they knew where my guns were and how to use them.
Depend on yourself, help those who are not able, and teach those that are.