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Guys, I am always interested to read this kind of thread. I agree with most of what has been said, but honestly, many of you are under an incorrect assumption. Or outdated training.

You need to train realistically. And if you do so, you will fast realize that you are not going to stand there and draw and shoot when someone is coming at you. The 21 ft rule is total BS if you know what you are doing and have trained.


I train in combat style pistol matches, IPSC, and stress courses of fire. Moving, cover, reloading under cover and on the move, shooting from both, etc etc is practiced by a good many people...many of whom might be right here in this thread. While your advice is sage, is does not nullify the "21? foot rule". Believe me friend, it aint BS.

Without going too much further, think of this: WHile you are moving to gain advantage from a person who is attacking a gun weilding "victim".....with a KNIFE.... what is he doing? Think now.

It aint BS. I've never been attacked by a person with a real knife, but I did experience the next best thing....a simulation by a relatively physically powerful instructor with a rubber knife. In that situation, I really couldn't move very far because space was limited, but I did learn that I would have been carved turkey no matter what I did.

The lesson Caliber Press was trying to relay during their course (regarding facing a knife-weilding assailant) was: don;t dally with this nutcase. If he doesn;t follow your commands, be prepared to put him down BEFORE he does you.....whether you move or not is irrelevant.