1- Yes, absolutely. In my opinion, if you're not, don't carry. And, I don't recommend drawing or showing the gun unless that was the last straw.

2- I shot a static course about 3 weeks ago and 3 months prior to that, I shot a combat course.

3- Due to the area I moved into and my new intimate knowledge of the city, I now carry about 90% when I'm out. That's up from about 75% before.

4- Depends what I'm carrying: Kahr MK9, IWB kydex holster; Glock 23 or SIG P229, strong side kydex belt.

5- I keep them in a safe, but the one or two that's readily available is unchambered an in a safe place. And yes, I'm aware of the law.

6- My wife has not and is not interested in guns although she grew up around them. She says she relies on me. My opinion, she's a victim waiting to happen, but I always remind her through the stories I tell her.