#1- I would recommend reading "On Killing" by Col. Dave Grossman. I read this book after being involved in deadly force situations and it gives a great insite to the human experience in those situations. (Plus it helps if the DW is a VA Social Worker)

#2- I hope your training included move and shoot scenarios, those are the best ways to fight in a firearm encounter.

#3- For home defense, bug out purposes the best firearm is a 12 ga shotgun. It can be used for defense and food procurement. The shells are cheap.

#4- Would that type of carry be noticeable to others?

#5- Safes are necessary with children, I like the fingerprint safes the best.

#6- Here again training and firearms safety are very important at an early age...it is good to know you have begun that process....just make sure to continue it.

You seem to have the right mindset. Thanks for answering the post.
Spemque metumque inter dubiis - Hover between hope and fear. (Vergil)