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#88751 - 03/19/07 02:14 AM Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and questions
yeti Offline

Registered: 12/16/06
Posts: 203
Loc: somewhere out there...
OK...just got my Eton Grundig FR200. As most here already know, it has AM, FM, Shortwave 1 & Shortwave 2. Truthfully, I'd prefer a unit made with all of the available bands...those listed above as well as VHF and NOAA. As it is, you would have to buy two models to get them. C'est la vie! The oddity is the dial for the radio bands...it is HUGE compared to all of the other controls. It would seem a sliding switch...like that for Power Source might be better.

I especially like the neon yellow-orange color...easy to see/find. It comes wit a vinyl carrying case, limited warranty, and a small manual...in several languages (English, French, German, Spanish, & Italian) about 12 pages per language.

The single LED is fair...I probably wouldn't use it much, but it's interesting nonetheless. I'd use the photon freedom I've clipped to it! Wanna use the light via crank? The website says you'll need to continuously crank the unit. Since they recommend using the crank only in emergencies, that doesn't seem effective or practical.

The website quote "When the emergency use factor is understood, this product is excellent for that purpose." --doesn't exactly make me swell with confidence. I understand it's an emergency radio, I just hope it's up to being used a lot under normal conditions.

In addition, apparently you can use AC power with a power cord (not included...now gotta find them). But the jack for the AC says "DC 4.5 V" and the manual calls it the "DC jack". According to the company website at:


you'll see that it takes 2 minutes of cranking for an hour of radio play. What bothers me is that according to their site, you should only use the crank in an emergency. That doesn't leave me confident of the long-term use prospects of a radio option...especially an emergency option. However, it allows for several other power options. Now to see if I can find a decent solar carger. Anyone?

BTW, on the subjct of AC adapters...it mentions that one comes with the FR200G model only. There is no mention of getting the cord from them separately. However, they do say:

" The rechargeable Ni-MH (nickel-metal-hydride) battery pack is
installed and fully charged at the factory. To use this radio with AC
power, an AC Adaptor is needed. When purchasing an AC Adaptor,
it must meet the following specifications:
Output of 4.5 volt DC; negative polarity; 80-100 milliamperes
current capability; plug tip outer diameter of 3.4 millimeter, inner
diameter of 1.3 millimeter.

For the FR200G Model, a proper AC Adaptor is included.

An AC Adaptor of 80-100 milliamperes, as noted above, should
charge the radio in approximately 8 hours, after which the adaptor
can be left plugged in if desired and the battery will not overcharge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If using an AC adaptor rated higher than
80-100 milliamps, or one other than that included with the FR200G,
do not allow it to charge for more than two hours and unplug the
AC adaptor after charging. If using such an AC adaptor to continuously
power the radio, unplug the internal rechargeable battery. "

OK...so where does one find an acceptable charging cord with those specs?

I guess the takehome message is that I think I like these little units. The questions I have are:

1) Where does one find an acceptable AC charging cord with thee specs mentioned above?

2) Given the answers for #1, anyone know of any small & portable solar panel/regulator/cord system that would work with this?

Thoughts, questions, reviews, gripes?
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#88810 - 03/19/07 04:14 PM Re: Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and questions [Re: yeti]
Themalemutekid Offline

Registered: 11/17/06
Posts: 351
Loc: New Jersey

This Kaito Self-Powered Radio, seems to have all the desirable options that one would want in an emergency radio.I'm in the market for such a radio, & this one seems to fit the bill. Anyone here ever run across one of these?

Pictures & Specs on this and a few others from same company
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#88819 - 03/19/07 06:25 PM Re: Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and questions [Re: yeti]
stealthedc Offline

Registered: 02/11/07
Posts: 72
Loc: Durham NC
I wish all of the features you mentioned (am/fm/shtwve/vhf/noaa) were also included in crank radios and AT A REASONABLE PRICE.

The radio looks like it would fit the bill. I purchased a similar crank radio from Radio Shack with short wave and the light is not even LED!

I would try there for the adapters, but the point I wanted to make was this (please excuse me if you already know):

Purchase walkie talkies with NOAA WB capabilities. This way, you have dual purpose - communications and WB - without having to purchase two crank radios
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#88837 - 03/20/07 12:43 AM Re: Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and questions [Re: yeti]
Nicodemus Offline

Registered: 10/30/05
Posts: 1341
Loc: Virginia, US
They sell the power cord on the Eton site for $9.95 + $3.00 S&H, but as stealthedc mentioned, you could check RadioShack. I'm sure that if they don't have it, they could order it or point you in the right direction.
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#88932 - 03/20/07 08:38 PM Re: Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and questions [Re: Themalemutekid]
CJK Offline

Registered: 08/14/05
Posts: 520
Loc: FL, USA
We have an Eton Grundig FR 200....About the AC cord......I was thinking about getting one....so far I've decided that we really don't need it. The FR 200 we have has been digesting all of our "old" AA batteries. We have used it regularly and have only had to change the batteries a few times over these past 2-3 years. And when I say it uses our OLD batteries.....I mean OLD. We save the them after they have been used by the kids electronic things. When they no longer power anything, we put them into the FR 200. The radio just doesn't use much power and the 'dead AA's' will power it for quite awhile.

#89463 - 03/25/07 08:22 PM Re: Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and questions [Re: CJK]
yeti Offline

Registered: 12/16/06
Posts: 203
Loc: somewhere out there...
Thanks all. a few points more and an offer...

I may not ever need the cord either, but I'm a big fan of multiple options...especially when batteries may dwindle.

now that I've had time to play with it...I can definately see that I'm going to have to get used to a small dial for tuning again!

BTW, on a design flaw issue...mine came with a case. You slide the radio down into the case (in the position in which it sits). However, the power off setting is at the bottom position on the sliding switch. It should really be at the top so that when you're putting away the radio it will not accidently turn on. Fix that, and get rid of the HUGE band dial in favor of a smaller click-swith and you'd be set.

BTW, an offer: The radio came with a vinyl case and carrying strap. The closure on the case has magnetic snaps. I don't care for them...especially when I'm not sure whether it will be next to something harmed by magnets. So... I'm willing to give the case to anyone who needs or wants it. If I get one offer, it is yours. If I get more than one, I'll figure out an objective number-picking scheme or something in order to decide.

So...if you want a OEM Fr200 carrying case...gimme a yell.
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#89609 - 03/27/07 01:32 PM Re: Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and questions [Re: yeti]
Cain Offline

Registered: 11/05/04
Posts: 11
Loc: Canada
I've had this radio for about a year and a half now, maybe more, and I'm pretty impressed with it. I've never plugged it in (don't have the cord), but I've used the crank on it alot, and it's held up well so far (I don't crank it at 7500 RPM or anything, I go fairly easy on it).

It is pretty good on batteries, I put some low quality Dollar Store batteries in it and am surprised at how long it has ran with them in there. I don't have an exact runtime, but it will get you through your power outage, or a weekend camping trip easily. I use mine at about 1/3 the volume, so I would imagine the more volume you use, the more battery power it'll use. YMMV.

I haven't taken it out in the bush with me, just in the yard in the summer (and mornings in the house), so I can't comment on how well it will hold up under such circumstances. It does get good reception, but I guess that'll probably depend on your location.

#89956 - 03/30/07 10:10 PM Re: Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and quest [Re: yeti]
yeti Offline

Registered: 12/16/06
Posts: 203
Loc: somewhere out there...
BTW, I did mention the case would be free, right? Anyone?
...got YAK???

#91192 - 04/15/07 08:58 PM Re: Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and quest [Re: yeti]
Stu Offline
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Registered: 05/16/05
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I'll take 1, PM indound.
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#91220 - 04/16/07 01:41 AM Re: Radio Review: Eton Grundig FR200 ---and questions [Re: yeti]
duckear Offline

Registered: 03/01/04
Posts: 477
For all-band recieve, I picked up one of these. Plus you get to transmit too!!!


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