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#78854 - 12/05/06 10:07 AM My BOB contents
ame Offline

Registered: 10/15/05
Posts: 162
Loc: Korea
Ok. No pictures, I'm afraid, but I have spent the time to make a list of what's in my BOB for your edification and delight. I am very nervous about posting this as I am not sure what sort of reaction it will get, but here it is anyway.

Here where I live in New Zealand we have two major natural hazards. Earthquakes could happen at any time, and flooding is possible from either excessive rain or one of the major rivers changing course.

We will most likely Bug-In. In the shed in the garden (away from the house) there is a tent and camping equipment, together with a large amount of water in 3l bottles and other supplies. The BOB is to get away if there is flooding, or significant earthquake damage to the region (meaning we can't Bug-In).

I have a few things to add, but this is the first time I'd go so far as to say the BOB is complete. It weighs 9.6kg.

Your comments are welcome- especially if there is something missing, but also if you want to ask pointed questions that I can think about to make sure I 'get it'.



PS This text was generated from a spreadsheet with Python. Curse the UBB code for tampering with my nice output!
PPS The spreadsheet records expiry dates and pops up a warning on expired items, and it also totalises the amount of cash and the number of AAA cells required for everything.

<pre><font class="small">code:</font><hr>Qty Description Location Comments
1 Compass/thermometer Attached to zipper
1 Wallet Attached to zipper
1 Whistle Attached to zipper
2 Bandanna Centre zip compartment
15 Berocca vitamin drink tablets Centre zip compartment Vitamin C neutralises Potable Aqua
30 Cotton buds Centre zip compartment
1 Document folder, A4, plastic Centre zip compartment
1 Facecloth Centre zip compartment
1 FAK in Vinyl pouch Centre zip compartment
1 Mainstay 3 day ration pack Centre zip compartment
1 Nanami Togarashi seasoning Centre zip compartment
2 Paper dust mask Centre zip compartment
1 Safety glasses Centre zip compartment
Salt & pepper packets Centre zip compartment In 35mm container
1 Shampoo Centre zip compartment
1 Shower gel Centre zip compartment
6 Sugar packets Centre zip compartment In 35mm container
5 Teabags Centre zip compartment In 35mm container
1 Tube tent Centre zip compartment
1 Work gloves, pair Centre zip compartment
Birth certificate Document folder Photocopy
Citizenship certificate Document folder Photocopy
Driving licence Document folder Photocopy
Marriage certificate Document folder Photocopy
Passport Document folder Photocopy
Will Document folder Photocopy
1 5cm x 4m elastic bandage FAK
1 Adhesive tape, roll FAK
1 Alcohol prep pad FAK
12 Antacid tablets (roll) FAK
10 Claratyne (Loratadine 10mg) FAK
1 Disposable gloves (pair) FAK
1 Eye drops, single use vial, 0.4ml FAK
Fabric dressing strip FAK
8 Imodium tablets FAK With instructions
1 Moisturising lip balm SPF 15 FAK
2 Non-adherent dressing 7.5x5cm FAK
1 Non-adherent dressing 7.5x7.5cm FAK
10 Paracetamol 500mg FAK
1 Purell hand sanitiser FAK
1 Savlon antiseptic cream 30g tube FAK
1 Scissors FAK
1 Slant tweezers FAK
4 Soluble aspirin 500mg FAK
2 Sterile water wipes FAK
25 Waterproof plasters FAK
1 $10 bill Front zip compartment
2 $20 bill Front zip compartment
2 $5 bill Front zip compartment
16 AAA battery Front zip compartment One pack of 16 cells
6 Candles Front zip compartment
1 Civil defence armband Front zip compartment
1 Notepad Front zip compartment
1 Pen Front zip compartment
1 Pencil Front zip compartment
1 Pencil sharpener Front zip compartment
1 Civil defence ID Front zip pocket
1 Map of city Front zip pocket
1 Spare glasses Front zip pocket
1 Handwarmer, single use Inner pouch, main compartment
1 One square meal muesli bar Inner pouch, main compartment
1 Pack of playing cards Inner pouch, main compartment
2 Pack of tissues Inner pouch, main compartment
1 Pocket chess/checkers game Inner pouch, main compartment
2 Pocket pack of tissues Inner pouch, main compartment
1 BIC mini lighter L side pocket In ziploc bag
1 Bottle of Potable Aqua L side pocket
1 Collapsible plastic cup L side pocket
1 Convertible LED torch/area light L side pocket Uses 4xAAA batteries
1 Cotton wool in 35mm film canister L side pocket
1 Dental floss L side pocket
1 Disposable twin blade razor L side pocket
1 Earplugs, pair L side pocket
1 P38 can opener L side pocket
1 Pack waterproof matches L side pocket In ziploc bag
1 Shaving foam, tube L side pocket
1 Toothbrush L side pocket
1 Toothpaste L side pocket
1 Vaseline,pot, 8g L side pocket Firestarting and medical
2 bottled water, 1.5l Main compartment
1 Cellphone charger Main compartment Uses 3xAAA batteries
1 Fleece gloves, pair Main compartment
1 Head torch Main compartment Uses 4xAAA batteries
3 Lightstick,yellow, 6 Main compartment
1 Mini pry bar Main compartment
1 Mylar bag 213x91cm Main compartment
1 Poncho Main compartment
1 Rubbish bags, roll Main compartment
1 Sun hat Main compartment
1 Toilet paper, roll Main compartment In ziploc bag
1 Wet wipes, 15x20cm, pk 20 Main compartment
1 Woolen hat Main compartment
1 AM/FM radio R side pocket Uses 2xAAA batteries
1 Knife/fork/spoon/bottle/can opener set R side pocket
2 Lightstick,yellow, 4 R side pocket
1 Pot holder R side pocket
1 SPF30+ sunscreen & insect repellent R side pocket
2 $10 bill Wallet
4 $5 bill Wallet
1 Expired photo ID Wallet
1 Rucksack Has waist strap


#78855 - 12/05/06 03:45 PM Re: My BOB contents
BrianTexas Offline
Ordinary Average Guy

Registered: 04/26/06
Posts: 304
Loc: North Central Texas, USA
It sounds like a great kit! You may want to consider a few simple changes:

1) I'd laminate the photocopies of documents. If they get wet they may be useless.

2) While I like the idea of using the same type of battery for all of your devices, I don't think that you've stored enough. I counted the number of batteries that you needed and came up with 13. You seem to be storing only sixteen. I'd double the number of batteries. You may want to consider using rechargables with a solar powered battery recharger.

3) You didn't specify how many people were going to use your kit, So I really can't judge if the food items are sufficient.

Good luck! I wish my kit was as well stocked as yours.
Also known as BrianEagle. I just remembered my old password!

#78856 - 12/05/06 03:55 PM Re: My BOB contents
norad45 Offline

Registered: 07/01/04
Posts: 1506
The spreadsheet records expiry dates and pops up a warning on expired items...

That sounds like a very handy feature, and almost a necessity for someone who is on prescription meds.

Is that 1.5 litres of water for the whole family or is each person packing that amount?

#78857 - 12/05/06 06:20 PM Re: My BOB contents
Micah513 Offline

Registered: 07/18/06
Posts: 178
Loc: Springfield, MO
Very good. Thanks for another list that I can go over & compare with what I have.

I agree with the post about more batteries though obviously you have consider the weight issue.

So when you actually bugout are you planning on grabbing some of those 3L bottles of water that are with your camping gear?

Just curious what the "Civil defence armband" & "ID" is all about? (I live in the states of course)

Also what is your EDC? as I didn't see a good knife in the list (of course I'm not sure what is in the knife/fork combo) Also what about a multi-tool?

I see tea bags, pot holder, etc. but don't see what you're going heat water in? (I may have missed it though as I flew through your list)

#78858 - 12/05/06 08:51 PM Re: My BOB contents
ame Offline

Registered: 10/15/05
Posts: 162
Loc: Korea
Thanks for the positive responses. It is not clear to me how the BOB will be used (never having been in a disaster), but at least I have something I can grab containing useful stuff if we have to leave.

I should point out that this is a one-person bag (mine). My wife has an identical bag containing generally the same stuff. The idea being that each bag is complete for one person. In addition, I EDC a Victorinox Swiss Champ, a cellphone, an ARC AAA-P and an enhanced Ritter PSK. There is some stuff in the car (folding camp shovel, hexamine stove, candles, wet weather gear etc.) which I really should inventory separately. I should also inventory what is in the shed.

If there is a flood then we will very likely have to leave- Canterbury (our local region) is very flat, and it is possible that flooding will be extensive. Earthquakes are okay if the ground hasn't opened up...

So, to answer the points raised:

Thanks for the idea of laminating the documents. I have thought of what would happen to my gear if it got wet (which is why a lot of it is in Ziploc bags), but of course the paper would not survive.

Batteries- it so happens that a local store sells AAA cells in 16-packs. I may add more, but I'd point out that the cell-phone charger is a last-resort device and won't be powered in general (takes the total down to 10 cells).

The kit is for me, but I have packed stuff to make me useful, as well as stuff that is useful to me.

The water was 2x 1.5l bottles or 3l in the list. I figured that that is a sensible amount to carry (it's heavy!). I have changed this for 6x 500ml bottles, as smaller units will lose less if spilled, or can be given away more easily. Also, when one bottle is empty it can be re-used without affecting the rest.

The spreadsheet only notes expiry when you open it (there's no magic). Here's the formula:


The expiry dates are in column F and this formula is just copied down in the adjacent column. If the expiry date is blank, or the date is not expired then the cell shows a single full-stop ".", otherwise it shows "Expired".

If bugging out on foot I won't grab more water. Too heavy. More batteries however won't affect the weight. If going by vehicle I already have some more water in it, and if time allows then I can grab more from the shed.

Still to add is cling-film wrap (for first aid), duct tape (of course), a multitool (prob. leatherman P4), safety pins and sewing kit, ibuprofen (for the FAK) and some extra clothing.

The tea bags etc. are for use when we 'get somewhere'. I don't have a stove or billy in the bag. Hot food/drink would be nice, but Mainstay bars need no cooking (and I'm told they are delicious).

The Civil Defence items are included because I have to put them somewhere. My wife and I are CD volunteers and have been trained in manning a CD shelter, first aid, and basic urban search and rescue. In a disaster we might be asked to volunteer and assist, so I thought I'd grab the bag then I'm pretty well equipped to look after myself, and I can put my armband on and identify myself as a trained volunteer.

So, once again, thanks for the positive comments. Next I suppose I should practice in the garden.


#78859 - 12/05/06 08:59 PM Re: My BOB contents
OldBaldGuy Offline

Registered: 09/30/01
Posts: 5695
Loc: Former AFB in CA, recouping fr...
About how much does your bag, fully loaded, weigh? How 'bout your wifes???

#78860 - 12/05/06 09:12 PM Re: My BOB contents
ame Offline

Registered: 10/15/05
Posts: 162
Loc: Korea
Weight is a bit under 10kg (22lb) for each bag with the current contents. I might replace items with lighter equivalents, or even remove things (!). The few items that I still want to add won't affect the final weight much.


#78861 - 12/05/06 09:26 PM Re: My BOB contents
norad45 Offline

Registered: 07/01/04
Posts: 1506
The spreadsheet only notes expiry when you open it (there's no magic).

Too bad. I thought that maybe it emailed you or something. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

Looks like you are off to a great start!

#78862 - 12/06/06 12:34 AM Re: My BOB contents
OldBaldGuy Offline

Registered: 09/30/01
Posts: 5695
Loc: Former AFB in CA, recouping fr...
I really think that if I were you I would add some more water, even if you have to cut something else out. Unless you have a really good water source and a way to treat it. At 22 pounds you could probably handle the weight of a little more water, unless you are going to be climbing some of your famous mountains...

#78863 - 12/06/06 05:16 AM Re: My BOB contents
TheOGRE Offline
Gaming Geek

Registered: 02/11/04
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A neat idea I read somewhere (not here, but elsewhere on the expanse that is the internet) is the use 2 liter soda bottles for water. Not original, I know, but to carry them, a sweatshirt.

Sew up the cuffs on the the sleeves, and stuff the bottles down the arms. Wear over your shoulders with the arms hanging in front of you. The site also recommended sewing up the bottom of the shirt and using it like a "back pack". I would just leave as is and use the "body" of the shirt as a back cushion for a back pack.

Just a thought. What do you think, sirs???
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