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#7570 - 07/18/02 04:00 PM Which knife in you gear?

For a long time, the only knife that I carried with me was my primary hunting knife, a gerber folder. Recently I've been turned on to a whole new world of survival and carry knives and have been busy experimenting with different kits as well as looking at many different styles of knives for those kits. I think it's my way of dealing with everything that's happening these days and I find it to be very therapeutic.<br><br>My birthday falls in August and my sweet wife bought me a knife that I had mentioned to her in passing (daily). She got online and did some research and a few days ago my new Becker CU/7 fixed blade knife arrived. I had ordered a pilots knife for the trucks kit a week before and it still isn't here, hmmm. Anyway, she handed me a catalog that had a sale on CRKT knives, in particular the Urban Shark and the Point Guard and since I've been hanging out at a knife forum, I asked about folders and even though there were mixed thoughts on CRKT knives, some stating that they lack in steel choice but otherwise are a good choice for an excellent price, the majority seem to like the knives, especially with the new locking system on them. I can deal with sharpening my knife daily if needed. I believe that we'll be ordering one of each from this company or on ebay, whichever ends up being less money (strict budget here). I like the idea of having more than one knife in my kit. What's everybodies thoughts on the type of knife that they prefer? Both for edc and your kit.

#7571 - 07/18/02 04:27 PM Re: Which knife in you gear?
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/09/01
Posts: 3824
Ah, the most popular, passionate and fun topic on the survival boards! All of your knives are fine. Imelda Marcos could only wear one pair of shoes. I think she would have been a top knife collector. The only insight I can give is redundancy. We have more than one means of making fire, and a small complement of knives is just as valid. Carry only one item and you risk losing all. I like to match my few sets to perceived local needs ( snow, marine,desert) and then toss in a spare inexpensive Mora. Usually the Mora cuts the salami and cheese, cuts the shelter pegs and scares off the grizzly ;O)

#7572 - 07/18/02 06:16 PM Re: Which knife in you gear?
paramedicpete Offline

Registered: 04/09/02
Posts: 1920
Loc: Frederick, Maryland
Knives like flashlights are very personal items, what works for one person may or may not work for another. With that said, I EDC a SAK, Micra and Spyderco Ladybug. The SAK is a recent Fatherís Day present, replacing one that my wife gave me before we were married over 22 years ago. It has been through a lot, having both kids and dogs tooth marks, having fixed everything from cars to toys. It has a lot sentimental value and although many years of potential use, I have retired it to a shelf in a place of honor. The new one unfortunately does not have the saw, which, on the old was used a lot. While I do not carry on my person, I do also have a Leatherman Wave/Original and/or Gerber pliers handy. When in the woods, etc. I always have a mutlitool on my person as well as a number of other fixed or folding blades depending upon environment and potential need. As mentioned in an early post about two weeks ago, I have just returned from Ecuador and will try to post some experiences on the trip. One thing I will say now is, I highly recommend an ARC LS Led flashlight. I purchased a factory second (it comes with 3 options for battery usage), while a little pricey at $70.00 USD, (the firsts are I think are around $160.00) it was well worth the money. The reason it is a second is either slightly off color battery holders or slightly off color hues from the LED. The situations encounter in Ecuador for which I required the light, the minor cosmetic defects did not matter at all. Pete

#7573 - 07/18/02 09:48 PM Re: Which knife in you gear?
Ade Offline

Registered: 01/03/02
Posts: 280
Longbow,<br><br>My PSK is my EDC. I found that given my current job (construction, VERY loose dress code) I could stuff my pockets with all sorts of stuff and no one would say anything. Knives are no problem either, EVERYONE on the job has at least one knife, a couple of guys even carry small fixed blades on their belts. The whole "executive PSK" thread was amusing to me.<br><br>Having said that, I normally carry a Spyderco Wegner, a Leatherman Wave, and a Kershaw Double Cross or a Gerber LST. When going to the woods I usually supplement that, with what depends on my mood. I've never been able to make up my mind which I prefer, my CS shovel or my 12" Ontario beavertail machete. They do roughly the same jobs, I like them both. I wish all of my choices were between two things I like. I gave up fixed blade knives a few years ago, and I have yet to have cause to reconsider that decision.<br><br>Take care,<br><br>Andy

#7574 - 07/19/02 12:06 AM Re: Which knife in you gear?

I mentioned a lot of my choices in a thread below, but here's a summary from my limited experience.<br><br>-As far as a fixed blade choice, I think the Cold Steel SRK is probably the best choice, and that's what I keep in the backpack kit. I live in a city where the biggest possibilty for a crisis event will be a major earthquake, where the density of automobiles per square mile is the largest of any US city, and where local government and social conditions are such that there is little real preparation for this eventuality. If you guessed that I live in San Francisco, you would be correct. <br><br>Anyways, my projected situation is survivng a major quake in an urban setting where my basic choices are to sit it out, or, if my home becomes unsafe, to bug out on foot, since everyone else will be in their cars, and so the streets will be clogged. <br><br>All of this means that while a fixed blade may be good to have on hand, it has to one which is fairly expendable and which can be moved easily from belt to your pack, or be ditched if necessary. It does not pay to be seen with a knife on your belt by certain people, and depending on the weather, you may have to wear a long coat for warmth, thus making any sheath knife you wear on your belt a concealed weapon, whether you intend it as such or not. Needless to say, being stopped by authorities in such a condition wastes both your time and theirs. <br><br>The SRK fits all of the requirements - it's relatively inexpensive, it's sensibly designed and very strong, and very sharp. The scabbard is kydex, rigid enough to stop the blade going through under virtually any impact and it won't rot. The belt loop opens quickly so you can dismount or ditch the knife quickly, yet is secured with both velcro and a metal snap, so it will stay on your belt as long as you want it to. Just about the only drawback to it is that you'll need to ensure the edge stays clean after use, as it's made from carbon steel.<br><br>The main knife of the kit- carried on the person at all times- is a Benchmade 710, a large folder that acts very much like a fixed blade knife in use. It also has a coated carbon steel blade, and while I wouldn't use it as a climbing stake or a prybar, I can use it for almost everything else. My only concerns with it is that while the Axis lock is very smooth and tight, I wonder if it's really as strong as a framelock. I also wonder how long it will take the Legislature to figure out that it could be construed to be a gravity knife. Also, it pays to have access to an even smaller bladed knife for certain tasks. Ever try gutting a mackerel with a 4 or 5 inch blade? <br><br>Which is why I bought a Mission MPF. This knife is probably the most well-thought out design of any large folder I have ever seen. It features a very natural grip shape, an a large choil in front of the handle, below the large ricasso. This means two things: one, you can use an alternative forward grip to use the knife in such a way you would a much smaller knife; and two, the thumb studs are completely clear of the blade area above the edge, which means you can use the entire edge for cutting deep into materials. Even the serrations are oriented on the right side of the blade rather than the left like most folders. This means that the serrations work even better for right-handed cutting. <br><br>The drawbacks to this knife, apart from its high price, are the peculiarities of its base material - it's 100% titanium. That means is proportionally bigger and thicker than the steel equivalent in some dimensions, and also, it dulls more quickly. On the other hand, it's easier to sharpen than a steel blade. <br><br>My EDC knife as of now is a Chris Reeve NICA Small Sebenza. It's as sharp as my carbon steel knives, and much easier to carry in most situations. The NICA Sebenza has a "Tanto"-style point which is very strong. Unlike most "Tanto"-style knives, the blade has a conventional double grind rather than a flat one-sided chisel grind. If I only had access to one knife, I would hope it's this one. <br><br><br><br><br><br>

#7575 - 07/19/02 01:02 AM Re: Which knife in you gear?
AyersTG Offline

Registered: 12/10/01
Posts: 1272
Loc: Upper Mississippi River Valley...
Nothing exotic here - I haven't turned into a knife knut quite yet... EDC is a SAK model that I don't think they make exactly anymore, an Old Timer 340T (main blade is thinner and more "precise" than current production) and a Micra. <br><br>Kit varies with purpose and is nothing fancy; a pretty and very purpose-useful 20 year old fixed blade Kershaw is about as fancy as my stuff gets; other stuff is very mundane. Newest addition is an SRK and it's a tough, sharp knife so far, although I don't like the powder coat finish. Sheath is good. Oh, a Wave; I forget it's a knife sometimes... I wear it sometimes and have it close by most of the time (when ever I go traveling by any means - except air, of course).<br><br>The Victorinox SAK mentioned has two blades, saw, scissors, the usual two multi-purpose screwdriver, wire stripper, can opener, etc blades, an awl/reamer, and a corkscrew. I added a "spare part" Victorinox eyeglasses screw driver to the corkscrew last year. Of course, the ubiquitous "toothpick" and tweezers. It's about the perfect size for a pocket and very innocuous. A good tool even tho I've never been crazy about spear point blades. Wish I could find the exact model again new - I'd stash a few.<br><br>Oh, I forgot about a couple of lockbacks. One is an EDC - a tiny Meyerco clipped to a BSA Hot Spark - they are to work together. It was a cheap thing and about "semi-sharpened" when I got it - sharper now, but it's really there to use with the hot spark and be a 4th tier back-up edge. An occasional EDC if I'm in a suit in knife-hostile surroundings is a slim lock back - er, I think it's a Buck, but may be a Case - I'd have to go look. Takes a great edge, but I feel the thing is a little too hard (likely to brittle fracture if abused). An "executive" knife, sort of - about a 3" blade.<br><br>Been looking at the BK&T CU-7 - it really looks like a great bargain; something I'd likely stash in vehicle kits. How do you like it?<br><br>OK <shrug> so I carry 4 edged things EDC - none are large or threatening and they serve different purposes for me. Used to be a toss-up between the SAK and the Old Timer for "most use" on a daily basis, but the Micra (in the office) has handily taken that lead since I got it.<br><br>

#7576 - 07/19/02 01:25 AM Re: Which knife in you gear?

Well, I went and bought a CRKT Apache II with spearpoint blade in ATS-34. Got a very good price on it NIB (did I mention a strict budget) and the wife was happy. I think I'll be happy with it too. It'll be my EDC and will help the Becker with the finer cutting jobs.

#7577 - 07/19/02 03:38 AM Re: Which knife in you gear?
forester Offline

Registered: 07/04/02
Posts: 57
Loc: Oregon
I also prefer a machete when I'm working in the woods. My only requirements so far have been a fairly solid blade with some heft to it and a longer length (usually around 18" - I don't want to get any closer to the devil's club than that!). I am looking for a new one, however. My current machete is a no-name brand with really, really hard metal (it holds an edge but is too hard to put much of one on it - it's better as a club right now).<br><br>How do you like the Ontario beavertail machete? It's not a name I'm familiar with. Where do you get such an animal?<br><br>I'll add one tip that's saved me many extra cut body parts. I dip the handle of my machete in "tool dip" to rubber coat it. I'll do this three or four times with plenty of time for curing in between each treatment. It really helps me keep a grip in rainy weather and also seems to add some cushioning. On the extra nasty days I'll get a little bit of pitch on the handle for the best grip.

#7578 - 07/19/02 04:36 AM Re: Which knife in you gear?
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/09/01
Posts: 3824
Forester, look @ www.cutsforthknives.com . He sells the excellent Martindale crocodile machetes from Great Britain and has an excellent reputation- and hes in Oregon! the Martindales come with a superb sharpening file that is almost as desireable as the machete.

#7579 - 07/19/02 06:51 AM Re: Which knife in you gear?
johnbaker Offline
old hand

Registered: 01/17/02
Posts: 384
Loc: USA
Tom,<br><br>Your SAK sounds like a Huntsman which comes with exactly those blades. If that's not it, what is the difference?<br><br>My EDC includes a SAK Fieldmaster which is like the Huntsman except that it has a phillips screwdriver instead of a corkscrew. It also has a hook.<br><br>ALL RIGHT, GUYS, I ADMIT THE TRUTH OF IT. YOU GUYS HAVE EXTORTED IT FROM ME! The above SAK is frequently my only EDC knife (at least as to what I actually carry on my person), especially in the office & home. It's all I really need usually. Sometimes all I can readily carry in a suit. Besides I always have a lot more readily at hand (home, office, briefcase, car, truck) if I actually need anything else.<br><br>Alternative or supplemental carry on the person include SAK Rucksack--longer locking knife blade, saw, screwdriver-bottle opener, can opener-small screw driver, wire stripper, awl with needle eye, corkscrew, tweezers, toothpick; SAK Swisschamp. A Leatherman Wave or Supertool is a semi-EDC as well.<br><br>Unless I'm hunting or camping I tend not to actually carry a fixed blade knife on my person. I keep a fixed blade knife in my BOB. I keep various other tools including a hatchet, saw, shovel, & pry bar in all vehicles. I normally keep an Estwing axe & short bow saw blade in BOB.<br><br>John

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