I just received some of the Picnic Boxes from Adventure Tools that were used to package their kits. I purchased 3 sizes of boxes from Tom Negrino at:<br><br>Adventure Tools<br>http://www.adventuretools.com<br>negrino@adventuretools.com<br><br>Small, 95x140x30 mm, $7.00ea, 158g, ~440mL, w domed lid volume of ~30 mL<br>Medium, 110x155x40 mm, $8.00ea, 206g, ~680mL, w domed lid volume of ~35 mL<br>Large, 125x170x45 mm, $10.00ea, 248g, ~920mL, w domed lid volume of ~40 mL<br><br>These are all stainless steel with snug fitting lid using clips to hold the lid in place. The lids do NOT have a gasket material to make them watertight. The boxes are made by MLT in China and are designed for the 3 sizes to nest together.<br><br>The Adventure Tools GSK kit (Doug reviewed, see http://www.equipped.org/gskit.htm) was packaged in the small size box. Minimum order was 2 of each size box, and the available quantity is limited.<br><br>I am looking forward to comparing these MLT boxes with the Seagull products. Until the Seagull boxes become available I will just post my general comments on these MLT boxes.<br><br>These boxes are of good quality stainless steel. They are thick enough sheet metal to stand up to reasonable use as a kit box and cooking pot. The slightly domed lids fit well, but the locking clips are not as tight as I would like. The box rim is not rolled and slightly sharp. The locking clips are spot welded to the box body and the wires can be bent to adjust the clip tension. Addition of some gasket material like a tobacco tin would greatly improve the lid water resistance. The straight box sides would bite into a thin gasket well.<br><br>The boxes are shiny on the outside with a more satin interior. In the new state the exterior would serve as a signal mirror about as well as some of the stainless mirrors I have seen. The interior of the lid needs polishing to improve its use as a signal mirror. Since the exterior is expected to become scratched or blackened with use I will try some metal polish on the inside of the lid to improve light reflective properties.<br>