I already posted a few questions on the forum and somehow managed to forget to thank all the people who answered my questions.<br>Shame on me!<br>THANK YOU ALL!<br><br>Hanging around on the site and the forum for quite a while now, has enlarged my theoretical "survival knowledge" greatly (before ets: SAS survival guide & boy scouts).<br><br>You guys got me in to making a PSK & EDC (having hard times to find everything locally because I don't like online shopping - hope to make car kit & bob later). <br><br>Further reading (site & forum) made me realise that having a good kit (EDC, PSK, BOB, ...) alone is only the start. I plan on learing how to correctly use every part of the kit (in more and more demanding situations) and hope soon to subscribe to a first aid course too.<br><br>Thanx to the whole ETS-family (Especially to Doug Ritter, Chris Kavanaugh and all people who help realising ETS, but also to the forum members) for this life-saving initiative! <br><br><br>Tranx<br><br>PS: Please apologise for the langage errors, english isn't my native language.