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#67717 - 06/15/06 08:59 PM Why I don't carry a gun
Kuovonne Offline

Registered: 10/05/05
Posts: 71
Loc: Spring, TX
I was reading a different thread (Equipping the "indoor-type") and was amused by the discussion regarding carrying a gun.

I am a small female. I do not carry a gun, and I probably never will. DH has taken me out shooting several times with borrowed hand guns. For some strange reason he seems to think that I am a decent shot. I have also held several shotguns and rifles, but never fired one. I am no longer afraid of the idea of having guns in the house.

However, I doubt that I would even use a gun, even if our house were invaded and my life were threatened.

Here's my philosophy on what to do if I have a useable gun in my hand when I'm in a threatening situation:
Empty the clip / chamber as fast as possible, probably by firing the gun. Possibly firing the gun in the general direction of the enemy, but quite likely not.

Since I am a small wimp, my goal would be to render the gun unusable by the enemy. If an assalant got within arm's reach of me, I would be easily overpowered and the gun taken from me. When that happens, I don't want the gun to be loaded.

Does anyone else share my views on what to do with a gun when threatened? Can anyone point out any serious flaws with my plan? I've discussed the matter with DH, and he accepts my plan, but I can tell that he doesn't like it.


#67718 - 06/15/06 09:04 PM Re: Why I don't carry a gun
norad45 Offline

Registered: 07/01/04
Posts: 1506
I'll agree with you that if you do not have the proper mindset to use a gun (and many people don't), and the dedication to become reasonably proficient with it, then generally speaking you are far better off without one. Kudos to you for recognizing that. You may change your mind someday however, so at least keep going with your husband as much as you can.

#67719 - 06/15/06 10:37 PM Re: Why I don't carry a gun
aardvark Offline

Registered: 03/11/06
Posts: 109
Loc: So. California
I'm not an SD expert but from what i've been told there is a rule of thumb that if you draw a weapon, the situation has to be so dire as to require that level of force to stop the attacker. If you are not going to need that, then don't show it. In your situation, if there was that level of threat and you aren't willing to shoot the attacker, don't go for the gun, don't even acknowledge it's existence. Drawing it, and not using it would only make things worse i would think, especially if it were taken from you. Even if you weren't shot, the attacker might use it on someone else.

Having a gun around is a serious undertaking. It requires that you have thought through what you would do, in what situations, with a review of the law in your area and how you would deal with the consequences, legal, emotional and moral. It's like a baby, you have to know where it is at all times, what condition it's in etc. Then, if you have decided that you are willing to go as far as shooting someone else to protect yourself or others 'within your mantle of protection' you need to practice so that you can do it when called upon.

I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of my guns. I used to think, when i was younger, that these issues and decisions were simple and that i would be able to do it if need be. This was around the time of the LA riots and i was glad to have them then. Now i'm not so sure, and in that case, having the weapons around is only a liability.

#67720 - 06/15/06 10:43 PM Re: Why I don't carry a gun *DELETED*
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

Registered: 03/31/06
Posts: 1355
Loc: United Kingdom.
Post deleted by Chris Kavanaugh
I don't do dumb & helpless.

#67721 - 06/15/06 11:02 PM Re: Why I don't carry a gun
wildcard163 Offline

Registered: 09/04/05
Posts: 417
Loc: Illinois
Very well said, mate... you can't see it through the monitor, but I'm giving you a thumbs up <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />.


#67722 - 06/15/06 11:12 PM Re: Why I don't carry a gun
Russ Offline

Registered: 06/02/06
Posts: 5339
Since I am a small wimp, my goal would be to render the gun unusable by the enemy. . . Can anyone point out any serious flaws with my plan?
The only flaw I see is that being the small wimp that you imply, you might need the gun to defend yourself, while a bigger & stronger intruder/bad guy might not. He can beat you to death with most any blunt object or even with his fists if he's of a mind. Your handgun may be the only thing you have to prevent that from happening. By giving the bad guy an unloaded gun you've just donated a blunt object for him to use.

If you have the mindset, a gun is a great equalizer and can help you to prevent blunt objects from coming into use. It's all about mindset. Either use the gun as Sam Colt intended, or lock it in a safe and forget it's there.

BTW, after he's finished with you, he can always get some ammo and make the gun usable again. Maybe not against you, but his next victim will have you to thank. Some people really do need to be shot, think of it as a community service. $.02
Better is the Enemy of Good Enough.
Okay, what’s your point??

#67723 - 06/16/06 12:15 AM Re: Why I don't carry a gun
Malpaso Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 09/12/05
Posts: 817
Loc: MA
My suggestion would be to try a Martial Arts class. It will give you a good base in awareness, focus and self confidence. After that, the step to firearms won't seem so daunting. After all, firarms are just another martial art.
It's not that life is so short, it's that you're dead for so long.

#67724 - 06/16/06 12:21 AM Re: Why I don't carry a gun

IMHO, there are too many people out there, who think because they have a gun, and maybe even carry a gun, that they are prepared for a situation where they may need to defend themselves or a loved one in a real life threatening situation. Some of these folks are the same people who buy the latest-greatest handguns, super-illumination devices and maybe a laser.... Put your toys away; learn how to shoot, learn the situations when to shoot.

I believe without the proper training, most of these well intentioned individuals are more dangerous to themselves and innocent bystanders than to a threat. Those who own guns should be required to have extensive training. While learning about the possible need for a weapon is intimidating and may bring on paranoia....("...who's that guy in the quickstop counter, is he robbing the place or is that just Snickers bar he's pointing at the clerk....") it's all a part of the learning process.

Look at the odds of falling into such a situation, then decide if you want to learn the skills needed to handle a gun in a defensive situation. The chance of this happening to you is slim. Do you want to be prepared, just in case? Or do you want to play the odds. If you want to learn to be prepared, you'll also need to learn how to read situations that might warrant the use of a firearm. While you are learning this, learn all your state and local laws as well as real-world play acting of situations. What is right, what is not.... (If you offered play acting in a room with Prosecuting Attorneys, Police and lawyers.... I'll bet you would not get one definitive answer from anyone. There's too many variables.) You are preparing for an unknown situation.

What brought me to this mind-set? I wanted to get a business associated CCW, a carry permit. I was a proficient handgunner....I thought....wrong. There's a huge difference shooting at a still target, with lots of time to aim, then there is in a real defensive situation. I have been in training now, specific to defensive pistol use for a year and a half; and the more I get to know about the subjects, the more training I feel I need.

Going out and shooting twice or even three times weekly, will help ready a person, (to a point) with the initial skills needed. Start out slow; maybe with a .22, just to learn trigger-control, sight and target acquisition.
After a couple of months, start shooting center fire pistols. Again learning trigger control and sight acquisition. When you think your getting good, find a group that practices defensive pistol training..... keep going.....It's a whole new game. Getting tactical training through Associations like IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) is a must.

Keep in mind, if a situation arises where you may need a gun, you'd better know your equipment, be familiar with your decision-making process to make the right choice, and follow through in a stressful situation, all in a split second. Otherwise the outcome will not be good.

Sorry for the dissertation; for me, it's a very important subject, as it should be with every gun owner IMHO.

#67725 - 06/16/06 12:25 AM Re: Why I don't carry a gun

Good advice Malpaso. There are a number of non-gun related self-defense options.

#67726 - 06/16/06 12:28 AM Re: Why I don't carry a gun *DELETED*

Post deleted by Chris Kavanaugh

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