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#64575 - 04/25/06 08:18 PM Minimum carry.
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

Registered: 03/31/06
Posts: 1355
Loc: United Kingdom.
I have noticed that some members carry a lot of gear around with them. And yes, I know that for some members its in the line of duty. But, Ladies and Gentlemen, what's you minimum carry? Let's say, by making it interesting, that you can only carry what you can conceal in you pockets and perhaps on your belt.

For myself:
On belt: Keys, Leatherman Wave with a firestick in the side pocket. Surefire torch. Cell phone.

In my jacket, Survival tin (comprises Doug Ritter PSK + Wire saw, Bic lighter, Puritabs). Wallet. Head torch. Ziploc pouch containing Mini-poncho. 10m of line, 4 cable tidies, 2 Wetfire cubes & a lighter. My own version of Doug's key ring. A very light first aid kit.

Any suggestions?
I don't do dumb & helpless.

#64576 - 04/25/06 08:49 PM Re: Minimum carry.
7k7k99 Offline

Registered: 06/01/05
Posts: 375
Loc: Ohio
here is a thread I started on this last summer:

#64577 - 04/26/06 04:27 PM Re: Minimum carry.
Craig Offline

Registered: 11/13/01
Posts: 1784
Loc: Collegeville, PA, USA
I remember that thread. I quite enjoyed it.

-- Craig

#64578 - 04/26/06 04:29 PM Re: Minimum carry.
Craig Offline

Registered: 11/13/01
Posts: 1784
Loc: Collegeville, PA, USA
On belt: Keys, Leatherman Wave with a firestick in the side pocket. Surefire torch. Cell phone.

Much as I appreciate having a good pair of needlenose pliers handy, I can't help defaulting to my trusty standby: my SwissChamp.

-- Craig

#64579 - 04/26/06 04:48 PM Re: Minimum carry.
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

Registered: 03/31/06
Posts: 1355
Loc: United Kingdom.
I looked very hard at the SwissTool. I decided on the Wave for two reason's. One: I think it an absolute nessessity to be able to deploy a blade one handed. The fact that I can open a straight blade or rope cutter/rescue blade one handed is a major plus in the Wave's faviour. Two: The liner lock on the Wave "feels" more robust to me than the lock on the SwissTool. It probably isn't but that's the impression it had on me. I agree that the overall quality of the tools on the Swiss is better. Now if Victorionox were to market a "wave" type tool then Leatherman would have some real competition.
I don't do dumb & helpless.

#64580 - 04/27/06 03:09 AM Re: Minimum carry.
Kuovonne Offline

Registered: 10/05/05
Posts: 71
Loc: Spring, TX
Are you talking a minimum EDC, or an absolute minimum, don't leave the house without it unless the house is on fire?

My minimum EDC is larger than my absolute minimum. But I also have an absolute minimum. I never step out of the house without my keys and my wallet, even if it is just to take out the garbage or play in the driveway for a few minutes.
(BTW, keychain has a flashlight, whistle, and a leatherman micra in addition to keys.)

I will also go on a bike ride around the neighborhood for 1+ hours with just keys and wallet (plus snacks and sippy cup for dd). I usually think about this forum and think that I really ought to bring at least a cell phone with me on my bike rides but I'm too lazy to dig it out. Anyone want to scold me with a realistic scenario? Should I ask DH to fix up a bag of equipment for me to keep in the back of the bike trailer?


#64581 - 04/27/06 04:29 AM Re: Minimum carry.
massacre Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 12/07/05
Posts: 781
Loc: Central Illinois
I always try to remember to bring my cell when playing with my kid in the park, on a walk, etc. There are too many reasons not to bring it. Off hand:
  • Medical Emergency: yours or another's - stranger may need it to summon help or older kids could use it for same if trained to call 911.
  • Wife needs to make plans or wants me back home in a rush.
  • I need a ride: injured myself, equipment breakdown and can't get us back safely.
  • Kid needs a ride: pee/poop/puke, exhaustion, boo boo, atomic meltdown, etc.
  • Need to order delivery when you realize you aren't feeling up to cooking.
  • Forgot something and need the cavalry (Mom).

Then again, I don't typically use my phone for work and not many people have the number. I wouldn't recommend being a chatty Kathy when you need to watch your kids. I see soccer moms blabbering on while their kids run out of sight... just want to smack the phone off their cheek. <img src="/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />
Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.

#64582 - 04/27/06 05:08 AM Re: Minimum carry.
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

Registered: 03/31/06
Posts: 1355
Loc: United Kingdom.
I know what you mean. Their situational awareness sucks. And its the kids who will cop it in consiquence.
I don't do dumb & helpless.

#64583 - 04/27/06 10:17 AM Re: Minimum carry.
SgtMike88Ret Offline

Registered: 08/23/05
Posts: 73
Here's a pretty typical example of what's in my pockets daily:

The light shown is a SureFire L1, but it gets rotated with an E2L and, for dress-up carry, a Fenix L1P.

The knife is a Spyderco Delica 4. It gets rotated with whatever the test/review knife I currently have, but it's always with me as my goto.

The mini PSK is housed in a mini Witz See-It-Safe and is a work in progress. The current version is a bit different than that shown - the one shown was "claimed" by my fiancee. Here's the packing list for the one in my pocket currently:

01. ID Card (1)
02. Bandaids (2)
03. Steristrips (2)
04. Alcohol Prep (1)
05. Antibiotic Ointment (1)
06. Sting Wipes (1)
07. Pepcid (2)
08. Gas Relief Tab (1)
09. Sliver Gripper Tweezers (1)
10. Large eye needles (3)
11. Dental Floss (12yds)
12. MicroPur Tabs (2)
13. Water Bag (1)
14. 2x3 Fresnel Lens (1)
15. Mini-Match Magnesium Firestarter (1)
16. Jigsaw blade Striker (1)
17. TinderQuik (4)
18. SAS Compass (1)
19. CR 1220 PicoLight (1)
20. Bison Small Cylinder Whistle (1)
21. Mini Lock Ring (1)
22. Electric Tape (18)
23. Ranger Band (1)
24. Strike Anywhere Match Striker (1)
25. Neck Carry cord (24)

My keyring (not shown) contains a new Photon 2 2X, a SwissTech Utilikey, another Bison whistle, a Traser GlowRing, and a vial with 8 days of essential meds...

By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail." B. Franklin

#64584 - 04/27/06 01:18 PM Re: Minimum carry.
norad45 Offline

Registered: 07/01/04
Posts: 1506
On belt:
Cell phone

In pockets:
Full size RSK
Kel Tec P3AT
Leatherman KF4 Juice
Mini Bic
Keys w/ Magfire, Photon, and P-38

In LA Wallet:
2 Micropur tabs
1 Pepcid AC
1 $20 bill
DL, CCW, Hunting License
Credit/Debit cards

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