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#52222 - 10/20/05 05:06 AM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?

In fact, everything in the car may end up in the front, no matter where it started out
I try and lessen this risk by making sure that nothing can slide out from under my seat, especially the drivers seat. That way nothing can side under my pedals as I'm trying to control the car or stop.
Behind me I use tie downs etc to hold things in place, and I have just purchased some cargo netting to install as a flexible cargo barrier. (not as good as a solid barrier, but is a compromise for my use)
My 4wd doesn't have a trunk (or boot as its called in Australia). It has a rear door. So I am more conscious of what I put behind me than I have to be if I had a trunk/boot.

Something else to consider is the read folding seat access to the trunk/boot of the car, because if they are not latched quite correctly, or are of poor design, objects can still come flying towards you in an accident. So this can be a false sense of security.

#52223 - 10/20/05 10:02 AM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?
StuToffee Offline

Registered: 02/07/05
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Loc: Stockport, Cheshire, UK
I carry a large plastic container (intended to put newspapers in for recycling!) that I got from our city council. It contains tarp, cordage, torch, candles, toilet roll, mess kit, wash kit, duct tape, folding shovel, Knife, survival kit, bottled water, hexi stove & fuel, 2 x British Army 24hr Ratpacks, Survival Kit, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Power pack (can jumpstart car and/or power electrical items) Petrol Can, radio.

#52224 - 10/20/05 10:33 AM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?
Raspy Offline

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Bee I beg to differ you call it a PSK for the car. The P in PSK stands for pocket. Meaning the gear fits in your pocket. I doubt your gear will fit.

Sorry to be such a grouch but I hate mis-labeling. I see it all the time someone says a pocket kit then starts out with a backpack.

Here are some ideas on car kits and placement.

2 of 3 Car Kits

Car Kit 3
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#52225 - 10/20/05 12:48 PM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?
SARbound Offline

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Loc: Quebec City, Canada
Oh? I felt the P in PSK usually stands for "personal", meaning that it's supplies are mostly for a single person in case of an emergency. Maybe i'm wrong though! Thanks for the links to your other threads, good read.

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#52226 - 10/20/05 12:58 PM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?
hillbilly Offline

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Personally I carry my kits in the toolbox of the truck or in the back of the SUV. However, having been pinned in a vehicle, not under the dash but rather one foot in the back seat floorboard (no seatbelt) I have always at least kept a sharp knife to cut my shoes off. I don't know if that would help me but if I had a sharp knife at that time I might have tried to get loose somehow.As it was, they found me about 3 hours later and had to use the portapak to jack up the seat, so I don't know if I could have gotten loose.

#52227 - 10/20/05 01:03 PM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?
Franciscomv Offline

Registered: 09/04/05
Posts: 28
Loc: Buenos Aires, Argentina
I keep a medium PSK, rescue knife with window punch, first aid kit and a few more things close at hand.

The rest of the stuff (big tools like an axe, machete, extra clothes, bigger version of the first aid kit, spares, etc.) is in the trunk of the car.


#52228 - 10/20/05 01:50 PM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?
norad45 Offline

Registered: 07/01/04
Posts: 1506
I keep my huge kit in the covered bed of my quad cab truck. But going on the theory that it's bad to put all of ones eggs in one basket, I keep an NRA kit (Blastmatch, Starflash mirror, tinder, Jetscream) in the center console, to which I have added a Tru-nord compass and some MP1 tablets. The Becker Brute (with a few minor goodies in the handle), Brinkmann flashlight, FAK, watch cap, gloves, overcoat, and a few litres of water are all within easy reach under the rear seat. I figure I can use the butt-end of the Brute to bust a window if I have to.

Regards, Vince

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#52229 - 10/20/05 03:01 PM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?
Arney Offline

Registered: 09/15/05
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Loc: California
Regarding storing gear under the front seats of your car, here's another random tidbit that may apply to some of you. My 2005 Honda Accord owner's manual warns you to not store any cargo or metal objects under the front seats. It even warns back seat passengers not to put their feet under the seat.

From the limited info in the the manual, the driver's seat has a seat position sensor (I'm guessing magnetic) that adjusts the inflation of the air bag depending on how far the driver is sitting from the steering wheel. The passenger seat has a weight sensor that turns off the air bag if it determines that an infant or child (or no one) is sitting in the passenger seat. Anyway, you definitely wouldn't want to risk interfering with such vital safety systems by storing stuff under the seats if your car is equipped with something similar.

#52230 - 10/20/05 05:01 PM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?
Craig_phx Offline
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I like the ResQMe a lot. I'm going to see if I can find one. I like the way the web site shows it hooked to the seat belt guide. It would be nice to have a seat belt cutter too.

Thanks! <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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#52231 - 10/20/05 05:11 PM Re: Car PSK : trunk or under passenger seat?
gp_frk Offline

Registered: 10/12/05
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Loc: Texas

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