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#4224 - 02/19/02 09:50 PM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/09/01
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O.K. NOW I understand ( I can see through a brick wall if I stare long enough.) Maybe for now we can start a series of posts to wring out each item. I don't want the extreme sillyness ( like the .22 case whistle from another website for a whistle.) Lets get some good " thinking outside the box" or Altoid tin as it were ;O)

#4225 - 02/19/02 10:10 PM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?
Ade Offline

Registered: 01/03/02
Posts: 280
Guys,<br><br>I've had a VERY bad day, so forgive me.....<br><br>If this is, in fact, a democracy (this project sounds like a helluva lot of work for either/both Chris and Doug; final decision should be up to them), I vote yes on this project. Or....I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. <br><br>Andy

#4226 - 02/20/02 01:24 AM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?
dt101010 Offline
new member

Registered: 06/25/02
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Loc: Monroe, LA
Chris, perhaps the easiest way to go about this is to create a FAQ like document with each item and a list of its uses. Probably the best way to gather the info is in this forum, and maybe post something new twice a week. Monday post "What would you use safety pins for?" and then Thursday something else, and then take the best suggested uses and put these in FAQ form. This should offset the load of making you or Doug rack your brains trying not to leave any detail out, and maybe read about some ideas you haven't thought about.<br><br>Just my $0.02<br><br>David

#4227 - 02/20/02 02:32 AM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?

Seems as though there are several axis to examine this issue from. A true multi-dimensional matrix is probably what we need. Check out Everything2 for an example of a hypertext matrix. The content is way off topic but if you poke around you will see how a hypertext matrix could be useful. The application for supporting this is available from that site and is GPL or opensource and could be run on this site with an admin'd topic such as PSK contents and usefulness/utility. Some of the axis's of the matrix as I see it are <br><br>Items useful for a categorical need<br> sparklites for firestarting<br>Categories of need for a given scenario<br>PSK<br>BOB<br>water<br>desert<br>forest<br>urban<br><br>Items contributing to a complex task<br>such as:<br>building a lean-to<br>wire-saw<br>trash bag<br>cord<br><br>Items with un-obvious use<br>potasium permanganate + sugar = fire starter<br>safety pin = fish hook<br><br>Instructions for use of item<br>How to set a snare<br>How to use a sparklite tinder<br>How to fill a condom from a stream<br><br>This matrix could start off with a list of the 7 categorical needs<br>fire<br>water<br>shelter<br>food<br>signalling<br>medical<br>orienteering<br><br>for each category you would want a link to gear, scenarios, solutions.<br>For a gear list found by following a link from a category you would have a list of possible gear (submitted by us the committed community and reviewed by Doug the expert )<br>For a piece of gear you would have links for How to use, alternative uses, other categories also served and how.<br><br>The scenario list from a category would be a set of scenarios for which that category is needed and why and how urgently. These might be war-stories submitted by the forum. Such stories might include links to the gear that was used and suplemental correlations between the gear and how the specific mix of gear made the difference. <br><br>Gets me excited thinking about how to put this together. I do web development in my day job.

#4228 - 02/20/02 03:51 AM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?
AyersTG Offline

Registered: 12/10/01
Posts: 1272
Loc: Upper Mississippi River Valley...
Hey, sounds like Brad just volunteered! Way to go, Brad!<br><br>A couple of thoughts to toss out:<br><br>1. Some things have other uses depending on a) what they are combined with b) what is available to mangle, er, adapt them with.<br><br>2. As someone else mentioned, we suffer from lack of female input - they truly see things we miss. (And specifically about this sort of subject).<br><br>I look forward to seeing the fruits of Brad's labor <grin><br><br>Scouter Tom

#4229 - 02/20/02 12:49 PM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?

Bingo!<br><br>My Boy Scout days (Pioneer merit badge, etc.) are long past, and my normal urban urban environment doesn't lend itself to constant reminders of "what I could be without real fast" should I find myself in an "off-airport landing". Don't you just love the euphamisms we come up with?<br><br>Anyway, yes, the "why's" and the secondaryd/tertiary "why's" are what I had in mind in my original post.<br><br>Chris/Doug - What can I do to help this effort? I figure that since I brought up the subject, I'd better stand up and be counted. E-mail me off-line, if you wish.<br><br>Alan Gideon

#4230 - 02/20/02 02:54 PM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?

wow....anyone doubt that there are some really bright people hanging around here?

#4231 - 02/20/02 03:28 PM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?

Thanks Robb.<br><br>Yes, I would be willing to participate in this project. Chris, contact me directly if you want my technical assistance. There are endless details to actually implementing such things.

#4232 - 02/20/02 06:58 PM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?

A gear/use matrix would be a great resource. However, I'm not sure building a new "gear-use forum" paradigm would serve the purpose efficiently.<br><br>It would be important in this type of application to filter out the bad ideas and "ditto" type of comments. Possibly even to correct grammar and improve clarity. So the matrix would have to be moderated. Otherwise Chris might as well just build a new WWWThreads Forum entitled "PSK Items" with subforums for each of the 7 item categories. The same type of chaos and offtopic chatter would likely occur in an unmoderated matrix.<br><br>A good idea might be to actually create such an unmoderated set of forums here and let people brainstorm at will. Then Chris or Doug could sift through that material from time to time and update a static page that contains the real gems. The new forum category would help to winnow the offtopic content a bit and make Chris and Doug's job easier.

#4233 - 02/20/02 08:04 PM Re: Gear/Use Matrix ?
Doug_Ritter Offline


Registered: 01/28/01
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Let's talk. I'll reply via email.
Doug Ritter
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