I am guessing a lot of us have been watching The Last of Us. What a good show it is! Ep. 3 ("Long Long Time") is about the self-identified survivalist Bill who not only manages to get along nicely in the zombie apocalypse, and even finds love and meaning. I just have one question -- what does his generator run on?

It seems like he manages to have electrical power for more than a decade. How? The episode shows that he has some sort of gigantic, possibly homemade generator. What is the fuel? The episode seems to suggest natural gas, because it shows him breaking into the natural gas plant and turning it back on. Is this possible? Does anyone know how natural gas supply works?

Does a typical plant store enough gas for a single household to rely on for more than a decade? Does gas go bad? Wouldn't the plant require maintenance over such a long time? (I'm assuming Bill can do some maintenance, but he's not specialist.)

If SHTF, I'd love to be able to live as well as Bill -- nice, civilized dinners, pairing rabbit with beaujolais...