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#298516 - 03/03/21 08:22 PM Gun Cleaning & Lubrication
KenK Offline
"Be Prepared"

Registered: 06/26/04
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Loc: NE Wisconsin
I'd normally be talking with someone at a gun shop about this, but due to my age and COVID-19 risk I am buying cleaning supplies online and NOT going to gun shops.

It has been many years (25+?) since I did any gun shooting and cleaning. Back then I used Hoppes No. 9 solvent to remove residue, and Hoppes oil to protect.

Since then the gun cleaning supplies available have changed dramatically. I looked up the current manual for my Remington 870 shotgun and it calls for using Rem Oil Aerosol for lubrication. Unfortunately, due to the current upswing of gun purchases it is almost impossible to purchase gun related items online. Rem Oil Aerosol is simply not available online, though I did manage to purchase fresh Hoppes No. 9 and Hoppes Oil (non spray).

I read good things about a product called 'Break Free CLP Cleaner, Lubricant and Preservative' aerosol, somehow managed to find it available online, and ordered it.

My question: Is Break Free CLP Cleaner, Lubricant and Preservative aerosol sufficient for protecting gun surfaces? Or should I be using the Hoppes Oil for post-cleaning protection? I plan to use the Hoppes Oil for lubricating moving parts (trigger assembly, pump rails).

Also, I have the Sentry Solution Tuf-Cloth originally purchased for protecting knives. Would that be better to use on the guns' exterior surfaces than gun oil.

Thanks for any wisdom you can provide.

#298522 - 03/03/21 11:01 PM Re: Gun Cleaning & Lubrication [Re: KenK]
Doug_Ritter Offline


Registered: 01/28/01
Posts: 2102
CLP is perfectly capable of acting for all your uses as the name claims. Some diehards would rather use separate clearer and oils, but it's mostly a Ford and Chevy thing for the average shooter. Real, real diehards are addicted to Hoppes and can't imagine using anything that doesn't smell and isn't toxic. wink

A step up from BreakFree CLP, and more expensive, is Gunzilla or Rand CLP.

If you live somewhere that is humid and you don't use the guns for longer periods of time between cleanings, then a true gun oil might be more appropriate. It's been decades since I lived anywhere humid, so no recent experience in that regard.

The Tuf-Cloth is fine for wiping guns down, that's what it was originally developed for. The cloths do dry out over time, so just make sure it is actually laying down a protective coating.

For serious cleaning, I use M-Pro7. Non-toxic and no smell and does the job.
Doug Ritter
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#298523 - 03/03/21 11:13 PM Re: Gun Cleaning & Lubrication [Re: KenK]
haertig Offline

Registered: 03/13/05
Posts: 2270
Loc: Colorado
Another multi-use item I use for cleaning guns, and other uses, is Kroil. It is simply a penetrating oil. It seeps into everything. And I do mean everything. It gets into the smallest of cracks and under the tightest of pieces.

What I use it for firearms related, is getting lead out of a barrel. Put some Kroil in the barrel then let it sit overnight. The oil will seep under the lead. Then it is fairly easy to brush the lead out. Also for any stuck parts. Kroil them up, let it sit overnight, and usually the stuck part will come free pretty easily.

Breakfree CLP is good too. I keep some of that in my range bag. Then when I'm shooting a lot of rounds through a gun that tends to jam when dirty (e.g., most .22LR semi-auto rifles), I spray some CLP into the action, cycle it a few times, maybe wipe the feed ramp with a CLP-soaked Q-Tip ... and the gun is magically ready to go again until I can get it home for a proper cleaning.

#298525 - 03/03/21 11:31 PM Re: Gun Cleaning & Lubrication [Re: KenK]
chaosmagnet Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/03/09
Posts: 3545
Loc: USA
If you're only going to have one thing, CLP is the thing to have. It is not the best at cleaning, lubricating or protecting, but it's competent at all of those jobs. I've only tried the military variety (presumably "liberated" by my father when I was a wee shooter) and BreakFree.

I've been using Slip2000 Carbon Killer in place of Hoppe's #9. I spend a lot less effort in getting things clean, and Mrs. Magnet does not object to the aroma. It works differently: with Hoppes, I would soak the offending part, let it sit, and scrub it off. With Slip2000, I put a bit on a shop rag (or patch, or boresnake) and wipe off the carbon fouling.

For lubricating handguns and shotguns, I use Tuf Glide and a Tuf Cloth, with great success. I originally learned of this from Doug. The Tuf Glide applicator pens are great, especially if you refill them from a larger bottle of Tuf Glide.

For AR-style firearms I've been using Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 10W30. I can go two thousand rounds or more without difficulty -- it doesn't seem to attract carbon fouling or other gunk, and it stays "wet" where I put it very well.

#298535 - 03/04/21 03:15 PM Re: Gun Cleaning & Lubrication [Re: KenK]
pforeman Offline

Registered: 04/23/08
Posts: 194
Loc: Iowa
While many products are out there - CLP type products will work for most folks in most situations. Doing the maintenance and upkeep according to the manufacturers guidelines should be OK.

With that, everybody has their favorite and I am old, cranky and biased so I stick with CLP, Hoppes and the like. I did some research and found this article/web site: https://www.shootersforum.com/threads/results-of-gun-care-product-evaluation.91566/

There is more there than you will ever need! I got some Hornady "One Shot" cleaner and lube in a spray can and liked the results from that. Hope this helps.

Paul -

#298544 - 03/04/21 07:06 PM Re: Gun Cleaning & Lubrication [Re: KenK]
brandtb Offline

Registered: 11/26/04
Posts: 443
Loc: S.E. Pennsylvania
Brian Brandt

#298549 - 03/04/21 09:43 PM Re: Gun Cleaning & Lubrication [Re: KenK]
DaveL Offline

Registered: 10/03/18
Posts: 73
Loc: Colorado Springs,CO
For storage and everyday wipe down I Use RIG. MTC

#298562 - 03/06/21 02:51 AM Re: Gun Cleaning & Lubrication [Re: KenK]
LesSnyder Offline

Registered: 07/11/10
Posts: 1652
Loc: New Port Richey, Fla
I live about 3 miles from the Gulf of Mexico on the Florida west coast... I've been a practical shooting competitor since 1980, and we shoot matches in some pretty miserable hot and humid weather... Birchwood Casey Barricade (formerly called Sheath) has been my go-to for surface protection , and Mercury Outboard Quicksilver 2 stroke racing oil for a lubricant as it dissipates carbon well... for very cold weather (for me anything below 35F) INOX nr 3

the QPQ carbon nitride surface treatments seem to be pretty corrosion resistant

I do have desiccant packs in the gun safe

#298566 - 03/06/21 03:23 PM Re: Gun Cleaning & Lubrication [Re: KenK]
wileycoyote Offline

Registered: 03/01/11
Posts: 291
Loc: eastern Oregon & west TX
not greatly impressed with CLP. i'm with CM, i use Mobil 1 Full Synthetic.


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