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#297304 - 10/18/20 04:45 PM Re: Election plans [Re: brandtb]
Doug_Ritter Offline


Registered: 01/28/01
Posts: 2067
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. If you live in an metro urban area that has already experienced politically motivated violence recently, I suspect that regardless of who wins, or if a winner is uncertain, violence will occur election night and perhaps following nights. Avoid likely target areas as best you can.

At least in our metro area, police and first responders are planning all hands on deck. My sources tell me that is going to be the case in most all urban areas where there's been previous trouble. As an example, in NYC, ALL sworn PD members are being required to don uniforms and will be deployed.

Depending on where you live that may or may not provide much protection, as witnessed in recent months.

In non-urban and suburban areas, probably not a lot to worry about.

Again, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Avoid as best you can.

We are prepared, regardless of how things turn out. As we are traveling for 4 days prior to election day, coming home Monday, we'll take down campaign signs before we leave rather than have them out over Halloween with nobody home. Just seems prudent.
Doug Ritter
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#297305 - 10/18/20 04:48 PM Re: Election plans [Re: brandtb]
pforeman Offline

Registered: 04/23/08
Posts: 190
Loc: Iowa
Went 'grey' about five or six months ago. Don't put our flag out and am being low profile, which is easier now that I'm retired. We're in a suburb in a town home and our community is - well, odd. There are a large number of Indians (dot type)IT folks in our specific HOA and the larger group HOA "master" association has a very large number of retired or 50 plus types. We also have a couple of commercial strip mall properties as a part of the whole HOA group which includes the local Armed Forces Recruiting office for all four branches (sorry no CG). The kids, doing what I will guess is delayed enlistment, run by the house most every week day along with some of the military staff - one day the Marines came by with the Sgt. in his Dress Blues and they weren't slow jogging!

That all makes our immediate area feel 'safe' but were just a few blocks from the major mall/shopping & entertainment center for the area. We are not experiencing any real unrest and the summer protests were never news making riots even if there was some damage downtown and arrests.

With all that, for the election planning - we've stocked up the pantry a bit more just this week and made sure we've got our supplies topped off. I've got my ready mags loaded and the "night stand revolver" are at hand. The only major change was to also have my old duty belt also fully set up and it's ready to go in the closet with the 9MM. The rifle and/or shotgun can come out of the safe as conditions warrant. The wife is going to do a 'phone party' to watch the results with an out-of-state friend and I'm going to bed early. The next morning is when I figure it will be interesting and I plan on paying attention to the local news, scanners and on-line reports. I hope, pray and actually expect it to stay quiet/normal here regardless of the outcome. The following weeks and national reactions will help guide my follow on actions and activities.

Oh yeah, as recommend by others: Stay away from crowds!

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#297306 - 10/18/20 06:45 PM Re: Election plans [Re: brandtb]
Jeanette_Isabelle Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 11/13/06
Posts: 2507
Loc: Somewhere in Florida
In addition to our traditional pizza dinner, there is something special we're doing this year. We'll have all of our shopping done and gas tanks full before election night.

A couple mentioned taking down the American flag to be a grey man. In the gated community we live in, everybody, except for those who are gone for a while, keep their flag up. Therefore, to be the grey man, should we keep ours up?

Jeanette Isabelle
“Trust me, this is not gonna end well!” — Pleakley, Lilo & Stitch

#297307 - 10/18/20 08:22 PM Re: Election plans [Re: Jeanette_Isabelle]
Herman30 Offline

Registered: 08/08/06
Posts: 381
Loc: Finland
Originally Posted By: Jeanette_Isabelle
Therefore, to be the grey man, should we keep ours up?

Jeanette Isabelle

Absolutely. Grey man is all about blending in.

#297309 - 10/18/20 11:57 PM Re: Election plans [Re: brandtb]
KenK Offline
"Be Prepared"

Registered: 06/26/04
Posts: 2137
Loc: NE Wisconsin
We retired and moved to the northwoods, so we are so rural that there is absolutely no concern about crazy people.

We voted via absentee ballot in the primary because of COVID, then voted in person in the state election (had no real concerns about COVID - they did a great job). Then for the November election they auto-sent us absentee ballots. We were going to vote in person, but at the end of last week decided to use the absentee ballots and turn them in to the town clerk in person (after speaking with her). Again, she's a great person among a whole bunch of great people.

We pretty much keep our politics to ourselves, though we follow all the goings ons all day (hey, we're retired!). What will be - will be.

Our biggest concern is the economy - being retired. The rest we can deal with one way or another.

Keep your spirits up, be kind to everyone, and enjoy the show. I hope your neighborhoods are safe post election.

#297315 - 10/19/20 02:56 PM Re: Election plans [Re: brandtb]
unimogbert Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 08/10/06
Posts: 864
Loc: Colorado
Gray man with tools handy to repel boarders if necessary.

There will be a lot of emotion election night but it won't be over for days if not weeks. I expect cities to start burning the next day no matter who is ahead in the morning.

I wish my city hadn't gone encrypted as I regard my police scanner as formerly the most timely source of information on disturbances.

#297318 - 10/19/20 06:21 PM Re: Election plans [Re: brandtb]
haertig Offline

Registered: 03/13/05
Posts: 2222
Loc: Colorado
I don't really expect big problems here, but if there are any, my guess would be the perpetrators will come from outside of the area. However, I have made mental note of yard signs, flags flying, bumper stickers on cars, etc. to give me an indication of who may believe what I believe, and would may oppose those thoughts. I try to be observant of the environment that surrounds me on a daily basis. 99% of the time, my brain ends up collecting information that it will never need. But there's always that 1% chance when you can say, "I'm sure glad I noticed that."

#297319 - 10/19/20 07:23 PM Re: Election plans [Re: brandtb]
hikermor Offline
Geezer in Chief

Registered: 08/26/06
Posts: 7375
Loc: southern Cal
Come to think of it, I have seen hardly any yard signs, and absolutely no bumper stickers.

I miss the "I Like Ike". Even if you did not vote for the guy, you still liked him...
Geezer in Chief

#297321 - 10/19/20 07:33 PM Re: Election plans [Re: hikermor]
Roarmeister Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 09/12/01
Posts: 952
Loc: Saskatchewan, Canada
You guys have your national elections; I have our Provincial election on Oct. 26 and our municipal elections 2 weeks later. And the Feds are making stupid noises about having a national election before Christmas.

I planned to vote tonight in the advance poll. I never demonstrate, decorate with a lawn sign, or anything else. I just do my duty quietly; each to their own response. I've been getting nearly daily telephone polls and doorbell calls - "If an election were held today would you vote fore A B C or D?" I shall be glad when this season is over! Lots of vitriol and name calling but not quite as insane as your election. Have fun!

#297323 - 10/19/20 10:55 PM Re: Election plans [Re: Doug_Ritter]
brandtb Offline

Registered: 11/26/04
Posts: 407
Loc: S.E. Pennsylvania
Originally Posted By: Doug_Ritter
. . . .

As we are traveling for 4 days prior to election day, coming home Monday, we'll take down campaign signs before we leave rather than have them out over Halloween with nobody home. Just seems prudent.

I never got the yard signs, I doubt if they change any minds. At best, an expensive way of aerating a very small part of the front yard.

Edited to add - There is one crusty old codger down the street from me who always hangs out a huge red and blue Nixon / Agnew banner. That's kind of funny.

Edited by brandtb (10/19/20 11:07 PM)
Brian Brandt

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