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Nope, apparently according to the latest research, zombies are known to ART (Assume Room Temperature) and as such would not stand out from background temperature, thus no differential of import. .

That depends on the type of zombie. I Am Legend has fever zombies -- the zombie virus is postulated to elevate body temperature, creating a super fast zombie.


In both situation you need stealth for some reason, otherwise you can just use a regular flashlight. Any other uses?

I disagree with the ART based assumption on two basis. Different surface = different emissivity = it'll show up on a thermal scope. I've used thermal cameras, and the markings on a steel ruler will show up nicely. Even through the difference in surface temperature between the marked and unmarked surfaces is negligible. So, rottoing Zombie will not show up the same as floors or walls. Second: Movement creates heat. If zed is moving, it will be not be room temp.

On a somewhat tangent subject, wouldn't scopes with IR emitters fill the same stealth requirements (unless dealing with somebody who already has $$$ night vision gear, like ending up in the middle of military coup)

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