Hi guys,<br><br>In Europe we have FRS radios but working on a different frequency 433 MHz.<br><br>The radios I have and love are Alinco model DJ-S41C UHF FM Transceivers and these babies are just downtuned professional handhelds.<br>a small solder bridge brought the power from .005 Watt to 0.5 to 0.7 Watt output and cutting a small red cable reset the unit to it's original capabilities.<br>That means that I now can transmit with low or high power and on all frequencies between 400MHz and 500 MHz.<br>Not that I do that I just programmed in the alloted FRS radio channels in the 433 MHz range but there i can chose freely as long as the other side also has that frequency programmed and this gives me about 20000 different frequency/encryption combinations and that's enough even for a crowded Disney World ;)<br>In case that I need some "covert" frequency I chose one from anywhere between 400-500 MHz.<br><br>With these radio's with the flimsy small rubber antenna I can reach about 3 miles sometimes 4 which is perfect for scouting needs. <br>I have the drawings for converting them to a normal screw-on antenna using a cut-down gold plated hooked antenna connector. You can then attach a better antenna or even connect it to an fixed roof antenna but this would make the radio bulkier.<br>These Alinco's cost about $100 a piece.<br><br>Best Scouting wishes from Holland,<br><br>Bagheera

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