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#261757 - 07/11/13 02:00 AM Air Crash Survival
AKSAR Offline
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Registered: 08/31/11
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Loc: Alaska
The recent crash of the Asiana Airlines plane in San Francisco, with the remarkable survival of all but two passengers and crew reminds us that aircraft crash landings are survivable.

I think the following excellent link may have been posted in the past, but it seems timely to post it again:
How to Survive a Plane Crash

Key points are:
1. When you board, look around and note where the emergency exits nearest your seat are. Have a Plan A and a Plan B to exit.
2. Carefully read the safety card. In particular note information about exits and how to operate them.
3. Fasten you seatbelt very snugly, and know how to open it quickly. Know the brace position.
4. Be particularly alert during takeoffs and landings.
5. Dress for success. Good shoes, long pants and sleeves, avoid synthetics.
6. In a crash get out fast! Don't stop for anything until you are well clear of the aircraft.
"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more."
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#261759 - 07/11/13 02:34 AM Re: Air Crash Survival [Re: AKSAR]
Glock-A-Roo Offline
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Asiana Passengers Almost Burned To Death Waiting For Box Cutters

"...police officers on the ground threw utility knives up to crew members so they could cut the seat belts of those who remained trapped as rescue crews removed the injured.

Does anyone know if the little Res-Q-Me tool gets through TSA?

#261760 - 07/11/13 02:56 AM Re: Air Crash Survival [Re: AKSAR]
Bingley Offline

Registered: 02/27/08
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Re: taking rescue knives through TSA checkpoints, according to reported experiences, enforcement of whatever rules that may be in place is inconsistent.


#261766 - 07/11/13 01:42 PM Re: Air Crash Survival [Re: AKSAR]
gonewiththewind Offline

Registered: 10/14/08
Posts: 1517
Use EMT shears instead. They will go through security no problem, completely legal. A small survival saw is also legal.

#261769 - 07/11/13 02:05 PM Re: Air Crash Survival [Re: AKSAR]
barbakane Offline

Registered: 03/12/09
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Loc: Florida
Haven't flown since beofre 9/11...does anyone know if a ResQMe tool can go thru security...they are designed to cut seatbelts, they are small and EDC for me.
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#261771 - 07/11/13 03:06 PM Re: Air Crash Survival [Re: AKSAR]
gonewiththewind Offline

Registered: 10/14/08
Posts: 1517
I have not tried, but it looks as if you should have no issues with TSA. You can check their web site. Since it is not a sharp and pointy device, the blade is covered, it should be OK.

#261775 - 07/11/13 03:50 PM Re: Air Crash Survival [Re: AKSAR]
chaosmagnet Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/03/09
Posts: 3436
Loc: USA
That won't stop a TSA agent from taking it away from you if they decide to do so. Unfortunately, the decisions made at checkpoints are not always consistent.

#261785 - 07/11/13 05:11 PM Re: Air Crash Survival [Re: AKSAR]
AKSAR Offline
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Registered: 08/31/11
Posts: 1198
Loc: Alaska
Learn how to open your seat belt quickly, then there should be relatively few instances when you would need to cut it. Generally on commecial airliners you lift the latch (rather than push a button as in autos).

When I get on an aircraft (any aircraft whether a big airliner or a small bush plane or helo) I make it a point to consider how I would get out in an emergency (where the exits are and how to operate them). I also take a second to practice opening my seat belt (or harness in a bush aircraft). I pull belt/harness quite snug for takeoff and landing. Learn how to assume a good brace position.

The keys to staying alive are to survive the initial impact, and then to get the f*** out fast!

EDIT: More on why you should assume the crash position if you have any warning:
Crash Survivors Show Pattern of Spine Injuries
Many survivors of Saturday's plane crash in San Francisco have a surprising pattern of spine injuries that a doctor says shows how violently they were shaken despite wearing seat belts.
Still, Manley said even among those who suffered mild spine trauma, he is struck by a pattern that shows how their upper bodies were flung forward and then backward over the lap belts that kept them in their seats and undoubtedly saved their lives.
Meanwhile, Okonkwo said assuming the "crash position" leaning forward with the head as far down as possible and arms over it can limit the spine jolting back and forth and offer some protection. It's not clear if any survivors of Saturday's crash had time to do so.

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"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more."
-Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz

#261786 - 07/11/13 08:54 PM Re: Air Crash Survival [Re: AKSAR]
gonewiththewind Offline

Registered: 10/14/08
Posts: 1517
I carry EMT shears and a small survival saw on a regular basis through TSA security in a wide variety of airports. I have never had a single question about them.

#261787 - 07/11/13 09:48 PM Re: Air Crash Survival [Re: AKSAR]
JBMat Offline
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Registered: 03/03/09
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Loc: NC
Ask for the seat/s next to the emergency exit. Read the instructions for opening the door. Disregard the instruction to place the door on your seat once opened - chuck it out the hole to one side.

Oh yeah, you get some extra leg room too.

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