From time to time members of this board have encounters with law enforcement officers where the forum member feels the LEO acted in an unprofessional manner. The forum member then comes to ETS and writes up their encounter using insulting and unsavory terms.

And then I delete that post and any response.

Let me explain why. Doug Ritter spends his time going up against VERY high ranking people, both in the government and in corporate America, to convince them to spend money to make your lives safer. He works himself to the bone doing this. And just when he has finally convinced some high ranking official that yes, they should take better care of you and me, some lower-level underling will raise up some bit of trash cherry picked off this site and say, "Don't listen to Mr. Ritter. Look at the sort of stuff he promotes!".

Doug's work then gets undone and he gets very, very angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

There have been a number of occasions when Doug had decided to shut this forum down because of incidents like that. Instead, he decided to let me and the other moderators keep it clean and not let it interfere with his real work.

That's what I'm going to do. Some people may shout "Free Speech, 1st Amendment!". They are welcome to create their own forum and police it any way they want. But here, you're in the lobby of Mr. Ritter's building and if you interfere with his ability to get work done you will warned. If a warning doesn't work then I get to go wet cat on you.

So, tl/dr version: don't insult LEOs.

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