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#251574 - 10/09/12 11:39 AM Your pets.
spuds Offline
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Registered: 06/24/12
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Loc: SoCal Mtns
Anyone care about this topic?

These are my muttsters,Girl is the brown GSD,Snookie is the Alaskan Husky mix,both rescue dogs.

Here Girl tries on her new BOB,a horse saddle bag.She took right to it.

Snookie is the real protection dog here,fearless,takes no carp from man or beast,PERIOD.

Girl may look ferocious at times but it takes a real threat to get her into action.Very sweet personality,LOVES kids (Taste like chicken,LOL)

She is a beautiful example of the American line of GSD,tho saddle not dark enough for Kennel Clubs liking.Had a guy come to gate yesterday and ask if she had puppies.Nope. Well,if she does I want one.

She is fixed,all rescue dogs here are.

#251578 - 10/09/12 12:49 PM Re: Your pets. [Re: spuds]
chaosmagnet Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/03/09
Posts: 3544
Loc: USA
My rescue dog was a GSD mix with (we think) rottweiler. The story told us by the shelter was that he was found at two months old, adopted out almost immediately, and returned to the shelter at ten months old. He was absolutely terrified of everything; a moving shrubbery on our first walk together almost made it our last as he bolted, almost taking the leash out of my hand. I doubt he'd have stopped before swimming to China. The family who had adopted him before us had probably beat him every day they had him.

It took two good years of patience and training but he turned into an outstanding dog. He was great with the children and protective of my family. On two occasions I know of his fierce bark persuaded men that this wasn't the right house for them to victimize.

When he was eight we got a black lab puppy. We had some concern that he wouldn't be pleased that we introduced another animal into our house, but the puppy immediately became his dog and they got along famously. More than once when I called them both to me and the puppy was being obstreperous, the senior dog would grab him by the collar and drag him over. "Get it together, the boss is calling!"

At the age of ten he had been fit as a fiddle but started to be a bit lethargic for reasons unknown. It was less than twenty-four hours from when the tumor was found until he died in his sleep.

#251579 - 10/09/12 02:19 PM Re: Your pets. [Re: spuds]
Dagny Offline

Registered: 11/25/08
Posts: 1918
Loc: Washington, DC

We love our pups on ETS. Mine's a Samoyed, 10 years old.

And she is Equipped to Survive, replete with her own backpacks, booties, and preps, including:

-- two month supply of food (she's on a dehydrated raw food unavailable at big chains)

-- water supply (factor pets into your preps!), including in the car

-- First Aid kit (prescription meds, OTC like Benadryl and Zyrtec and wound care, including Vetericyn)

-- and I have a dog trailer/stroller for her which functions as dog ambulance on outings with our bikejoring-dogscootering group.



#251582 - 10/09/12 03:06 PM Re: Your pets. [Re: Dagny]
spuds Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 06/24/12
Posts: 822
Loc: SoCal Mtns
Major cool guys.

We had the same problem with Girl,she would bolt,added Snookie to team and snooks is a stay at home yard type,broke Girl of running real quick.LOL,Snookie is Girls little sister too.Very aware of where she is at at all times.

Love your dog preps Dagny,very nice.Good link.

Got mine chipped too,sure dont want to lose em.2 collars each with ID tags.

Glad to hear ETS is pet friendly.They do make life fun for many. smile

Hard to believe,this is Snooks when I got her,she was on LAST DAY at shelter,terrified and lifeless...

Hard to believe how we went from this....

to this sooo fast! 26 days!!

Best Friends.... Snookie taught Girl to play,I got her for that reason,Girl never knew how to be a dog,unsocialized in all aspects,They are a perfect team making each other soar

Girl says Hi! This is her cute pose.

#251586 - 10/09/12 03:57 PM Re: Your pets. [Re: spuds]
Dagny Offline

Registered: 11/25/08
Posts: 1918
Loc: Washington, DC

For several years, Gidget worked as a certified therapy dog (pediatric oncology, high-rish perinatal, psyche and a veterans nursing home).

If your dogs are friendly with peops and pups, highly recommend doing therapy visits as a volunteer activity.

Highly obedient dogs can be certified with TDI or Delta Society or other therapy dog organizations. And there are many more casual volunteer opportunities, such as through local nursing homes.


#251587 - 10/09/12 04:30 PM Re: Your pets. [Re: spuds]
spuds Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 06/24/12
Posts: 822
Loc: SoCal Mtns
Not therapy level dogs but Girl has done some as an amateur,one was a little girl,dad wanted her to not be afraid of Dogs. About 2-3 years old,touched Girl on face and she gave her a big wet slow slurp across her whole face,kid loved it.Big smile and giggles.

Another time at dog park a 5 year old boy,Girl fascinated by him (Human puppy).He crawled all over her,grabs ear and looks deep inside,opens her mouth and takes a big look,Girl thought it was great,then she played catch with him and actually dropped ball at his feet,something she NEVER does for us.LOVES kids.

Snookie I dont trust,I watch her like a hawk....she can be startled and nips without thinking or warning on dogs in her face,very reflexive.Girl is like modeling clay,you can squish her all over and she just molds to the flow.

LOL,snooks at dog park,giant GSD is in LOOOOVE,snooks wants no part of him.After,should we say,several amorous advances....like a shot Snooks grabs him by his lip.His eyes popped out...then he tried to pull away,very firmly she pulled him right back,staring DEEP into his bugged out eyes all the while,then released him.

Romeo was done,the folks at the park roared,it was hilarious.No harm,no foul.....

But if she ever did that to a person,would not be amusing,so I keep a tight reign on her.

#251830 - 10/17/12 01:45 PM Re: Your pets. [Re: spuds]
spuds Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 06/24/12
Posts: 822
Loc: SoCal Mtns
Just kickin' back,all she needs is a brew.

HEE Hee,Mr photoshop on that eyeball I am not.

#251831 - 10/17/12 02:05 PM Re: Your pets. [Re: spuds]
KenK Offline
"Be Prepared"

Registered: 06/26/04
Posts: 2154
Loc: NE Wisconsin
Lets see ... we have:

3 horses - two Arabians and a Appi-Paint mix
2 dogs - an old diaper-wearing Somoyed and a young Keeshond
2 barn cats (I'm allergic so they live in the barn but get lots of love)
2 cocketiels (both males causing too much squabling)
1 Guinea pig (female)
1 rabbit (intact male - the pig and the rabbit live together and love each other even though they come from two different worlds ... no Guinea rabbits to date)
1 Russian tortoise named Ralph (my son's)

All of my daughter's fish have died now. Maybe hundreds of them over the years. I think they are haunting our house, but they don't say much since the fish never could talk.

#251832 - 10/17/12 03:02 PM Re: Your pets. [Re: spuds]
wileycoyote Offline

Registered: 03/01/11
Posts: 291
Loc: eastern Oregon & west TX
we have 2 dogs and 5 working ponies in our family.

for the first 8 years of her life, Casey was a working cowdog.

recently she slowly went blind, so now she enjoys being home around the fire and going for walks.

a smarter more loving creature doesn't exist.

this was taken of her just a few weeks ago:

#251845 - 10/17/12 07:13 PM Re: Your pets. [Re: spuds]
spuds Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 06/24/12
Posts: 822
Loc: SoCal Mtns
My gosh what a sweet girl Wiley.

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