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#25124 - 02/26/04 09:57 AM Earplugs for Another Purpose.
ScottRezaLogan Offline
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These would also be Great in a particular Urban Situation. -To Block Out that Sea of Loud, Blaring, Glaring, Shallow and Callow, Low Leaning, Impositional, Morally and Otherwise Offensive, Etc. Etc. Etc.!, -rap and hip hop!, that somehow Passes as "Music" to some These Days!

Please Don't Get me Wrong, -There is and Long has Been, a Lot of Good, Quality, and Exemplary Black and Other Music Around!

But rap and hip hop, as we so Long and Overwhelming Know It!, is NOT Among Them!

And I even Liked and Respected Rap a Bit Per Se!, when it First Came Out Round 89 or so.

But I had a Trepidational Caution about it too! In my Gut, I Held Little to No Hope of it's Continueing to Hold at Least a "Basic Decency Ball" in the Air! And Sure Enuf they Havn't! In Very Short Order, They Took a Complete or Virtually Complete Downward Turn!, to the Bottom of the Barrel!

I'm Sorry!, (Though Here I've Nothing to be Sorry For!), -But Things like Woman Trashing and Cop Killing!, -Are just so Far Down Beneath and Below the Line!, for me! Such is Utterly Unacceptable! It's a Real Stooping Less and Low!, and at Other's Uncared For Expense to Boot!

When we Are to Be, ( Pardon my Necc.Use of my Own Signature.), -Realistically but Definitly Upward, Self Respecting, Morally Conscientious, Warm, Loving, and Positive! This is Where our All Round Accents and Focus Should Be!, Not at a Less of Oneself, Lowest Common Denominator! - I Utterly Reject That View of Their's! I'm Trying to Stay Clear of Politics or Controversy. Consider this to be in the "Momentary Rant Department" Concerning this Quite Predominant Trash and Noise which Passes for So Called "Music", -We're to Realistically but Definitely Strive Toward a Constructive, Civil, Upper Focus! And NOT just StoopTo a Shallowest, Callowest, Lowest Common Denominator!

It's my Personal Lean and View, and some Others may have a Different One. So I'm Not Trying to Force my Personal View. But I Importantly Suggest it. I Have to Part Company, Where People Want to Stoop Lower in the Expression of Theirs! I Really Think People should Do So in a Civil and Constructive, Not Down or Destructive, of a Way. If I Must Decently Speak Down of them, to Constructively Criticize them in this Regard, then So Be It. They Bring it About, and They Step on my Foot! A Part of our Civil Society, is that Peoples "Rights" End, -Where They Start Stepping on Those of Others! The rap and hip hop Crowd as it Predominantly is!, Has Got both That, and a Low, Offensive, Down Focus. So I'll Make my Personal View *Available*, But I'm Not Foisting or Forcing it on Anyone.

If such "Artists" and Performers have Got Something to Say about Life or Society!, -Then Fine Enuff! But Do It in a Constructive, Civil To All Around you, Generally Upward, Leaning and Leading of a Way! "Cop Killing" References, and Much Else they Put Forth!, Are Just Only Low Go!, and Utterly Unacceptable!

It and Other General Moral Slides in the Society, -Can Be the Moral Ruination and Downfall of our Country and Society!

The "Progressive" Moral Degeneration of the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and Now 2000's of Such here! I've Concernedly Seen it All !, -Round and About me!

Now Far from Everything's All Bad! But a Good Bit's Less of Ourselves and Not Good! So Much of the Whole rap and hip hop Scene, Since the Late 80's, is the Latest New Lows Dip! They / We Act Shameable of Ourselves So! And They / We Erode the Very Base Upon which we Stand!

Beyond only Such Considerations, This "Music" is Very Rudely, Offensively, and Imposingly Loud and the Like! To Us Others who Have to Hear it!, as we just Try to Walk By on the Sidewalk!

I Don't Know How it is in Other Cities, but in Many Parts of Mine here (Pttsbg.), You Get a Tidal Blast of this All the Time!

They Drive By in their Cars, More Often than Not, Windows Rolled Down! You'd Think they'd Have a Little Consideration! What Ever Happened to their, "Don't Bother me, and I Won't Bother you!"? That Went Out their Window at some Point Too!

This is a Traffic and Public Safety Hazard as Well ! As Regards Road Sounds, that a Motorist Needs to Hear!

Also, They're Gonna someday be Less Able to Entirely Unable, to Hear! This is Itself also a Traffic and Safety Hazard! And Itself also a Relbing On Imposition! Degrading their Own Hearing is One Thing. Thats Sad and Bad Enuff. But Don't Imposingly Degrade Mine Any!, Thru my Having to Secondhand Hear!, Such Blared and Blasted Forth Noise Pollution!

What Ever Happened to Disturbing the Peace?! What Ever Happened to Their Being a Public Nuisance?!

Others of them now Do Considerately or Happenstancely Have their Windows Fully Up, -Keeping at Least some Portion of their Full Blast Inside. But even here!, Many a Decibel Comes Blasting Out All the Same! Again, It's a Forced Infringement and Imposition of Their's!

Windows Up or Not, -So Many of them Sound as though they're Gonna Blast and Vibrate their Cars Apart! I Sneeringly to myself Wish them Luck!, in That Regard! As I Dismissively Wave them on Down the Road! Or Literally and Visibly, Plug my Ears!

I Feel Like Saying to them, -"You Call that Music!?" They Won't Listen Anyway, Plus they're On Much Too Loud to Even Hear that Anyway! It's my Own sort of Silent Protest. After a Woul of it, I Finally Unplug my Ear(s), perhaps Accompanied by the Words, -"Are You Gone Yet?!" Many of them could be Half Way Across our Downtown, -Before you Hear the Last of their "Sound"!

At Least in Half of such Situations, I can Survive Fine Enuf without so Plugging my Ears. Bad as the Offending Source yet Is! But I Often nevertheless just Want To Plug Them so. In This Situation. Again, It's Often something of a Real Need to Do So! Once in a Wowl One of them Does Look Up or Over to Notice, and my Displeasure and Disapproval is Clearly Registered and Known.

Jazz it is Not! Soul it is Not! Gospel it is Not! Rhythym and Blues it is Not! Even Country Charlie Pride!, it is Not!

Upward it is Not! Considerate it is Not! Exemplary it is Not! And though Technically it can be Put to Notes on a Scale, -Music it is Not!

This is my Personal Feeling, Sensitivity, Sensibility, and View. It is Not Hate or Anything. Unlike What can Often be said of Them! (They Themselves often Say such Hate!, to Women, Cops, and Others.) It's a Case of Hating NOT the Sinner, but Rather the "Sin" they Do! And that they Happen to Subject Others To!

Some of you may Not Fully Agree with me, but I Think that Many of you Don't Exactly Care For this So Called "Music" either!

Long Before This, I was Similarly Offended by Much of Hard Rock. And I Still in Ways there am! But I like a Lot of Good Ole Rock and Roll Too!, -Especially Pop, Adult Contemporary, Country, and Easy Rock! Personally, Give me Anyday Glen Campbell, Jackie DeShannon, Bobby Goldsboro, Joe South, Petula Clark, or for a More Nowadays One, -Vannessa Williams singing "Colors of the Wind"!

But with These New Lows as Have Come About!, in rap and hip hop and their Like, as it so Long and Predominantly Now Is!, -Much of the Hard Rock I Grew Up With!, -Now Seems an Exemplary, Comparative, Paradise! At Least Rock Often Really Said Something! Anyone can Stoop Low! We're However, to Realistically but Definitely Go Towards the All Round Other Direction! -Do I Have to Draw Them a Picture of It!?

So even with Personal Moral Sensibilities Aside!, The Sheer Boom Boom Base Impositional Volume of it All!, -Is Plenty Reason Enuff to Apply Earplugs here! This Goes Back to my Original Point, of *This* Being a Great Use for Earplugs Too!

As Well as for Other Large, Loud, Jarring, Grateing, or Otherwise Unpleasant Sound or Noise as you may Encounter in Life!

For Urban / Suburban / Rural and Wilderness Survival or Survival Related Situations. And for Other Things in Life, such as the ( Non-Pure Survival ) Urban Situation, as I Mention. I'd Find Earplugs Very Useful Here as Well ! And I'm Sorely Tempted to Do So! Of course I Too Have Got to yet be Able to Hear Road, Sidewalk, and Other Surrounding Sounds. But While Still Tending to That!, I Have a Good Mind To Apply Earplugs here! Earplugs are Good for These such Areas of Life Too!

This was Prompted as a Reply to the "Ear Plugs" Thread on The Survival Forum. Being Not Directly Related to Survival, however, I've Decided to Put It here. [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]

Edited by ScottRezaLogan (02/26/04 05:08 PM)
"No Substitute for Victory!"and"You Can't be a Beacon if your Light Don't Shine!"-Gen. Douglass MacArthur and Donna Fargo.

#25125 - 02/26/04 03:02 PM Re: Earplugs for Another Purpose.

At last and not soon enough I say, you are pretty much spot on. I`m pretty forunate down here, Australia is not as bad as the States thankfully. But we do have this culture developing in the kids. What [email]s@#ts[/email] me is watching the video clips for these songs and seeing all the rap stars carrying on like [email]D@#kheads[/email] in all their jewelery and accessories. Not only that but listening to them f%$kup the english langauge with words like CHU (you) and Thur (there). We are teaching a generation of kids to speak like uneducated tossers, and these kids are the future.
WE ARE [email]F@#$ED[/email]

#25126 - 02/26/04 06:53 PM Re: Earplugs for Another Purpose.
bountyhunter Offline

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#25127 - 02/26/04 07:11 PM Re: Earplugs for Another Purpose.
WOFT Offline

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The same happens to me. I think it is linked to the e-mail address for some reason <img src="images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />.

'n Boer maak 'n plan

#25128 - 02/26/04 07:18 PM Re: Earplugs for Another Purpose.
M_a_x Offline
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Those links are mailto links. They are supposed to work this way. The adress doesn´t seem to be valid. I can´t comment on why they were put in that post.
If it isn´t broken, it doesn´t have enough features yet.

#25129 - 02/26/04 07:32 PM Re: Earplugs for Another Purpose.
ki4buc Offline
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UBB Boards have an auto parser that look for the at symbol. So, stuff like [email]here@nowhere[/email] appears to be an email address. Placing a backslash before the at symbol will prevent it. here\@nowhere.com. This backslash technique is a common syntax when working with parsers in programming.

#25130 - 02/26/04 10:09 PM Re: Earplugs(high lighted.)

My apologies for the high lighted expletives it was because I incorporated the AT symbol.
Once again my apologies


#25131 - 02/27/04 04:24 AM Re: Earplugs(high lighted.)
Doug_Ritter Offline


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Actually I was hoping that perhaps you would apologize for the rather liberal use of expletives period. Sort of ironic that you're cursing about kids and their effect on society when your own language suggests a lack of vocabulary to adequately express yourself without recourse to expletives, which I somehow doubt to be the case. I really think we can do without the need to pepper virtually every message and in some cases every sentence with them. <img src="images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> This is a family forum and hiding expletives behind some punctuation marks is not fooling anyone and is just as unacceptable as if you were writing them out in full or speaking them in polite debate or conversation. 'nuf said, I trust...
Doug Ritter
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#25132 - 02/27/04 06:24 AM Re: Earplugs(high lighted.)

Please except my apologies and I will keep my posts purely neutral.

#25133 - 02/27/04 10:55 AM Re: Earplugs(high lighted.)
Doug_Ritter Offline


Registered: 01/28/01
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Thank you. "Neutral" isn't necessary, there is plenty of room here for passionate and enthusiastic critical discussion. All we ask is that it be kept civil and non-commercial.
Doug Ritter
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