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#24918 - 05/09/04 11:34 PM Re: BIN LADEN Again Spoke,-What he Said.
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And from that atrocity of history came the story of "Gunga Din", and the poem, "The Charge of The Light Brigade".

I do not read poetry as a rule, but "The Charge of The Light Brigade" always brings tears to my eyes to imagine men so valiant and so blinded by thoughts of revenge and justice that they would willingly charge to thier deaths.


#24919 - 05/10/04 04:49 PM Re: BIN LADEN Again Spoke,-What he Said.
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Thanks for your Observation and Thought.

I'm Not so Sure, however, that our Iraq Efforts have Truly Drained Resources from our Efforts in the Afghan Theatre. And even if to some Extent so, -It's perhaps Not to the Extent your Average "War Opposer" typically Thinks.

Having said that, -I Uncomfortably Think that we are All Too Often Operating on Too Much of a Shoestring.

As to New Terrorist / Enemy Hydra Heads forming, in Connection with our Iraq Efforts. -There may be some Material Truth to that, at the Moment.

But I Liken this to our WW-2 Efforts. We could Not Fight Only in the Pacific, -Only in Response to Pearl Harbor. The September 11th of Their Day. A Larger Enemy Axis Did then Exist, as it Exists Again Now. (However Less Formally). We Have to Fight and Be On Guard Multi-Front, Multi-Theatre, Globally. Saadamistic Iraq was and is a Major Part of that.

Further Theatres and Fronts are Often Neccessary in a Larger War and Picture. Additional "Hornets Nests" can get Stirred Up in the Process. That's Part of the Way a Larger Conflict, War, Struggle, or Task Often is. It was so in WW-2, and it is Similarly so Now. (Though in a Broad Sense, WW-2 was more of a Classic Military Operation, Whereas Today's One is more of an Irreagular, Guerilla, One) Still, the Same Broad Principle and Comparison Holds, that I'm Making.


WMDs being Overwhelmingly Not Yet Found there, -Does Not Automatically Mean that they Weren't there. Or that they Aren't Now Dangerously Somewhere. Evidence and Proof is Overwhelming that he Had them, and was Ardently Working on them! They've either been Hidden, Transferred and Transported, or Destroyed.

We of course Have some Very Dangerous Enemies in the World that these could Have been Transported To. (In Whole or in Part).

But Even to "Only" Destroy them, in the Last Few Years Prior to the recent Persian Gulf War # Two, -would be a Nice "Jank You in your Face!" Kind of Touch, -from saadam and Co. At U.S. It's Every Bit Like Him and his Kind!

If the World's Watching, and you Can't Exactly Continue Developing them in the Way you Once Did, -Then Throw some Unexpected Mud in their Face! By Doing so in *This* Sort of an "If you Can't Beat Them, -Join Them!", Sort of Way. To Them, it was "Fun" Developing them while the World was Very Much Not Watching, and was Letting Em Get Away with it. We Go and Shine the Spotlight though, and Keep Holding his Feet to the Fire, -and It's then No Longer "Fun and Stuff" to Do so! What then Becomes "Fun" for them, -is to Stick U.S. with an Apparent "They're Not Even There!" Anyone who Draws from this that "They Therefore were *Never* Even There", is Dangerously Mis-Informed.

I Have the Really Uncomfortable Feeling that these "Missing" Iraqi WMDs are Going to Someday Come Back to Haunt U.S.!

In Trapping, the Animal (Ideally) Only Knows that It is Trapped, -Once the Cage Door Slams Down Behind It! Too Late Then!, -to Finally Find Out!

We Too, may Someday so Learn, of the Fate of the "Missing" Iraqi WMD Weaponry!

They are in Great Liklihood Somewhere! Either Destroyed and/or Hidden Somewhere!

To now Go Soft on Iraq, just because we Havn't Yet Found them, -is Like that Enticed Animal being Soothingly Lulled into the Trap!

Someone or Someones in this World Knows the True Fate and Status of those "Missing" Iraqi WMDs! And Most Disturbingly and Chillingly, -Such People, -Whoever they Are, -Are *Not* on our Side!

If Not a Matter of their Having Been Destroyed, -Then They are Somewhere! Definitely Somewhere! It's Bad and Dangerous Enuff if they're yet Squirrelled Away somewhere in Iraq. Its Far More Concerning and Chagrinative, if Any Number of them have been Transported Anywhere Beyond Iraq's Borders!

To Some of our Real Enemies Out There! To of course Osama, Al Qaida and Co. To Others Cut Out of their Same General Piece of Cloth. To Even Others. What if They were Transferred to Red China, for Example?! Possibilities here are Not *Only* Limited to Al Qaida and Co, or their Likes. Of course Osama and Al Qaida are our Primemost Sworn Enemies in this World Today. We Certainly Don't Want to Chance those "Missing" Iraqi WMDs Working their Way over to Them, -Nor to Anyone Else. Nor Do we Want them just to Continue to Sit Hidden, somewhere in Iraq. So it Was and Is Neccessary to Have Militarily Moved on Once saadamistic Iraq, as Part of this Entire Larger Effort and Picture.

Yes, the Place is Now Crawling with Al Qaida and their Likes. They are certainly Proximate to any Hidden WMDs there. But this is Part of the "Neccessary Hornet's Nesting", that I Describe Elsewhere here. Which we Must over Time Wrestle Down, this with Good to Great Manpower and Resources to Back Us Up! This Does Not Change How it was Still Initially Neccessary, -to Make a Military Move on Iraq, as a Crucial Part of this Whole Larger Effort, and Picture.

Whether Iraq Bred and/or Not, Osama and Co. are Definitely Seeking and Working on WMDs Themselves! Whereever they can Source or Develop such from!

With Iraq being such a Fertile Breeding Ground for Such Things, -It IS such a Vital Theatre and Front, -in our All Round Fight for our Very Survival! That we Now Find Ourselves Engaged in.

Do we Really Want to just Trust, -that an *Un*Vanquished saadam Wouldn't Someday and Somehow, Give / Transfer These WMDs Over to Them?! He may Already Have Done So, -Before his Vanquishment.

As we Had to also Fight WW-2 in North Africa, Italy, Normandy / France, Over Berlin in Maximum Effort Bombing Missions, and Europe and Elsewhere in General.- -So we Too Must Now Take a Global, Long Range Survey, -of What "We Must Do"! -Beyond Only September 11th Per Se, and it's Afghan Response!

Iraq is Such a Part of This! It just Very Much All Round Is! We Gotta Get In at that Hornet's Nest!

And of course with Adequate and Sufficient Manpower and Resources! And of course also with Alertness, Resolve, and Unflagging Determination, Etc! We'll See How Well we either Remember or Forget our September 11th Experience, -Along with it's Lessons!

I Think there Could Be More Iraqi - Qaida Type Connections, than we'd Care to Entertain! This Even Before our Iraqi Involvement! This is NOT Something that we Can Afford to Just Kindly Trust On! In Abscence of Outright "Incontrovertable Proof"!

So our Iraq Efforts ARE Such a Part of this All!


Now of course when you Get into a Hornet's Nest, -The Hornet's are Gonna be Stirred Up and Activated. Ruffly Similar Things Occurred in our NON Pacific Theaters of our WW-2 Task. But we Kept At It!, -as Back Then it was a Case where we Neccessarily Must. And we Thereby eventually Wrestled the Whole Thing Down! We Had a Rich Reservoir of Resources and Manpower to Draw Upon. We Did Not Entertain Trying to Do so on the Cheap. We Had and Held that Crucial Sci-Tech Lead!, -Exemplified in the Manhattan Project and in Many Other Areas! We *Didn't* "Dah!" or "Dorp" Around in That! In Retrospect, -We Couldn't Afford to Dilly or Dally Around There or Elsewhere, Anyway! So Good Thing we Didn't!

We Globally Got Into that Day's Hornet's Nests, and Neutralized Them Down! It Wasn't Easy, both in Itself, -and with Reference to the Previous 30s Lollygagging Around!, that we Did.

We Now Have our Own Postwar type of 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s!, type Lollygagging Around! We Still Do Much of the Same Type of Lollygagging Around, Here in the 2000s, even After Sept. 11th! Where within such Lollygagging, -We've just Let Many an Osama Type Pandora's Box out there, Grow, Thrive, and Fester!

And so Now we Really've Got our Work Cut Out for U.S.! And We've Got to Really Forget About Old Style Softyish Slipping and Dragging!, -and Work Like Dogs at This!

One of the First Things we Must Now Do, is to Get Off of various Superfluous, Silly Stuff! We Happen to be in a Life and Death Struggle and War! And Not Swimming in an Era of Peace and Well Being. In case Anyone's Forgotten or Hasn't Noticed. To Get Off the Silly Jackson type Stuff, Royal Family Antics, and So On. -And Onto the Very National Security and Survival Stuff! That we Must be About and Doing! Fully and Lastingly! Like Frank said in his Song, -"Not in a Shy Way"!

Like a Kid Doesn't Have to be Told How, Nor Coaxed to Play! Generally Speaking, our Publics at Large shud Live, Think, Eat, Sleep, and Breathe!, their Very National Safety, Security, and Survival! Until our Task and Job is Truly Successfully Done. This is the Spirit! That we Shud All be Having about Ourselves!

Our Task is Now Cut Out for U.S., and we've Now Got to Work like Dogs at It! In some Real Catch Up Ball! Catch Up from Behind! Thanks to Decades of various Dangerous Slipping, Dragging, and Lollygagging!

In this Same Way, Had we Built Up our B-17 Fleet in the *30s*, -as some Lonely but Wise Voices were Calling For!, -Then How Much Easier and Better would our Air Theater Tasks Have Been! When the Unavoidable Neccessity of that War, -Finally Came Around! Instead, we Alarmingly Began with some 30 or so B-17s, -Many Wiped Out on the Ground in those First Post Pearl Harbor Japanese Attacks on the Phillipines! We then Had to Really Work Like Dogs! Before we could have our Great Air Attacks upon places like Schweinfurt, Regensburg, Ploesti, the D-Day Normandy Front, the Bremerhaven U-Boat Pens, Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, and Berlin.

If there's a Lesson from History that we Don't Want to Have to Repeat, -It's to NOT Bring Ourselves Up so Dangerously Short! *Before* so Vital and Imperative a Task!

Like a Squirrel who Only Begins Belatedly Collecting Nuts, when the Cold of Fall and Winter Starts Coming On! When Summer Sun!, was the Time to Be On to That!

So Iraq is Indeed a Hornet's Nest. And More Hornets are being variously Stirred Up There!

(Personnel Doing such Abuses as have Lately been Done by Some, -Hurts and Doesn't Help. Thruout History, however, it's Been the General Rule, that Each Side is Fully Brutal to the Other as it Pleases, and it's a Matter of Who of the Two "Strongs Out", in the End. Nowadays, however, Higher Noble Morals, are being Used as a "Weapon", by Some. A Convenient and Selective Weapon. Still, our Abuses Done by Some is Wrong.)

We're just Gonna Have To, -WITH ENUFF MANPOWER and RESOURCES!, -Come to Wrestle this Thing Down! With Such Rich and Ready Resources to Draw Upon, -This CAN Eventually Be Done!

But We Have No Choice, -But to Stay our Course, in Iraq and Elsewhere! We Had No Choice to Go In to Begin With, -We Have No Choice About Departing Now! Our Well Strengthed, Goodly Positioned Enemies out there, -Give U.S. No Choice but to Fight, -in Any Event! So Let's just Be Fully Onto It!

The U.S., (Truly) Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Our Great Cultural Heritage on the European Continent, South Korea, the Free Republic of China on Taiwan, the Pacific Greatness and Contributions of Japan, Our Great Fellow Latin American Neighbors to our South, and Others, -We're All in This Together! We've Ultimately Got a Really Great Team. With Such Great and Spandiferous Contributions that can be Made by such Members! Each in their Own Unique, Great Way! Even a Postage Stamp Sized Member such as the Vatican, -is a Towering Moral Force. We Each can Do So Much of the Grand Total on our Own. Think How Much More we can Jointly Do!, -Acting in Concert!, -Against Our Common Enemy and Foe! So Let's Be About It and Do So! We're Simply Gonna Have To in any Event, -I'm Afraid!

So We've Got to Do it with Enuff Long Term Determination and Oomph! Thats All there's so to It!

Some Additional Hornets will be Stirred Up in the Process. That Often Can't be Helped. But that's NO Reason, Call, or Excuse, -For Not Being Onto or At It!

As we also Had to Fight in Theaters *Other* than just the Pacific, -So Too Must we Fight and Stand Guard in Places *Other* than just Afganistan, -and *Other* than with Only Enemy Foes such as Al Qaida Alone! Iraq, both Pre and Post saadam, is Simply One of These!

What if Churchill were Again and Today among U.S.?! He'd of course be Urging U.S. to Stand and Fight!, in His Same Bulldog Spirit of Before! Let's be Similarly of his Spirit and Determination Now!

As to our Ideally Being our Republic, -the True Enemies at our Gates, -Do Laugh at U.S. for that, and Use that Against U.S.! We of course Still Should Remain a Genuine Democracy and Republic! But Keep the Earlier Part of this Paragraph in Mind too.

If it Comes Down to Mortal Enemies Out There, Who Will just Not Give Up in any Event, -Then we're Gonna Have to also be, -a Pax Romana. (Pax Americana / Freedomiana). And May we Be and Remain a Noble, Upper Spirited, Benevolent One, -in any such Neccessary Circumstance. As I'm Very Sure we Would. Though I Acknowledge that we Do Have to Watch the Actions of Some Loose Apples among U.S..

I'm Concerned about Areas of Too Much Arbitrary Governmental Power too! But on National Life or Death Survival Matters, -I Know Where to Place my Larger Priorities.

Now Let me Get Off of this Lengthy Enuf Piece, (In the Course of Addressing This here), and Back Onto Taking some of Bountyhunter's Suggested Advice.

When the Very Safety, Security, and Survival of our Country and Free System is at Stake, however, -I Feel that if it Takes More than Just a Few Words to Say some Crucially Important Things there, -Then it so Does.

This is One of America's and Freedom's Handicaps and Problems! This Often Undue Preoccupation with Brevity. Thats One of the Very Things I'm generally Talking About here. Which the West shud Start Seeing of Itself. Relative to our Task, and Relative to our Different Thinking Enemies.

Still, I Do Strive to Say Things in as Few, Brief, and Basic Words, as Possible. So now, (After Basically Surveying some More of our Site), -Let me be Back onto some Other Things.

I'm Going to Try to Go even More Sparingly in Posting here, -so that this Thread Doesn't Start Growing Too Long. New and Serious / Major Developments, as Surely Will a Come!, -May Present Something of a Challenge to That! As at Times it Already Has! [color:"black"] [/color] [email]Chris Kavanaugh[/email]

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"No Substitute for Victory!"and"You Can't be a Beacon if your Light Don't Shine!"-Gen. Douglass MacArthur and Donna Fargo.

#24920 - 05/10/04 11:48 PM Re: BIN LADEN Again Spoke,-What he Said.
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Interesting quotes.
I believe it was George Orwell who is credited with "Those who study history..." quote.
Whilst I tend to agree with you on your sentiments on US policy (and to a lesser degree UK policy), Its worth while remembering most superpowers in history have been reviled and attacked. (The Romans, the British- at the height of thier empire- all fought many battles to keep thier territories)
It doesn't necessarily follow that all that they stood for and achieved was bad, or thier intentions evil. I think only time will tell whether present US policy is for the better or not.
Back to quotations - Of the thousands of quotes available, it is easy to find one that has meaning in the present day.
For example

"History is the interpretation of the significance that the past has for us"
Johan Huizinga (1872–1945), Dutch historian

"History shows that there are no invincible armies"
Josef Stalin (1879–1953), Soviet leader.

"History ... is, indeed, little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind."
Edward Gibbon (1737–1794), British historian

Isn't history wonderful.

Wondering what was mean't by "Pax Roma". The Fontana Dictionary of Modern thought had this:

"Pax Americana
The concept of peace imposed by North American rule or, more broadly, the settlement of conflict on US terms and in accordance with US interests. A variation on the term pax romana, it has been used in recent years primarily with reference to crises in Central America"

Prehaps pax Americana would have been more approriate?

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#24921 - 05/11/04 02:53 PM Re: BIN LADEN Again Spoke,-What he Said.
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Regarding your Edward Gibbon Quote example, -I Think he should have Included the Word "Successes", -Alongside his "Crimes, Follies, and Misfortunes", of Mankind. My Personal Opinion. Quotes are of course Quotes, and What One has Said is of course What One has Said! So I'm Not Trying to Disrespect or Disrupt Anyone's Quote. But I Do Beleive that History is also a Collection and Compilation of our Successes and Such! And Not Only of our Foibles and Failures. [color:"black"] [/color] [email]joblot[/email]
"No Substitute for Victory!"and"You Can't be a Beacon if your Light Don't Shine!"-Gen. Douglass MacArthur and Donna Fargo.

#24922 - 05/11/04 04:36 PM Re: BIN LADEN Again Spoke,-What he Said.

Another perhaps relevant quote :
"History" is written by the winners........ (don't ask me who..)

#24923 - 05/11/04 09:01 PM Re: BIN LADEN Again Spoke/ History quotes
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Joblot, Chris, et al.--

It was George Santayana who said “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Among the many things I collect (for some unfathomable reason, my wife pronounces that “accumulate”) are quotes…here are a few more:

“After you’ve heard two eye-witness accounts of a motor accident, you begin to worry about history.” -- John McNab

“Historians can sometimes explain, or at any rate discuss, the immediate causes of some great event. Beyond that, they can do little more than arrive at the platitude that every generation is, to some extent, responsible for what happens afterwards. In this way, we can finally reach the preposterous conclusion that the ancient Romans were responsible for the First World War, when they failed to civilize the Germans. This is sometimes called learning from history.” -- A. J. P. Taylor

The Pax Romana , or “Roman Peace”, was a period of approximately 200 years after Rome firmly established itself as the “superpower” of its day. I’m unsure of the generally accepted dates, but IIRC, it was from about 50 BC to AD150, or thereabouts. Rome, with her far-flung legions, had defeated all comers, and at the time, was essentially invincible. Any attempt to disturb the peace was met with a crushing blow from an iron fist. This was an early example of the modern platitude “peace through superior firepower”. <img src="images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I don’t know if there truly has been a Pax Americana —certainly not one of any length.


#24924 - 05/11/04 11:14 PM Re: AL QAIDA TAPE,-What They Did.-BEHEADING.
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Sorry to again Comment on a Development so Early. But I Must Comment on This. *They of Al Qaida just BeHeaded One of U.S.!*

I Thought their Latest Tape just Before this One was Outrageous Enuff! And it Is! ("Bin Laden Again Spoke,-What he Said").

But This One of Course Tops and Takes it to New Lows!

It's an Al Qaida Tape, if Not specifically from Bin Laden himself. Our Fellow American Captive is Shown, a Usual Type Al Qaida Statement is Read, -from a Masked, Fist or Weapons Raising Bunch of them. (Though This particular One is Not Fist or Weapons Raising, but at Least One is Holding a Weapon)

And Though my Newscast Didn't Show his Actual Beheading Itself, -Word on This and Other Newscasts is that the Al Qaida Tape Not Only Mentions, but Actually Shows, the BeHeading in Itself!

Abuses in Iraq by Some Americans are Given as the perhaps Convenient Justification.

Now I Think People on Both Sides Should be Careful, -*Not* to Get into an Escalating Cycle of Revenge, Retaliation, and Reprisal! Thats the Mutual Problem Cycle the Isrealis and Palestinians Often Find Themselves Locked Into! (Value Judgements concerning Who's Right or Wrong in that, -Not here Being Made). Let U.S. Try to Avoid Falling Into the Same Trap! To a Substantial Extent at Least, -Some of the Classic "Turn the Other Cheek", can be In Order. We of the Free World West can in Many Ways, -Take the Lead in Being the Better Man! Of course there's the Danger of them Misinterpreting that as Weakness too! And in No Way shud such Kinder Gestures on our Part, -Soften or Weaken this Fight for our Life!

But a Certain Measure of Retaliation and Response, is also in Order, -for an Outrage such as This!

Just as Regards their Actions Toward our Fallujah Four!, -Not All that Long Ago. (We Shud have perhaps Done Less Negotiating / Pullbacks, there).

Another Recent Outrageous Development!, -which somehow Got By "My Occasion to Mention", -is a Statement Put Out by the al Sadr Crowd. Much the Same as the Recent Bin Laden Bounty Placeing Outrage! As Concerns our Troops. Even More Particularly Galling in This!, -is What their Statement Said in Reference to our Female Soldiers! Which was that Anyone Who Captures a Female U.S. Soldier, -Can Keep Her as his Personal Slave! You Know Whatall that can Entail! THESE ARE OUR WOMENFOLK! We Shud be Alarmed and Up in Arms! One of the Things I was Most Disgusted About concerning Sept. 11th, -was What they Did to our Stewardesses up there!

"Peace Thru Strength!", "Armed to the Teeth!", "By Force of Arms!", and "A Defense Second to None!" Love those Phrases! And They certainly Very Very Much Apply!, -in These New Circumstances and Times!

God if the Peaceniks were in Charge, -We'd Never Have a War! <img src="images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> Such from They Does Not Bode Well, -When it Comes to a *Neccessary* War! Thats the Difference that they Never Seem to Know or Get! With the Society and Public Listening to Them, When it Does, -That's Much the Same as if They were in Charge!

But we Must also be Careful Not to be Led and Egged On Into various Fights, -by them! I've Got to Thinking Lately, that Sept. 11th was perhaps in Part an "Egg U.S. On Into a Fight" Attempt, on their Part. While that Certainly Called for our various Strong Responses, and Ever Watchfulness, -We Shud be Careful about Cases where they may be Leading U.S. Down a "Belligerent Garden Path", to Suit their Own Ends. That said and Kept in Mind, We Must Stay Alert, Strong, and Not Soften or Weaken either!

uday and his fedayeen got a Lot of their Jollies out of Beheading People! This Doesn't Prove some of their Involvement in Today's Outrage. But it is some Circumstantial Evidence which Could Point towards their Involvement or Direction.

It certainly Occurred About Iraq. And it Did Occur Within Iraq as well. And there is a Meetup and Melding between the Two Enemy Groups, over there.

However Done, -The Outrage was Still Done! *On* U.S.! By They of that Other, Enemy, Side!

In a Way, It's now *They* who've Stupidly Done Something to Disserve their Own Interests, and World Image! Via this True and Glaring Outrage!

While I Think that a "Better Manned, -Breaking of the Cycle of Back and Forth Revenge", -Has to Enter into the Picture at Some Point, -Without Any Weakening in This our Fight for our Very Survival!, -I also Think that Today's Particular (In Our Face) Outrage!, -is Something that Must be Duly and Definitely Responded to! And Not just Go Un-Answered!

They and the Rest of the World are Again Watching! And we Can't Afford to Have them Misinterpreting our Response as Weakness! Notwithstanding How They Criticize our various Tough Responses.

Weakness or it's Appearance is Worse! Were we to Bug Out now from Iraq, -We Havn't Seen Anything of the Contempt and Disrespect!, -That We'd be Viewed With for It!!!!! All Today's Anti-American Talk as Regards our Tuffness, -Will Look like Child's Play in Comparison! Don't U.S. Fall for that Soft Bait!!! Weakness again is Even Worse!

It can be said Truthfully and/or Not so Truthfully, -that the Iraqi Abuses by Some of our Own, -are Behind Today's Outrage. While it would Certainly Have Been Better, and Proper, -for Some of our Personnel to Have NOT Done Such! -It's also a Fact that They on our Enemy Side, Conveniently Milk this Up, for All it's Worth! They are Not so Nobly Angelic, -as They may now be Making Themselves Out to be!

Even in the Abscence of such Impropriety by Some of U.S., -Our Enemies Likely would Have Done such Outrage anyway, -sometime on their Own! Just Like the Bombs they Plant. And the Planes they Crash into Occupied Buildings. Now since Some of our Personnel just Stupidly and Wrongly Handed them One, -They of our Enemy Side are of course Playing it Up for All it's Worth. But is it Purely a Genuine Outrage over What Some of our Personnel have Wrongly Done?! Not So Much! And Not So Fast! From These who Love and Want to Die Anyway!

Again in Sumup, -We Must Respond to this Outrage! But Without Indefinitely Joining our Enemy, in a Recurring Cycle of Revenge upon Revenge!

It's at Least been Said, by one of the Abu Ghraib Abusers, that some of such was Done in Response to What was Done, or May Have been Done, -Toward our Jessica Lynch. This is at Least Understandable Enough. Go Back to the Time when it at Least Well Seemed, -as though She was Raped. While such a Reprisal Still Isn't Right, -It was at Least a Good Bit Understandable.

We Say we're Responding to Outrages such as September 11th. They Say They're Responding to our Response. It can Keep Going Back and Forth. Which Came First here, the Chicken or the Egg? Who is More or Less Right, Who is More or Less Wrong? And On What? Who Essentially Threw the First Punch?

In Sum, in my Opinion, -They are Quite Wrong for Many a Thing. But we in the West weren't exactly so Noble in our Decades Long Lollygagging, Often Not Being at our General Moral Best, and So On. I Do Not however Buy, our Opponents Longstanding Conspiratorial Charges, that we Start Wars Thruout the World, and So Forth.

One of our Fellow Americans was Be-Headed by Them, -Today!!!! I Think and Know that This is Certainly an Outrage Indeed!

(Bounty, -I am Nominally Responding to you here, -in Order to Properly Place This, in the Continueing Thread) [color:"black"] [/color] [email]bountyhunter[/email]

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"No Substitute for Victory!"and"You Can't be a Beacon if your Light Don't Shine!"-Gen. Douglass MacArthur and Donna Fargo.

#24925 - 06/09/04 01:05 AM Re: BIN LADEN-IRAQ-ALQAIDA,-Several Rescued!
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Our U.S./Coalition Forces Achieved a Successful Rescue Today or Yesterday, of Several Italians and a Polish!

These were the same Italians earlier Kidnapped, of Which One had been Earlier and Outrageously Killed. I Heard Something Back Then, -of Something on the Order of his Saying, "Look at How an Italian Regards This!,...".(In Reaction to Some Galling Outrage as his Captors back then Did). And that He evidently Paid a Supreme Sacrifice for That. They are Security Guards, And Evidently He may have been, "A Security Guard's Security Guard!" (In the Same Sense you Hear Someone Say that Somebody is a Soldier's Soldier!).

In any Event, -Several of his Comrades, -*Were* Successfully Rescued Today!

And a Number of their Former Captors, -are now Captives Themselves!, of our Coalition. Talk About Setting Something Straight and Right!

I Think I've Heard of Another Fallujah Four Outrage, -as Having Occurred Towards Four of U.S. in Tommy Hamill's Convoy! (The Guy who Successfully Escaped!, -Several Weeks Ago.).

And Also I've Since Heard of at least One among Jessica Lynch's Party, -as Having Been Similarly and Outrageously Murdered / Executed!

Other Examples may Well Exist. Others too have been Kidnapped.

Rather than Serve as Tail Turning Ammo for the Peace Preferrers, -These Outrages Should Only Get our Dander Resolve and Determination Up All the More! Go in There with *More* Determination, Personnel, Resources, Resolve, and Forces!, -Not Less! And Over Time to Thus Envelop this Enemy and Problem!, -and So Wrestle It Down!

If we Tend to Squeam Off at these sorts of Outrages!, -Then our Avowed Mortal Enemies are Only Gonna be Tempted to Do Such All the More! -To Tip U.S. and Our Resolve Over! Weakness on Our Part!, -Only and Ironically Begets More!, -of the Very Things some of U.S. are Trying to Run From!!!

We Cannot be "Fallers Apart at the Slightest Breeze!", or "Runners at the First Raindrop!".

If or Where More Troops and Resources are Needed, -Then Go In with Such More! Not Bug Out Less! Talk About Running the Wrong Way Down the Track!

We've Had a Successful Escape! And Now a Successful Rescue! And Earlier, -a Successful Capture / Sacking, of saadam and his sons! Who Says that Successes and Good News and Developments, Never Occur in that Place!?

We Should be Aware Of, and Justifiably Proud, -in Today's Rescue! It's Not just Minor Page 50 News! [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]

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"No Substitute for Victory!"and"You Can't be a Beacon if your Light Don't Shine!"-Gen. Douglass MacArthur and Donna Fargo.

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