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#23619 - 01/25/04 10:49 PM Re: A seasonal BOB problem


I've seen the Hydrastorm packs, and like what I've seen a lot- especially the ventilated back panels... and I like subdued gear. I've come close to buying one...

... but what is the deal with having two kinds of camo, plus OD and black, and then putting this label with a *bright* white logo and lettering against a black background? Sort of ruins a lot of the value of the otherwise-subdued gear.

Not only that, but it looks to be sewn right on a heavily exposed spot, so if you remove it, you have leaking needle holes. Is that a special feature just for us civilians?


Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you order a subdued Camelbak (from Brigade, who seems to have them exclusively), it comes with a subdued label.

Maybe not earthshaking, I suppose you could always remove it and seal the holes, or take a magic marker to it or something, but it is annoying.

#23620 - 01/25/04 11:20 PM Re: A seasonal BOB problem
joblot Offline

Registered: 02/21/03
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Loc: Scotland
" Well, what sort of a scenario are you envisioning using your BOB for?"
Without being flippant, if I knew that I would be able to plan better! <img src="images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> I know what you mean though. In reality I hope not for more than a week, although one of the reasons I bought it was to use it as a back-up system incase it turned into an extended stay.
Since I've been on this forum I tried to focus on my short term needs in a crisis, and to that end I have planned accordingly.
However, like many people who frequent this forum, as a result of thinking through various horrific senario's, I can't help thinking about the long term planning and make allowances for them as well.
As for snow, I'm really to far south, and the area to sheltered for any long term snowfalls, so maybe a go-cart might be more useful <img src="images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
What ever happens, I'll still use the tent for recreation, so the money isn't wasted.
Thanks for the input

#23621 - 01/26/04 12:58 AM Re: A seasonal BOB problem

For the longer-term scenarios I look more to knowledge and tools than to pre-fab'd answers. For example in shelter I know how to build a debris hut and would if I needed.

For a short-term (3 days to a 3 weeks) scenario but in order to avoid that eventually I always have a number of tarp like expedients. Silnylon poncho - tarp 5X8 foot, large garbage bag, plastic poncho, space blanket etc. I don't want to spend too much time or energy building shelter in a short term emergency. I expect my energies will be more crucially needed for medical / navigational / traveling speed and taking the time to have to construct shelter each night would be a trouble.

For the medium term (3 weeks to 3 months) I count on these tarplike expedients also since they would be adequate tho not luxurios. Tho in these scenarios I may build a "base camp" site I still would need my energies more likely for other things such as food gathering and water prep. and community re-building and disaster relief

For longer term (3 months and beyond) I count on tools like, minimally, Ax, Bow-Saw, Sledge, Shovel, Anvil, File, Rasp, Mallet, and Hammer to construct shelter that is solid enough that I don't have to maintain it structurally after it is built. These long term scenarios are ruled "off-topic" by the definition of this site tho so I won't go deeper than this on them.

#23622 - 01/26/04 02:55 PM Re: A seasonal BOB problem

Presumed Lost, I can't answer your question at this writing, just checked both of my Blackhawk packs and they have subdued labels. I'll look at the catalog and see if I can find what you speak of. Yes the ventilated panels are good. I've used mine on the Oregon Steens mountain during pretty warm weather and have no complaints. Back to the "subdued" question, a lot of the guys just cover anything they don't like with a dull tape anyway. Bill

#23623 - 01/26/04 07:25 PM Re: A seasonal BOB problem


I was going by the photos on their website.

No big deal, and it's certainly not your responsibility one way or the other- didn't mean to convey that. It's just frustratingly difficult to get good equipment that doesn't stand out like a neon sign in the woods, in a time when most gear manufacturers and catalogs seem to regard color as completely unimportant.

#23624 - 01/26/04 09:46 PM Re: A seasonal BOB problem
joblot Offline

Registered: 02/21/03
Posts: 258
Loc: Scotland
I believe you are right.
You never actually gave any reason for not going down the pre-fab route, maybe you could elaborate.
In my circumstances it's simply ridiculous putting together a BoB I can't carry any distance, which kind of forces the issue - rather now than on that would-be fateful day!
I wonder how well a tarp like construction would stand up to a bad winter. I think 3 months might be pushing your luck - but I never tried...
On your last point on tools. I'm presuming these wouldn't be included in your BoB but stashed or "accummulated" as the months went on. Like you said its not really within the scope of this forum, I just hope theres a community left to build.
On that happy note...
Thanks for the help people, you've helped clarify my thoughts. Any further insights in to the subject would be good.


#23625 - 01/26/04 11:06 PM Re: A seasonal BOB problem

A combination Debris hut / Tarp shelter where the tarp is primarily the roof over an increasingly reinforced Debris hut type shelter may last and suffice for a 3 month duration. I don't think that it will be adequate or comfortable but it could suffice for the time it takes to transition to either "back-to-normal" / recovery mode or to the long-term scenario where you are building a cabin to replace your tarp. The longest you could get something like to work would be 3 months but I believe that you are right in thinking that you would want to be in some other type of shelter before then. I am considering the 3 week - 3 month scenario something like "lost at sea, stranded way off course in the outback, or perhaps aftermath of very b ad hurricaine (hurricaine andrew was bad enough that some didn't return to their homes or newly built homes for more than a month but all were back fully into recovery - go back to work mode after three.

#23626 - 01/26/04 11:59 PM Re: A seasonal BOB problem
boatman Offline

Registered: 03/10/03
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Loc: Michigan
They may have digitaly enhanced the photos to protect image rights.If they do come with a white logo a Sharpie marker can fix that.

#23627 - 01/27/04 12:18 AM Re: A seasonal BOB problem

Dear Presumed Lost, No worries, didn't take it that way. I know that some of the packs come with a reflective "identifier patch" that (I think) can be removed or covered up. I will pay extra attention to this at the Blackhawk booth at SHOT. Bill

#23628 - 01/27/04 02:31 AM Re: A seasonal BOB problem
MartinFocazio Offline


Registered: 01/21/03
Posts: 2164
Loc: Bucks County PA
I take a modular approach - I have "the basics" in a couple of duffel bags and I have a "winter kit" that I keep separate from the basics set, the logic being I'll only need it in the winter anyway. The tent is with the "basics" and it's NOT a 4-season tent, but I wish it were (can't afford one!)

Now the eternal question is - of course - how to CARRY all that stuff! There's no denying winter gear is big, heavy and a complete pain to haul about, and there's also the reality that in the majority of all possible scenarios you'll be driving to a shelter or stuck in your vehicle, which leads nicely to keeping your "winter additions" in the car, which is what we do.

Of course, If you end up trudging through miles of snow like a refugee, well, yeah, your heart is going to explode from the stress carrying all the doo-dads and gadgets we equipped folks think we "need" to survive, unless you have a sled (for the snow) and/or a wheelbarrow to haul your kids AND stuff.

For me, the BOB has been reduced to two duffels, one small backpack and a plastic bucket.

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