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#210899 - 11/05/10 12:25 AM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: DavidEnoch]

Registered: 02/03/07
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Scouts,about 1958-59.we were not to call them survival kits but Lost Kits..here is a repro of mine i made a few years ago with a few of the original items.

we really got into it,the needle in the can top has been made into a compass with the red bit being north..the dime? well you never knew where you might find a phone booth in those days!

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#210901 - 11/05/10 12:48 AM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: DavidEnoch]
Byrd_Huntr Offline
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Boy Scouts (circa 60's) planted the seed. Decades in the woods sprouted and grew. 9/11 fertilized.
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#210902 - 11/05/10 01:06 AM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: DavidEnoch]

Registered: 10/11/05
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Loc: Afghanistan
After moving to Colorado in my teens (1975) I enjoyed backpacking. At the time Backpacker’s Journal was still being published along with the original Complete Walker by Colin Fletcher, where I learned about the Ten Essentials. Later in the Air Force I started reading military novels and became fascinated with the SAS Survival Tin. It was not until coming to Afghanistan last year, as a contractor, that I assembled an Altoids Tin Kit base on the Ritter Mini Survival Knife and have carried it everyday since.


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#210904 - 11/05/10 01:33 AM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: CANOEDOGS]
Richlacal Offline
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Registered: 02/11/10
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Loc: Los Angeles, CA
I grew up in a Military oriented, Hunting/Fishing/Camping Family!I've alway's loved The Great Outdoors & Would carry Alot of crap with me in a Pack,Over the yrs. I found way's to carry less,& less. but still couldn't break it down enough to Feel confident,Should I be in a SHTF predicament! Friends built me a Computer/got me On-line in '99,Started finding many sites about wilderness survival & Lurked around for many yrs.,Built smaller/smaller kits,& Found Doug's Kits in '07,Bought 10 of them,Gave some away as presents,Fortified the daylight's outa'em,& These Will be My PSK's,I'll have on me,99.9% of The Time! Thank You-Doug Ritter & John McCann!

#210905 - 11/05/10 01:57 AM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: DavidEnoch]
Mark_R Offline
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Registered: 05/29/10
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Loc: Southern California
Started out hiking with the ten essentials, which were later expanded by various emergencies on the trail (snakes, ticks, disintergrating boots). The Wilderness Basics Course (Sierra Club) I attended a couple of years later refined it and added some skillsets (off trail navigation, flora/fauna, cold weather, and basic tracking). After I had to evacuate in 2007 because of the wildfires, I started thinking about kits for home and car use as well.
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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#210906 - 11/05/10 02:59 AM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: wildman800]
gulliamo Offline

Registered: 09/11/02
Posts: 155
Originally Posted By: wildman800
I just always felt the need from 8 years old and since, to be able to grab my backpack and be ready to head out the back door when a threat appears.
Same here then around 25 I went through a phase where I was less prepared than usual as I was confident nothing could go wrong. Being on ground zero on 9/11 very quickly snapped me back to the reality of what a big difference a little bit of preparedness makes.

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#210909 - 11/05/10 04:40 AM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: DavidEnoch]
dweste Offline

Registered: 02/16/08
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Loc: Central California
Back when dirt was new, the adult leaders of my Boy Scout troop put a couple of camping trips together. Looking back I am sure they did the best they could.

But we were always missing items essemtial to comfort, hygiene, eating well, etcetera. I decided then to study up, make lists, and always bring a full kit. I can remember several times when I was the only one with a match, a piece of rope, a knife, salt & pepper, tea, etcetera. I shared of course.

Later I decided to graduate myself from Scouts and to hike and camp in Califria's Sierra Nevada mountains, often solo. My survival, first aid, and everyday kits kept growing.

#210911 - 11/05/10 04:44 AM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: DavidEnoch]
Phaedrus Offline

Registered: 04/28/10
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Loc: Great Plains
Yeah, if you were the only one with a match I'd say the Scoutmaster was a bit lacking! grin
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#210920 - 11/05/10 02:24 PM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: DavidEnoch]
Tyber Offline

Registered: 04/27/09
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Loc: ST. Paul MN
I have always been ready (mostly because the adults around me were totally unprepared) as I grew up MacGyver was huge and well he just kept the ball rolling.

Moving to Alaska to do SAR only added to my need to be ready for anything to this day I am never without my essentials and my truck is always overly prepared.

Much like all of you 9/11 and some ice storms in Atlanta reminded me to keep up the preparedness.

#210922 - 11/05/10 02:56 PM Re: How did you guys get interested in Survial Kits? [Re: DavidEnoch]
Mark_F Offline
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Registered: 06/24/09
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Loc: Kentucky
I became a knife knutt and a survival kit/gear junkie via the same avenue. I know I am going to hate myself in the morning for admitting this in a public forum: Rambo. As an impressionable 12 year old when I first saw the original First Blood movie I figured all I needed to survive was a hollow handle knife with a few items stashed inside the handle. Of course I had my fair share of camping trips as a kid, but surprisingly no scouting. Not sure how that happened but such is life. Anyway years progressed and as a kid all I could afford to purchase were the cheapo hollow handle knives that were useless junk. And the kits contained in the handles were just as useless. Thus began a journey to find a quality hollow-handled knife with a useful kit in the handle. As a kid the idea of building a kit myself never dawned on me. And since dad didn’t share my fascination with the hollow handled-knives and the kits inside the handle I was basically on my own. I also can't explain why I thought the kit had to be in the knife handle and couldn't go in my pockets instead. I can only attribute it to young and stupid. Just before I started college I was able to spring for a 2 for $30 knife deal. That was a LOT of money for me at the time. The knives were big and awesome looking (again young and stupid) but of course they proved to be as useless as any others I had bought or received as gifts in the past. College life kind of took over and knives and survival kits took a back seat to girls, parties and cramming for exams. In 1991 my college sweatheart and I got married. With more than just myself to think about, my attitude about knives and kits changed a bit. Of course during this time all the knife magazines were dismissing the hollow handles (except for the really good ones of course, some of which are still available today) so this also changed my thinking about knives and survival kits. The knife would be a full tang, non-hollow handled design. So where would my kit items go? My solution at the time was into an old used nato surplus rucksack. And the items I chose to include were only marginally useful as I learned later on. Because we traveled a lot to visit my family back home, with long barren stretches of road, I was also looking at kits for the cars, which ventured away from the basics of personal survival and instead focused on fixing the car and getting it back on the road. Thus the car kit consisted of a basic tool kit, extra battery connector, assorted wire connectors, fuses and hose clamps, fix-a-flat, a gallon of antifreeze, and other vital fluids. Things like shelter, fire, water, and food never entered my mind for some reason. I guess I just assumed that the car would be our shelter. We usually carried food and drinks in the car as well (not enough to last more than a few hours though) and we could run the car to keep warm if needed. Anyway, by this time my knife interests had moved well away from the hollow handled pieces of junk and into solid, full tang knives. My first big knife purchase was a Cold Steel Recon Scout which I purchased for a canoe/camping trip my wife and I took in the early 90s. The trip proved to be less “wild” than I thought it might be but I was still glad to have the knife with me. I have purchased many more similar knives since, and I even bought a Cold Steel hollow handled bushman several years ago (I simply could not resist the urge). So the knife department was covered but I still did not have a good idea of what a good kit consisted of. Over the years I played around with items like I remembered were included in the hollow handled junk knives: fishing gear, needles and thread, matches and so on. I had purchased some of the space blankets early on and added other items to my pack like a folding saw, cordage, matches and candles. These were based on some recommendations on what to carry in your car for winter travel (from my mom no less). More recently my son has become involved in scouting. We had been thinking about taking some impromptu hikes in the woods but I wanted to wait until we could put together a good PSK so I really began thinking more about what each of us might need in a survival situation. I don’t know why I had not thought along these lines before. Or perhaps I had and figured a knife and folding saw and matches was all we would really need (after all that was all Rambo needed, right?). However, I didn’t want these PSKs to be another useless hollow handled knife kit; I wanted them to be really useful in a survival situation AND be items my son or wife could use right out of the kit. Since I was not involved in scouting as a kid, things like the 10 essential items were unknown to me. When we were on a vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN I purchased some additional items I found on clearance: whistles, mag bars, and compasses. However, it wasn’t until a bad snowstorm was predicted for our area that I realized how poorly we were prepared. Since the storm would hit on the way to and from work I needed to split up what survival items we had so there would be one kit in each car. When I did this I realized just how short on personal survival supplies we actually were. Each kit at that time had 2 of those space blankets I mentioned earlier, one of the whistles with an additional space blanket, one of the mag bars, a compass, a folding saw, some candles, matches, cordage, and some other items. I was really thinking about what we might need personally to stay warm, to survive until help arrived should the car run off the road or break down. Fortunately nothing happened but I vowed to myself not to be caught short again. Thus began my search for survival kits online, which led me here. Now each of us has a kit of our own stocked with quality items and that addresses all the basic necessities. They are still works in progress but compared to 3 years ago, we are in much better shape now. This is my first post in a while. Many thanks to everyone on ETS for their help shaping our PSKs and getting me on the right track to being prepared.

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Uh ... does anyone have a match?

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