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#202884 - 06/03/10 02:11 AM Re: PSK Sharing Center. Everyone's PSKs in one place! [Re: Byrd_Huntr]
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Nice kit. I gave in and just carry a small pack - now everything fits ( kit, food, water, jacket...)

#202982 - 06/05/10 08:20 AM Re: PSK Sharing Center. Everyone's PSKs in one place! [Re: Byrd_Huntr]
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Originally Posted By: Byrd_Huntr
Originally Posted By: MostlyHarmless

To prevent gas leakage, the lighter has a small piece of PET plastic (cut-out from a bottle) wrapped around the button, secured with a round of gorilla tape.

I like this idea. I stressed about gas loss and just used careful positioning of the lighter as a solution which, as we all know, would fail eventually.

Thanks, not field tested but apart from making a dedicated kydex sheat it is the best I can think of.

I've made a slightly improved version from old Heinz' ketchup PET bottles, they have square corners which are close-to-perfect fit for the curvature and are just the right compromise between flexibility and rigidness.

#203124 - 06/08/10 08:26 PM Re: PSK Sharing Center. Everyone's PSKs in one place! [Re: MostlyHarmless]
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Assembling my ultra-mini kit ( HERE ) was super fun and caused me to tinker with my larger kit, which was even more fun. My inspiration was actually slaughtering the famous Doug Ritter PSK (nicknamed DR-PSK) http://www.equipped.com/psp/index.htm and some of that gear went into my mini kit and some into this kit.

The philosophy of this kit is that it should stand on it's own with regards to shelter, fire, emergency repair and signaling - and in particular to hold all my emergency repair gear.

This kit is first and foremost a kit for my backpack/waistpack/daypack-whatever-pack-I-wear that day. Even if I did allow myself to indulge with a bit redundancy and excess gadgets, it is still small enough to fit a coat pocket. It weighs about a pound or slightly more.

It is also very unlikely that I shall wind up with this kit and not having at least a water bottle of some sort. For reasons discussed earlier, I allow myself not to worry much at all about collecting and cleaning water for drinking.

Enough talk, let's see what I came up with:

Emergency poncho in its small own zip-bag and some really flat goodies from DR-PSK:
Survival instructions (DR-PSK)
Rite-in-the-rain paper (DR-PSK)
Aluminium foil (DR-PSK)
Scapel (DR-PSK)

Fire starter and tinder (similar to DR-PSK)
Mini compass
Whistle (similar go DR-PSK)
Signal mirror (from DR-PSK)
It all goes into the poncho zip bag above.

Excesses in sewing: My home-brewed sewing kit along with the needle/clothespin/fish hook-vial from DR-PSK. I put a pre-threaded needle in an old pencil-refill container and wrapped the thread around the base. A second needle is big enough to accomodate inner strands from paracord as sewing thread.

Assembling the main bag (zip-lock bag)
Heavy duty thrashbag
Super-glue and ultra-thin pencil (from DR-PSK) in a plastic vial (came as packaging for some kid toys)
About 30 feet of thin nylon line
Old leatherman tool
Clothespin/sewing kit/fishing kit from DR-PSK.

A mini-bic lighter protected with PET plastic cut out from a bottle of Heinz' tomato ketchup. They have such nice corners to protect the gas valve... (Also shown in a previous post, but this picture is much better...)

Add some zip ties, a snickers bar (not shown) and 3 feet of yellow paracord (not shown, but you can see it below).

The bag is being taped with gorilla tape along the edges and about 8 feet is wrapped around the bottom. Wrapping with gorilla tape has become some of a rite-of-passage for gear that I want to use out in the wild.

Here is the final kit (bottom left), along with some of its friends:
Bottom right: The ultra-mini PSK I showed HERE
Top left: My favourite bivy bag, mini-tarp, windbreak et al discussed HERE. A tested, tried-n-true piece of equipment. 15 years and still going strong.
Top right: AMK emergency bivy bag.
Under the AMK bivy bag is a generic space blanket.

Room for improvement
  • Replacing that multitool with one that has a saw.
  • A BCB commando wire saw (the consensus seems to be that this is the only kind of wire saw worth considering).
  • A flashlight. I'll add one when it starts getting dark at night again (only 3 hours of twilight at night right now).
  • A fixed blade knife (I usually wear one at my hip when I bring this kit anyway, and there's also a Doug Ritter mk 5 in my mini kit).
  • Some container for melting snow and boiling water, possibly in the shape of a square box to hold these items

Overall, I'm quite happy about this kit! I can certainly see this kit tagging along on lots of occasions, essentially whenever and wherever I bring some kind of bag and a repair kit could prove handy.

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#207857 - 09/13/10 04:02 AM Re: PSK Sharing Center. Everyone's PSKs in one place! [Re: WILD_WEASEL]

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Loc: Afghanistan
Originally Posted By: WILD_WEASEL
Here are a couple photos of my EDC here in Afghanistan. The bandana has turned out to be surprisingly useful serving as a hat, towel, and its original purpose as a dust filter during sand storms. While I use the Leatherman Skeletool more often than the Benchmade AFO II I think it is kind of cool you can buy switchblades at the Post Exchange (PX) and are allowed to carry them. The old style combat dressing is slim and rides in my shirt pocket. From my Survival Tin I have used the needle and threat to repair my pants I tore on concertina wire, the compass to help align a sensor, the Micro-Light (night vision green) during a blackout (lots of stars here), and the Nexcare Waterproof Skin Cover to cover a hot spot on one of my feet.

• Bandana
• Leatherman Skeletool
• Benchmade AFO II
• Old Style First Aid Dressing
• Survival Bracelet (6' of paracord)
• Survival Tin

Altoids Tin
RSK Mk5 Knife
Photon Freedom Micro-Light (Night Vision Green)
Signal Mirror
Spark-Lite Firestarter
X4 Tinder-Quik
Compass w/lanyard
X2 Micro-Pur Tablets
X2 Pieces Rip-Stop Tape
X2 Pieces of Nexcare Waterproof Skin Cover
Heavy Duty Sewing Needle pre-Threaded
Extra thread
Safety Pin
Paper Clip (MacGyver Multi Tool)
Snare Wire

I’ve been carrying this Altoids Tin Kit in the cargo pocket of my 5.11 pants going on 8 months. I decided to give it a once over to see if everything was still serviceable. I was surprised how dented up the tin had become and on opening it everything looked OK except the MicroPur tablets. Rattling around for 8 months the sachets were showing signs of chafing. I could have replaced the tin but decided to popped the dents out of the original tin, but replaced the MicroPur tables with fresh ones. I should be good to go for at least another 6 months.

To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee.

#208072 - 09/16/10 02:03 AM Re: PSK Sharing Center. Everyone's PSKs in one place! [Re: sybert777]
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Teslinhiker, how is that bottle attached to your MEC shoulder bag? I have the same bag, but have quit using it because I couldn't figure out a decent water bottle attachment.

#209099 - 10/05/10 06:44 PM Re: PSK Sharing Center. Everyone's PSKs in one place! [Re: sybert777]
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Loc: Stockport, Cheshire, UK
A couple of MY kits.

SAS Tin (packed & unpacked)

the kit I carry attached to the front of my Becker BK9 (and my Becker Bk7 AND my SRKW Swamp Rat! Though the BK7 is carried most)

#209587 - 10/13/10 11:17 AM Re: PSK Sharing Center. Everyone's PSKs in one place! [Re: sybert777]
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Carpal Tunnel

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Here's my on-roading kit. I take it with me everywhere I go unless I take an even bigger kit (i.e. hiking pack, GHB, BOB) Additionally, I always wear a Timex Expedition watch on my wrist, a mini photon around my neck, and there's always light, fire and a knife in whatever jacket I've got with me.

Outside view:
Small ROOTS Canada Venetian leather purse + keyring + Fox 40 Whistle + keyring light + carabiner for water bottle attachment

Wallet (includes pictures and copies of id for all family members and emerg info), emerg poncho, mylar blanket, leatherman PSK, PSK, mini wool gloves, 3 days of meds, change, Gerber Clutch, bandana, lip balm, red flashing light, squeeze light, personal keepsake coin, bandaids, wipes, purelle, mini maxi pads, tampon, pen, pencil, sunglasses, roll of quarters, extra battery, pre-paid calling card and some candy

Case Logic mobile phone case + DR PSK + SAK Camper + contents of outside pocket

PSK outside pocket:
Fox 40 whistle, keyring light, mini bic

Leatherman PSK: (gets put on belt when i leave the pavement)
Leatherman Wave, Mini Mag, key fob with candle and matches

Mom & Adventurer

You can find me on YouTube here:

#209588 - 10/13/10 11:34 AM Re: PSK Sharing Center. Everyone's PSKs in one place! [Re: oldsoldier]
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OLD Soldier....
I noticed the cook kit and stove you have. I have been playing with that stove and can not find a suitable fuel. What do you use??

...........From Nomad.........Been "on the road" since '97

#209598 - 10/13/10 03:42 PM Re: PSK Sharing Center. Everyone's PSKs in one place! [Re: sybert777]
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I simply use denatured alcohol. What kind of problems were you having?
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