Just a reminder folks that in this world we are governed by laws. They may seem foolish, overly protective, or downright silly, but getting caught disobeying them will have a large negative impact on your ability to prepare/survive.

I've mentioned it before that Doug Ritter spends most of his time arguing with very powerful, wealthy companies and government organizations on how to improve the safety of workers, customers, and citizens. His recommendations are neither foolish or silly, but they are often expensive for the owners involved. The owners do not like spending extra money and so are constantly trying to find ways to disprove Doug's information or failing that, try and make Doug out to be a crank.

I can guarantee you that these powerful people are watching this forum to cherry pick quotes that they can then hold up and yell, "Look at this! Mr. Ritter is some sort of paranoid nutcase, probably a militia member, and encourages his followers to break the law! Why should we listen to him?!"

So, by posting illegal suggestions you are crippling one of the few men out there that has the ability to make airline travel, overland freight hauling, cargo shipping, etc safer for everyone involved. As sheriff, I'm not going to let that happen. A smart person can survive inside the law. I like to think everyone here is smart.