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#198911 - 03/25/10 09:04 AM Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!)
Paragon Offline

Registered: 10/21/07
Posts: 231
Loc: Greensboro, NC
Although some of you may have already seen my ditch kit posted in the Mag Pouch Survival Kit contest over at Zombie Squad, I thought I’d post it here for your review as well. I’d really like your feedback so be sure to post your suggestions to help me improve my kit.

This little 3-day kit is something that I keep within my reach in the car, and bridges the gap between the EDC items that I usually carry in my pockets and my GHB, which is always stored in the trunk. Whenever I'm out in the woods, this kit serves as a self-contained supplement to everything else that is carried in my pack, and could also serve as an impromptu E&E kit if I ever needed to drop my main pack and run.

Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit

I chose to build this kit is around a sweet little case that I found in a thrift shop a couple of years ago. It measures approximately 5 1/2” x 6” x 3” for a total volume of 99 in^3. In addition to the mesh zippered pocket on the front, the case has two large compartments under the main flap, with two additional “slit” pockets on either side for organizing smaller items. There is a small zippered access on the bottom, and a MOLLE type snap on the back that can be used to secure the kit to a belt. The adjustable padded shoulder harness on it now is an upgraded one that I added for increased durability and comfort.

One of the nicest features of this case is that the front compartment unzips down both sides offering improved access to the items stored inside. If you look closely you can just make out the two “slit” pockets toward the bottom. In this photo you can see that I have a 10m (33’) hank of paracord, as well as a Snow Peak 250mL titanium pan for boiling water. In the slit pocket behind the pan there is a small first aid kit, 1L Aqua Pouch, a water purification kit, and a couple of small MRE pouches of peanut butter. In the opposite slit pocket there is a rain poncho, Esbit emergency stove, 6’ of duct tape, vacuum sealed toilet paper, and three packets of Starbucks VIA instant coffee. More on these items in a bit...

In this photo you’re able to see a Gerber 3” serrated Paraframe and LMF fire starter on the left side of the main compartment. You can also see a very large trash can liner (36” x 84”) across the back of the pack, a modified Doug Ritter Personal Survival Pak™, a couple of Orion Skyblazer aerial flares, and a collapsible straw for the Frontier™ water filter (with a Fisher space pen stowed inside). To the right is a red mini Sharpie marker. Below these items (not visible in this photo) is an AMK 2-person heatsheet emergency blanket, an AMK Thermo-Lite hypothermia prevention cap (much smaller, yet more effective than a knit watch cap) various antibacterial and bug repellent towelettes, a pair of post-mydriatic sunglasses, a BCB Commando wire saw (the only type that I’ve ever found that actually works), a large Tyvek envelop (15” x 23”), and a silcock key for water procurement in an urban environment.

Stored within the titanium pan are most of my smaller items including a mini Bic lighter (with an o-ring to prevent accidental discharge), 3 Esbit fuel tablets, 3 tinder quik fire tabs, 3 pieces of 2” x 2” charcloth, 2 wet fire tabs, fire steel and hacksaw blade striker, contractor’s pencil sharpener (for making wood shavings) a small piece of 3M Scotchbrite (to clean the pan), a sewing kit, mini multi-tool, 4 screwdrivers, 2 compressed hand towels, Petzl e-LITE headlight, Silva compass/thermometer, 3 Centrum vitamins, various OTC and Rx medications, and an episcope.

An episcope? What's an episcope?

An episcope is a precision optical device featuring a 3x adjustable telescope, 5x / 10x / 15x loupe, and a 30x microscope. Think of it as a mini monocular.

Here’s another shot of it with a quarter next to it for scale (it measures 2” overall). I have a Brunton Echo (7 x 18) in my GHB, as well as a set of bino’s in my BoB, and I find that I use them quite a bit. I really wanted something to extend my range of vision in this kit as well, although size is obviously one of the more important considerations, so this worked out well.

Anyone who has ever spent any time in the woods can appreciate the physiological effect that a hot cup of coffee or tea can have on moral on a cold, damp morning. The compact size of the kit obviously means that the pan has to be pretty small (8 oz capacity) although it actually works out well.

Perhaps more practical than the pan for water purification is the 1L Aqua Pouch and Micropur tablets, or even the Frontier straw. There is also a 1L Survival Resources emergency water bag in the Ritter PSP, along with six more Micropur MP1 tablets. The FDA tubing (18”) is not only great for reaching drinking water that may be located in deep crevices, but is great for directing oxygen to the base of kindling when starting a fire.

Although completely unnecessary in the wilderness, a 4-way faucet wrench is indispensible in an urban survival environment. Like most of us, I spend 97% of my time in an urban environment, so having a silcock key greatly increases my chances for procuring potable water.

The foundation of all of my kits is the Doug Ritter Personal Survival Pak™. Although this PSK is very comprehensive, I’ve added a Photon Freedom™ Micro flashlight, 6 REI® Stormproof matches & striker, 25’ of monofilament fishing line (10 lb test), a Survival Resources™ emergency water bag (1L), 6 Katadyn® Micropur water purification tablets, 6’ of brass snare wire (24ga), and 6 T&B heavy duty cable ties.

Continued Below...
My EDC and FAK

#198912 - 03/25/10 09:05 AM Re: Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!) [Re: Paragon]
Paragon Offline

Registered: 10/21/07
Posts: 231
Loc: Greensboro, NC
Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (Continued)

Here’s the Ritter PSP alongside my mini FAK, 2-person heatsheet, and Coghlan’s rain poncho. The Coghlan’s brand poncho is a good compromise for a small kit such as this, falling somewhere between those cheap disposable ponchos and the more durable, light duty rain gear.

Here’s another shot of my shelter and personal protection gear, this time showing the large trash can liner (36” x 84”) and AMK Thermo-Lite hypothermia prevention cap. I’ve filled these trash can liners with leaves in the past to serve as an insulated ground cover, slit the edge/bottom to improvise a 6’ x 7’ tarp, and even cut a hole in the liner to make a rain poncho. When used as a poncho, the liner is so large you actually have to trim several feet off the bottom to keep from tripping on it.

You might be wondering about the FedEx Tyvek envelop. I’ve stuffed these with leaves before to make an improvised pillow, used them to collect kindling for a fire, and even carried almost a gallon of water in one once, but perhaps the most useful role is as a waterproof “mouse tarp” to sit on.

One of the more tiring aspects of being in the wilderness for me has always been standing around instead of sitting down when I stop to rest, due to everything being damp or filthy. Although it obviously wouldn’t be the end of the world to get your butt wet by sitting down on a damp log, for me it’s more a matter of dying a death from a thousand cuts. I believe that almost anything that I can do to remain more comfortable in a potential survival situation will go a long way towards maintaining my morale, and thus my will to survive.

Not shown in this photo is my bandana -- actually a 12-in-1 multifunction buff (the blue item in the mesh pocket shown in the first photo above). Also in there is a Cool Downz™ cooling head/neck band for the hot, humid North Carolina summers.

Although this FAK is quite small (4” x 4”) it’s actually very comprehensive. While certainly not a trauma kit by any means, it does a very good job of cleaning and treating most minor injuries. The full content list is shown below.

This waterproof vial contains various OTC and Rx medications. Also shown is a small Ziploc bag containing three multi-vitamins. Vitamins are always a good idea, but are especially important during a 3-day survival scenario where caloric intake is extremely limited.

Although the need for food over a three day period is arguably unnecessary, I choose to add a couple of small packages of MRE peanut butter simply as a moral booster. For it’s size (1.5 oz) you’re unlikely to find anything with more calories (250) or protein (10g), and being able to put something tasty in your stomach other than bugs and worms at the end of the day make it worthwhile for me. Again, the quarter is shown for scale.

In addition to the fishing kit and brass snare wire in the PSK, I’ve added a sling shot band as a means to improvise a small weapon that could be used to kill game. It would be pretty unusual for me to ever find myself in a situation without my Glock 27, and I’m not sure how accurate I would be with fabricated sling shot, but in a pinch it would be better than nothing.

The small vials of potassium permanganate and glycerin in my fire kit contain enough material to start 2-3 fires. Although it might seem a bit overkill to start a fire in this manner, it’s very reassuring to know that I have the ability to start a fire in anything short of a Cat-5 hurricane. Both of these chemicals have numerous other practical uses in a survival kit, so the decision to carry them is a no-brainer for me.

Until very recently I had always carried an Aviation Spark-Lite™ in this kit, although looking more closely at everything the other day, I decided that as important as fire is, and redundancy is a necessity, I felt that I was simply carrying way too much within this one category.

I have several Petzl e-LITEs, so there’s no way I wasn’t going to include one in the kit as well. Headlights are a bit like knives – everyone has their favorite – but the e-LITE is pretty hard to beat, and is one of the smallest lights available.

My signaling and navigation items include a Pelican LED strobe that is clipped to the shoulder strap, 3 sheets of weatherproof paper (there are also two smaller sheets in the PSK), Fisher space pen, Sharpie permanent marker, and the two aerial flares. Not shown in this picture is a Rescue Flash signal mirror and Fox 40 whistle that is stored in the PSK.

My initial feelings regarding the flares was somewhat mixed, as the intent of this kit is to allow me to be more self-reliant, rather than dependent upon a SAR team to bail me out if I were to get in over my head. However, there are enough really bad things that can happen to anyone in the wilderness that would make me wish I had them, so given their size, I decided to carry them. One could make a pretty strong case that Aron Ralston would probably still have both his arms had he had an effective means to signal rescuers.

Continued Below...
My EDC and FAK

#198914 - 03/25/10 09:07 AM Re: Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!) [Re: Paragon]
Paragon Offline

Registered: 10/21/07
Posts: 231
Loc: Greensboro, NC
Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (Continued)

Shown here is a Gerber Paraframe with a 3” serrated blade, a Swiss-Tech 4-in1 screwdriver, Leatherman mult-tool, and mini sewing kit.

This mini wire saw is the BCB Commando version. I’ve had several wire saws in the past, and except for this one, they’ve all pretty much been crap. Not only is the BCB version made from 8 strands of braided stainless steel, but the fishing-style snap swivels reduce stress in the wire caused by the wire getting bound up during extended use. I have several of these in various kits, including one that I’ve used extensively for the past couple of years.


Nothing much to say here – a 10m (33’) hank of seven-strand 550 paracord and a 6’ length of HD duct tap with a peel-off backing. I have no idea why the tape appears to have these “camo” splotches all over it – must be a digital camera thing going on.

As much as I’d like everyone to think otherwise, I find that if I don’t use a particular knot for a couple of months, my brain deletes it from RAM. This little guide serves as a very practical memory aid for the more useful knots that I’ve learned to tie over the years. This guide is stored in the front mesh pocket along with my bandana.

Another practical item that falls purely in the comfort category is toilet paper. Although Charmin offers these neat little TP rolls, I’ve found that by accordion-folding the tissue and vacuum sealing it, it actually takes up considerably less space.

Shown here for reference is a Charmin camping roll (which is not carried in this kit) with 55 sheets of single ply tissue. Below it is 30 sheets of two-ply Charmin Ultra (60 sheet equivalent) that has been vacuum sealed that is carried in this kit.

The final items carried are a collection of various wipes – germ-X antibacterial hand sanitizers, Ben’s tick & insect repellent, a Preparation H medicated wipe (absolutely the best monkey butt treatment in the world), and a Shout detergent wipe.

Although at first glance it might seem that nothing would be more worthless in a 3-day survival kit than a detergent stain wipe, in reality I’ve probably used these more than almost anything over the years. Of all the time that I spent in the wilderness, I’ve never actually found myself in a life-or-death struggle for survival, but I have certainly saved a few nice shirts and pants from spills and stains.

To review, here’s a complete contents list taken from my Excel file (items shown in blue are contained within the Doug Ritter Personal Survival Pak™):

Medical & First Aid

3 x Benadryl®, Diphenhydramine HCl, 25 mg (Antihistamine)
3 x Centrum™ Performance Multi-Vitamins (Nutritional Supplement)
3 x Cipro, Ciprofloxacin, 500 mg (Rx Antibiotic)
2 x Dilaudid, Hydromorphone, 2 mg (Rx Painkiller)
4 x Imodium™ A-D, Loperamide HCl, 2 mg, (Anti-Diarrheal)
6 x Motrin® IB, Ibuprofen Tablets USP, 200 mg (NSAID)
2 x MS Contin, Morphine Sulfate, 15 mg (Rx Painkiller)
2 x Sudafed PE®, Phenylephrine HCl, 10 mg (Decongestent)
4 x Tylenol®, Acetaminophen, Extra Strength, Coated EZ Tabs, 500 mg (Analgesic)

3 x Band-Aid® Bandages, 5/8" x 2 1/4"
1 x Band-Aid® Bandages, 3/4" x 3"
1 x Band-Aid® Bandages, 2 1/4" x 3"
2 x Band-Aid® Bandages, Butterfly Closure
1 x Band-Aid® Bandages, Fingertip
1 x Band-Aid® Bandages, Knuckle
1 x Coverlet® Eye Occlusor, 2" x 3"
2 x Johnson & Johnson Gauze Pads, 2" x 2"

1 x Sepp® Benzoin Tincture USP Ampule, 0.67mL
2 x Spyroflex® Skin Savers, Kidney, 1.5" x 3"
2 x Spyroflex® Skin Savers, Square, 2" x 2"
1 x Water-Jel® Burn Gel, 3.5g

1 x Dynarex® Medi-Cut™ Scalpel, Sterile, Stainless Steel, #22 Blade
1 x MEDIpoint® Splinter Out™ Sterile Lancet
2 x Singer® HD Safety Pins, 1 1/2", Nickel, #2
1 x Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper™ Tweezers

2 x DenTek® Dual Action Interdental Cleaner
1 x Dr. Ken's™ Floss & Go® Single Use 18" Mint Waxed Floss
1 x Pocket Duct Tape, Removable Backing, Silver, 2" x 18"
1 x Minigrip® Poly Bag

Topical Medications
1 x Blistex® Medicated Lip Ointment, 0.5g Foil Packaged
1 x Colgate Orabase® Maximum Strength Oral Pain Reliever Paste, Benzocaine 20%, 0.5g
1 x Zee Medical® Maximum Strength 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream, 1/32 oz

Wound Care
2 x After Cuts & Scrapes™ w/ 2.5% Lidocaine, 0.25 oz (7.7g) Benzalkonium Chloride Cleansing Towelette
1 x Povidone Iodine Topical Solution USP Ampule, 0.6mL
2 x Xpect® Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 1/32 oz
1 x Vionex® Antimicrobial Skin Wipe Towlette

Shelter & Personal Protection

1 x AMK Heatsheets® 2-Person Survival Blanket, 60" x 96"
1 x AMK Thermo-Lite® Hypothermia Prevention Cap
1 x Buff® Original Multifuntional Headwear, 12-in-1+ Styles, 100% Polyester Microfibre, Indore Blue
1 x Coghlan's® Emergency Poncho, 50" x 80", Yellow, #9173
1 x Mouse Tarp (FedEx Envelope), Tyvek, 11.5" x 15" (Expands to 15" x 23")
1 x Solar∙Rolz™ Post-Mydriatic Sunglasses
1 x Trash Bag Liner, 80 Gallon, 36" x 84", 3 mil, Black

Fire & Light

1 x AGS Labs Esbit® Emergency Stove, 3.5" x 4.5"
3 x AGS Labs Esbit® Fuel Tablets, 1/2 oz (12 Minute Burn Time)
3 x Charcloth, 2" x 2"
1 x Flashlight, Photon Freedom™ Micro, Covert, 2 CR2032 Lithium Batteries, Black
1 x Potassium Permanganate, KMnO4
1 x HDPE Bottle, Screw Cap, 1/4 fl oz (7 mL)
1 x Glycerine, C3H5(OH)3
1 x HDPE Bottle, Screw Cap, 1/4 fl oz (7 mL)
1 x Kobalt® Carpenter's Pencil Sharpener w/ Built-in Emery Board
1 x LMF® Swedish FireSteel® Fire Starter & Hacksaw Striker, SL3 Micro Version
1 x Mini Bic™ Lighter, O-ring Lock, Red
1 x Petzl® e+Lite® Emergency Headlight, 2 CR 2032 Lithium Batteries, 16 Lumens
6 x REI® Stormproof Matches & Striker
1 x Spark-Lite™ Fire Starter
1 x Snow Peak® Titanium Pan/Lid, 5.5" x 1.5" (250 mL)
3 x Tinder-Quik™ Firestarter
3 x Tinder-Quik™ Firestarter
2 x WetFire™ Cubes, 0.2 oz Each

Water & Food

1 x Aqua Culture® Flexible Airline Tubing (Drinking Tube), 6mm, 18" OAL
1 x Aquamira® Frontier™ Emergency Water Filtration System
1 x Aqua-Pouch™ Plus Water Purification Kit (46g)
  • 3 x Pre-Filters, #2
    1 x Pre-Filter Support Sheath
    10 x Katadyn® Micropur MP1 Water Purifier Tablets
    1 x Aqua-Pouch™, 5.2 MIL, 6.5" x 10", 1L
1 x B&K® 4 Way Faucet Wrench (1/4", 9/32", 5/16", 11/32" Internal Square Drive), 160g
1 x Fishing Kit
  • 1 x Monofilament Fishing Line, 10 lb Test, 0.012" Dia., 25 Ft.
    4 x Fish Hook, #10
    2 x Split Shot, Lead B
    1 x Snap Swivel, Size 12
6 x Katadyn® Micropur MP1 Water Purifier Tablets
2 x Peanut Butter, 1.5 oz (250 calories; 10g Protein)
3 x Starbuck's® VIA™ Coffee Singles, Columbian Roast
1 x Survival Resources™ Emergency Water Bag, 1L

Signaling & Communication

1 x Fisher Space Pen®, Stowaway, Black
1 x Mini Pencil, #2
2 x Orion® Skyblazer™ Eagle Meteor Aerial Flare, USCG Approved, 16,000 CP, 450 Feet Altitude, 7 Second Burn Time, Red
1 x Pelican™ Mini Flasher™, Red LED, 2 Type 357 1.5V Lithium Batteries
2 x Rite In The Rain® Waterproof Paper, 2.125" x 3.667"
3 x Rite In The Rain® Waterproof Paper, 1/4" Graph, 3" x 5"
1 x Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker, Red
1 x Signal Mirror, Rescue Flash™, 2" x 3"
1 x Whistle, Fox 40 Micro® Rescue Howler™, 122 dB, Yellow

Wilderness Navigation

1 x BCB Explorer Button Compass, 20mm
1 x Haverhills Episcope™, 3x Telescope, 5x / 10x / 15x Loupe, 30x Microscope, Leather Case, 2" OAL
1 x Silva® Carabiner 10 Forecaster™ Compass, Thermometer, and Wind Chill Chart

Knives & Tools

1 x BCB Commando Wire Saw, 28"
1 x B&K® 4 Way Faucet Wrench (1/4", 9/32", 5/16", 11/32" Internal Square Drive)
1 x Crosman® Tempest™ TSS High Velocity Slingshot Band, Tapered
1 x Gerber® Paraframe™ Folding Knife, 3.00" Serrated Locking Blade, Black Titanium Nitride
1 x Leatherman Squirt P4 Multitool (Generic), Blue
1 x Mini Sewing Kit (Thread, Needles, Buttons, and Safety Pin)
1 x Scalpel, Sterile, Stainless Steel, #22 Blade, Dynarex® Medi-Cut™
1 x Swiss+Tech® Screwz-All® 4-In-1
  • 1 x #1 Slotted Screwdriver
    1 x #2 Slotted Screwdriver
    1 x #1 Phillips Screwdriver
    1 x #2 Phillips Screwdriver

Multipurpose Components

1 x 3M Scotch-Brite® HD Scouring Pad, 2" x 2", Green
1 x Aluminum Foil, Heavy Duty, 3 Sq. Ft.
1 x Braided Nylon Cord, #18, 10', 150lb test
1 x Brunton™ Life Card (Pocket Survival Guide)
1 x Duct Tape, 2" x 26"
1 x Duct Tape, Removable Backing, Silver, 2" x 72"
1 x Fresnel Magnifier Lens, 2" x 3 1/4"
1 x Hillman® Snare Wire, Brass, 24 GA, 6 ft
2 x Lanyard Rings, Steel, 2" Dia
1 x Paper Clip, Large
1 x Paracord, MIL-C-5040H Type III Certified, 10m (33'), 550 lb Test, Black
1 x Pro Knot All-Purpose Knot Guide, 2 1/4" x 3 1/2"
4 x Safety Pins,HD, 2", Nickle, #3
1 x Safety Wire, Stainless Steel, 6', 0.020" Dia.
1 x Sewing Needle, #18, Chenille
1 x Sewing Thread, Bobbin #69, 10.5 lb Test, 50', Black, Nylon
6 x Ty-Raps, Thomas & Betts, 3 1/2"

Miscellaneous Components

1 x Charmin™ Bathroom Tissue, 30 2-Ply Sheets
1 x Germ-X® Antibacterial Soft Wipe, 6" x 8"
2 x Hart EZ Towels, Compressed, 8 1/2" x 9 1/2"
1 x Pocket Survival Pak Contents List
1 x Preparation H® Medicated Portable Wipe, 5 3/8" x 6 1/4"
1 x Shout® Instant Stain Remover Towelette
1 x Waterproof Survival Instructions

So there you have it. Let me know what you like about this kit, what you don’t like or feel is unnecessary, or otherwise feel that I should change. If you’re registered at Zombie Squad and haven’t voted yet, be sure to do so before the poll closes tomorrow night.

Thanks for looking!

My EDC and FAK

#198915 - 03/25/10 09:20 AM Re: Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!) [Re: Paragon]
BorkBorkBork Offline

Registered: 02/22/10
Posts: 70
Loc: Sweden
Amazing -just love the look and "feel" of it. Must have taken you quite some time to gather all the items?

Could you say something about the sum total of the kit in dollars?
and the weight please.
Stay warm out there !

#198921 - 03/25/10 02:07 PM Re: Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!) [Re: Paragon]
GauchoViejo Offline

Registered: 03/06/08
Posts: 94
Loc: Argentina
Love your kit!! Any idea where I can buy the bag?

#198923 - 03/25/10 03:52 PM Re: Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!) [Re: GauchoViejo]
Yuccahead Offline

Registered: 07/24/08
Posts: 199
Loc: W. Texas
Fantastic stuff.
If I found this abandoned on the street I would certainly fondle it for a while. When I got around to modifying it for my own part of the country (Chihuahuan Desert), I would remove the Potassium Permanganate, Glycerin and probably the Aquamira® Frontier™ Emergency Water Filtration System. I would also substitute in a larger signal mirror and probably dump the fishing kit.

To me, the glycerin is heavy and I don't trust the container. I would prefer the Spark-Lite. Starting a fire in a very windy environment without building a fire pit to protect the ignition area would doubtless lead to my arrest by Federal authorities for starting a wildfire. But I would be rescued.

When I was looking at water filtration for my own use last year, I felt that the Aquamira Frontier didn't filter small enough particles to protect against Giardia and some other threats. I would rather just have more of the Micropur MP1 Water Purifier Tablets and perhaps a second Aqua Pouch so I could travel with more water.

I love the Tyvek envelope. Where I live, it would also make a great emergency hat.

All in all, a great kit.
-- David.

#198925 - 03/25/10 04:15 PM Re: Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!) [Re: Paragon]
ToddG Offline

Registered: 03/07/01
Posts: 51
Loc: Boston, MA
Awesome kit!
Where on earth did you get the episcope?
I must have one!
The best way out is always through.<br>-Robert Frost

#198927 - 03/25/10 04:59 PM Re: Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!) [Re: ToddG]
BorkBorkBork Offline

Registered: 02/22/10
Posts: 70
Loc: Sweden
The episcope is an emoscope clone?
I found info on it here:
Haverhill episcope here:
and another here:

and the Haverhills' site:

Edited by BorkBorkBork (03/25/10 05:18 PM)
Stay warm out there !

#198928 - 03/25/10 05:06 PM Re: Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!) [Re: BorkBorkBork]
Lono Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 10/19/06
Posts: 1013
Loc: Pacific NW, USA
Just a thought, all the smaller items stored inside the titanium pan, you might bag those in a gallon freezer ziploc, to make it easier to empty it out without losing stuff.

#198930 - 03/25/10 05:25 PM Re: Paragon’s Wilderness Ditch Kit (56k Warning!) [Re: Lono]
JohnE Offline

Registered: 06/10/08
Posts: 601
Loc: Southern Cal
You got my vote already. Other than that, I'm speechless.

Great execution.

"and all the lousy little poets
comin round
tryin' to sound like Charlie Manson"

The Future/Leonard Cohen

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