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#198588 - 03/21/10 05:48 PM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: ILBob]
BrianEagle Offline

Registered: 02/27/10
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Loc: Northern Texas
The worst FAK I've used was from the school where I teach. Let me preface the story by stating that it's an "all-girls" school.

We took the girls out on retreat which involved an overnight cabin stay. I twisted my knee in the afternoon and looked for the FAK bag to find an emergency ice pack and an ace bandage. I was handed a gym bag that was empty save for about 250 tampons. confused

When we got back the next day, I met with the school nurse and our safety committee and made certain we had professional kits.

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#198589 - 03/21/10 05:53 PM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: bws48]
hikermor Offline
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Originally Posted By: bws48
Problem is getting the boss to understand that it is a cost that the company should pay.

I am not aware of any studies, rigorous or otherwise, but I strongly suspect that the "cost" would be more than compensated by fewer sick and lost time hours. It wouldn't take much of a savings in sick time to buy a whole passel of first aid supplies and training.
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#198608 - 03/21/10 09:06 PM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: hikermor]
MDinana Offline

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Good job! I've become throroughly disgusted with any blue metal box'f "FAK" with a red cross on it (I'm guessing Johnson and Johnson?). They've ALWAYS sucked, IMHO. In fact, if you look at the contents when NEW, they pretty much have bandaids, a couple of 2x2s and a couple 4x4s. With some mediocre 1/2" tape. It's a scam, and they make out big time.

Having worked on ambulances and hospitals, I never had an FAK issue. Certainly some of the ambulances have been less stocked than others, but nothing 15 minutes before a shift didn't straighten out.

Way to step up. Do you still have a job???

#198615 - 03/21/10 10:24 PM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: MDinana]
KG2V Offline


Registered: 08/19/03
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One of the issues with FAKs is things tend not only to be used (no problem) but tend to "walk". For a while, at one company, we did a quick check because we thought this might be the case - sure enough - You'd check the kit one day in the AM - full, fresh box of bandaids, the next day, the ENTIRE box would be gone - someone was taking them home.

We eventually caught one guy at it(BTW, he even used to steal rolls of toilet paper - it's how we caught him), but he wasn't the only one

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#198737 - 03/23/10 09:58 AM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: KG2V]
Desperado Offline

Registered: 11/01/08
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Loc: DFW, Texas

You ain't gonna believe this stuff!

The other male employee that helped me to access the FAK and to transport the patient both directions was reprimanded today via email! His boss thinks he either should not have been involved, or at least left the clinic immediately upon helping our co-worker inside.

I intervened on his behalf with his boss (Totally professional, and polite.), and she told me this was not my business and asked if she should call my boss. I then offered to email his name, both telephone numbers, office address, and his email to her if she did not have them already. I had been warned she was a Sea Hunt, but I was not ready for the deep sea diving of that nature! This "lady" did not even understand that the efforts of the two of us save the company the cost of the Fire/EMS call out, and the ambulance ride. Not to mention the risk I took transporting her. What if the "One Time" something went really bad had happened in the back of my truck. She codes out, and I am left holding the bag!
Next time someone at my work gets a hang nail, and it is Fire/EMS please and send 'em CODE3!

By the way, I weigh 230 - 240 lbs., and my patient out did me by at least 40 lbs. I could have carried her by myself, but I would have hurt the both of us in the end.

PS. This has been edited 4 or more times. I kept finding the my original vocabulary choices were making it onto the screen somehow.

I do the things that I must, and really regret, are unfortunately necessary.


#198738 - 03/23/10 11:15 AM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: ILBob]
BillLiptak Offline

Registered: 12/19/07
Posts: 259
Least yours has some band-aids, our kit has a half empty tube of antibiotic cream, a roll of first aid tape and some 4x4's that nobody knows how to use. I stock my own kit in the truck along with a boo-boo kit in the man purse.
Sadly, we too are victim to our supplies growing legs and walking off so the boss hasn't or won't restock except for a box of band-aids when he thinks about it.

#198739 - 03/23/10 11:45 AM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: BillLiptak]
oldsoldier Offline
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Registered: 11/25/06
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Loc: MA
Sadly, I have seen many, many FAKs on walls depleted. There is even one here where people hide food in-AND, we dont have a safetly officer on site (that I am aware of). Years ago, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and pack a small FAK in my backpack for work, and a larger, more comprehensive one is in my jeep, close by. Never, ever, EVER depend on those kits on the wall-they likely stock them for inspections, which is maybe once a year-other than that, they arent touched. They are pilfered, but never restocked.
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#198746 - 03/23/10 01:10 PM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: oldsoldier]
Eugene Offline
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Registered: 12/26/02
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I just went through and refreshed some supplies in ours. I keep a small FAK in each vehicle, a large on in the garage/camper, some in my bob and a small kit with our bicycles as well as those in the medicine cabinet at home. I noticed that even simple band aids the packaging turns yellow and gets old after sitting in a FAK for a few years, time to throw them all out or let the kids play doctor with them.

#198748 - 03/23/10 01:21 PM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: Desperado]
chaosmagnet Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Originally Posted By: Desperado
The other male employee that helped me to access the FAK and to transport the patient both directions was reprimanded today via email! His boss thinks he either should not have been involved, or at least left the clinic immediately upon helping our co-worker inside.

Words fail me. If I received such a reprimand, I'd be polishing up my resume before heading to HR. Of course, where I work now, there is no HR and I'd just be polishing up my resume.

Perhaps you could ask for a written policy permitting employees to render aid if they can do so safely?

#198750 - 03/23/10 02:16 PM Re: Preparedness To The Rescue [Re: Desperado]
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

Registered: 03/31/06
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Loc: United Kingdom.
So if someone is dying you are to just stand there and watch? Guess who could get charged with murder?

I suggest that you speak to your boss before she does. Point out she does not have the power to subject an employee who is rendering such aid as may be practiable to reprisal. Point out the ramifications. Make it clear that your worried about the legal issues, effect on staff moral, esprit d'corpes etc.

If all else fails, approach a Director.
I don't do dumb & helpless.

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