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#188387 - 11/15/09 09:21 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: hikermor]
ironraven Offline
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Originally Posted By: hikermor
Real men don't get thirsty.

Real buzzards like jerky. smile

When a man dare not speak without malice for fear of giving insult, that is when truth starts to die. Truth is the truest freedom.

#188389 - 11/15/09 09:31 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: Susan]
wildman800 Offline
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Why should they worry about dehydration when they have guns that never need reloading??

You need to place more faith in the script writers, that's why the hero can be shot to doll rags out in the middle of nowhere but wake up 2 weeks later in the arms of a beautiful woman who has nursed him back to health. Another 20 minutes and he's ready to go get shot to doll rags again.

Have faith Sue,,,,the Script Writers will provide.
The best luck is what you make yourself!

#188397 - 11/16/09 12:43 AM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: wildman800]
Susan Offline

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Not only do they never have to reload, but the bullets in a downtown Los Angeles firefight evaporate as soon as they miss their target, so no innocent bystanders get hurt, like in real life.

I would DEARLY LOVE to read about a real survival situation where a director tries to survive somewhere. Buzzard bait!


#188398 - 11/16/09 12:44 AM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: wildman800]
Alex Offline
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As you've probably noticed, I like pocket kits. And I was disappointed with the aluminum foil performance too. So far I've found 3 reliable solutions for a boiling pot improvisation from a flat pocketable stuff.

1. You can boil water using burning hot rocks placed in almost any container filled with water (e.g. carved piece of wood, waterproof hat, just a depression an a rock...). Even a plastic bag could work if you place the rock into an isolating screen (made from branches for example), so the rock can not touch the plastic.
2. Replace the cheap aluminum foil with a thin sheets of aluminum, which is easy to procure from large beer cans (I like Asahi cans for some reason smile they have a very thin and lightweight sidewalls). You can rig a very sturdy pots with these sheets.
3. Cut open a stainless steel hip flask (plan to try that with my 8 oz one, which fits most of my pockets very comfortably). And make a lid, folding handles, and a hanging wire for it.

#188403 - 11/16/09 01:28 AM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: Alex]
oldsoldier Offline
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Alex, I saw a demo somewhere, I dont recall if it was TV, online, or real life, of a guy who boiled water in his hat by doing that. It looks like a great idea, until you have to drink out of your hat...and the hat didnt hold that much. That being said....
I carry a NATO canteen with tin cup, and, if needed, can boil water in it. The easiest way to do that is by heating rocks & dropping them into the water-of course, you need a steady supply of rocks, but a few minutes of fire prep, with the intent to do this, solves that. The bonus is the handle wont scald your hand smile
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#188410 - 11/16/09 02:21 AM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: Alex]
Art_in_FL Offline

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USGI canteen and canteen cup are my backup.

Unless I'm bringing the Svea-123. In which case I have a 1.5L aluminum pot that it rides in. The top, w/folding handle, is also a fry pan/ lid/ bowl/ wide cup.

Depending on the situation a 20oz wide-mouth insulated plastic mug, $4 with a coffee fill at a gas station, gets a lot of use. You can't heat anything in it but you can pour in boiling water and stuff will cook/soak/hydrate. Works great for drinks like coffee or coco, oatmeal, dehydrated stuff.

I have been known to assemble a "hobo" cookware set, a one or two pound coffee can (depends on how many people and how much cooking we are planning on) and one or two soup cans for cups. Stiff wire, I have used bicycle spokes, #10 copper or galvanized 'nine wire' to form handles and hangers. After a weeks use they can burn thin and need replacing but they are cheap and easy to make. Thicker copper wire fittings can often be reused several times.

#188412 - 11/16/09 02:30 AM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: Art_in_FL]
sak45acp Offline

Registered: 02/19/09
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Loc: ct
An idea I found and plan on stealing from another site is to use the heavy aluminum disposable baking pans for your kit. The heavy duty pans do not spring leaks even after several foldings (so I've read)and they fold very compactly. One, or two, of the small 1 quart size pans can be brought to use to boil water in, folded square or into a cup shape under your water bottle, etc. One of these could also be cut up to make the lid for your existing Nalgene bottle space saver cup. Like I said , I haven't tried these yet, so YMMV, but I plan on testing them out. I already have a Snowpeak titanium cup that fits under a Nalgene, and several other small pots like the GI canteen cup. ONe always goes in the pack. The disposable baking pan foil thing will go in a larger PSK type deal where space/weight is an issue.

#188419 - 11/16/09 03:29 AM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: sak45acp]
Susan Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
Posts: 5163
Loc: W. WA
I've had those aluminum baking pans leak just from getting a little bent while sprouting seeds in them. I wouldn't bet my water-heating ability in a survival situation on them. Having a cup or pot that fits the bottom of your water bottle is far better.


#188474 - 11/17/09 01:28 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: NightHiker]
T_Co Offline

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If NEW isn't important you can get 6 of the older Sigg type canteens that me and CanoeDogs were talking about HERE for $20. Froogled your new Sigg setup which is very nice, but only found 3 or 4 places that carry them and cheapest was $29 for 1. With the 6 pack you would have extra to experiment with or give as gifts.

#188480 - 11/17/09 02:27 PM Re: ...and a pot. [Re: T_Co]

Registered: 02/03/07
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T and Nitehike..i have one of those new Sigg canteens/cup combo,very-very nice!.a bit on the heavy side but you would expect that something that was top quality.it see's most of it's use in the fall and winter for boil-ups on day trips,snowshoe or X-country skiing.i like it for the oval shape which fits a jacket pocket better than a round flask or water bottle.

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