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#194080 - 01/21/10 03:32 PM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: benjammin]
Mark_F Offline
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No complaints, just some comments and observations. I can see both sides. For starters, I agree with Ben that some help is better than none and no one said we had to go there in the first place. But obviously going there is the right thing to do. On the other hand the horrid images we are being overwhelmed with from the media make us question whether any real help is actually there. I am trying to take the media images with a grain of salt but it is still extremely frustrating.

In response to Stu, the supplies that may have been flown in in place of reporters and observers are probably negligible, and who says they didn't come in with a load of supplies anyway? We may never know. In addition, the observers are neccessary. The organizations they represent cannot (nor can we) rely on the media to give us a completely accurate account of the goings on in Haiti. We are getting only bits and pieces and putting the pieces together with a lot of assumptions to get a distorted big picture. Even if they are taking the place of a flight of supplies, the observers are absolutely neccessary so that they can report back about what is going on to get more relief on the way. And only by being there and speaking to the people already there can they know for sure what supplies are needed most. Water? Food? Medicine? Obviously, but what about other less obvious supplies. I am not even sure what those might be. Nonetheless they are a neccessary part of the equation. The reporters perhaps less so although without media coverage the reaction to the situation would have been a lot slower and perhaps in some instances nonexistent. Their impact on us is evident by the comments in this thread.
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#194082 - 01/21/10 03:49 PM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: Stu]
paramedicpete Offline

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Think of the days before satellite link-ups and the such. The media outlets with their images, stories and interviews provide a valuable link to the rest of the world in presenting and perhaps even pushing relief efforts. I am sure that many individuals, corporations and organizations have made donations based upon this connection to the Haitian disaster and Haitian people through these news reports. In fact the news coverage likely has accomplished more initially in helping the Haitian people than many of the other efforts underway.


#194090 - 01/21/10 06:03 PM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: paramedicpete]
MostlyHarmless Offline
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Originally Posted By: paramedicpete

In fact the news coverage likely has accomplished more initially in helping the Haitian people than many of the other efforts underway.

This effect was demonstrated when the Burma regime refused U.N. aid and international reporters access after hurricane "Nargis" in 2008 (I've heard estimates of about 60.000 casualties after that one). Some organizations were granted access, but fund raising was noticeably harder for this catastrophe versus others. Main reason is likely no on-site media coverage.

#194101 - 01/21/10 08:03 PM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: benjammin]
moab Offline

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Originally Posted By: benjammin

I prefer to focus on the positive. Today, a little boy's life was saved and he gets to keep both his legs because a handful of people were willing to use their skills without compensation and in primitive conditions, and they could just as easily have said no. I call that a good thing, and that is enough for me to know for today. The rest is just trivia.

well said


#194243 - 01/25/10 02:58 AM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: ]
dougwalkabout Offline
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Here are some reporter's notes from the CBC. Probably stories that didn't make the main newscast. Worth browsing through IMO. For example, private companies stepping up; and other uses for Tiger Balm.


#194423 - 01/27/10 11:21 PM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: Blast]
James_Van_Artsdalen Offline

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Originally Posted By: Blast
At least they haven't sent more UN "Peacekeeping" troops. It seems Haitian children have already suffered enough.

A few people reacted badly to this post. I just ran across a report from Save The Children on child abuse by UN peacekeepers and other officials titled No One To Turn To. Haiti has been particularly victimized in the past.

#194425 - 01/28/10 01:13 AM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: James_Van_Artsdalen]
hikermor Offline
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A stunning and sobering document. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
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#194429 - 01/28/10 03:07 AM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: hikermor]
dougwalkabout Offline
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Registered: 02/03/07
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The vast majority of people who serve in humanitarian and peacekeeping roles do so with honour and integrity. It is not fair to tar them with the same brush. The world needs more like them.

However, those individuals who have chosen to dishonour their mission, their uniform, and their nation with criminal behaviour are beneath contempt. They have become part of the problem, and are deserving of swift justice IMO.

#194438 - 01/28/10 01:05 PM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: Blast]
Blast Offline
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Something to think about; it's been over two weeks since the earthquake trashed the city's plumbng. Where are these 2 million people going potty? eeksick

The subject of emergency bathroom facilities has come up on this board a number of times, but I can't imagine getting a whole city to treat waste properly...

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#194443 - 01/28/10 01:59 PM Re: Haiti: Worst Case Scenario [Re: Blast]
benjammin Offline
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Especially when they weren't doing much about it prior to the earthquake.
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