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#18899 - 09/03/03 08:20 AM Re: White Photon EDC retired

see you've already mentioned the CPF, if you have a look round the ARC forum, there is a bloke who makes kydex "holsters" for want of a better word., they are designed for use on a keyring, but i'm sure that people use them in a lanyard setup as well. can't remember the name, maybe try a search on kydex in the arc forum.

#18900 - 09/03/03 08:42 AM Re: White Photon EDC retired

found it, didn't take long, this is the website,select produts, then scroll way down the page, here is a picture of what i was talking about, you can see a mag solitaire/arc aaa in a holster attached to the carabiner
hope this helps

#18901 - 09/03/03 11:52 AM Re: White Photon EDC retired
AyersTG Offline

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Thank you - I guess that approach works.


#18902 - 09/03/03 12:05 PM Re: Civi Pants
KG2V Offline


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Get yourself a pair of Royal Robbins pants, or go to a place like "The Gap" and buy some Cargo pants - they come in and out of style. Picture "Dockers" but with cargo pockets. AKA - Kahki colored BDUs. I LIKE pockets - LOTS of pockets. I ket lonely without POCKETS

BTW Did I mention I like pants with lots of large pockets?
<img src="images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
73 de KG2V
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#18903 - 09/03/03 01:01 PM Re: White Photon EDC retired
DaveT Offline

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Hi - I'm another Arc AAA convert - have had Photons on the keyring for several years, which won't change, but the AAA is now on a bead lanyard around my neck. My next change will be to add a Berkely point clip - I've seen this on CPF and I really like the flexibility it offers (second post on the thread linked below).
Clip on Arc AAA

I like the idea of the clip on the Arc rather than on the tether point - the Arc can come on and off quickly, and could be attached somewhere else for lighting as needed, freeing up your hands. I just ordered several of these "stainless steel mini clips" from Berkeley Point (berkelypoint.com). They're a bit pricey, but they have very good word of mouth on CPF. Lots of other interesting odds and ends on Berkeley Point, as well.
Anyway, I'll post once I get them in and get a chance to try this method.

#18904 - 09/03/03 02:11 PM Re: White Photon EDC retired
paramedicpete Offline

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My understanding is that the NRC views key-chain tracers as a novelty item and therefore is not permitted in the US. As far I know, all European countries do allow them, as they are sold openly, from several sources, so I do not believe product safety is at issue. There is a US based company that produces tritium markers for military and industrial purposes. US based private citizens (mainly CPF members) who have contacted the company have been told they cannot sell to individuals, that even those sold to legitiment industrial companies for safety markers, must be licensed to possess the markers and must register with the NRC the location of the markers. By the way there is a new X2 version of the traser, looks really cool. Pete

#18905 - 09/03/03 02:19 PM Re: White Photon EDC retired
Greg_Sackett Offline

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Loc: KC, MO

Radioactive material is regulated everywhere in the US by the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) either themselves or through state agreements.

As far as the cool little luminous sources go, you are correct in that the manufacturer has to get a general license for the device from the NRC. Like most dealings with bureaucracy, this takes time and money, and most manufacturers don't see it as worth the trouble for the amount of money that they may make. You are correct that it is foolish to limit such products when they pose absolutely no hazard to human health or the environment. But such is what happens as government grows.

And exactly how long of a half life do you think you need anyway? Twelve years isn't good enough for you? They may get a little dimmer, but you can probably still use a glow ring for out to 50 years or so (depends on how much they start out with). <img src="images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

I guess I shouldn't complain too much about all these stupid regulations, since they pay me alot of money to keep my employer in compliance, but it still irks me if I think about it too much.

Take care...


#18906 - 09/03/03 02:24 PM Re: White Photon EDC retired
paramedicpete Offline

Registered: 04/09/02
Posts: 1920
Loc: Frederick, Maryland
Check this web site, at one time he was planning on producing a holster for the ARC AAA. Pete
I see someone already posted the site.

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#18907 - 09/04/03 02:05 AM Re: White Photon EDC retired
AyersTG Offline

Registered: 12/10/01
Posts: 1272
Loc: Upper Mississippi River Valley...
Thanks for the info, everyone!

#18908 - 09/05/03 07:53 AM Re: White Photon EDC retired

tom, found another interesting post on the cpf, there is a shop in texas i think that sells kydex by the sqft, i think off the top of my head it was $4.50 for 1sqft, and $6 for 2sqft, just heat with a hot air gun and away you go, i'll have a look and try and link it all up, here let see if this works!
all the best steve

oh just found the site, its on the second page, www.texasknife.com

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