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#179071 - 08/11/09 09:18 PM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: Lono]
Susan Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
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Loc: W. WA
Aluminum foil comes on a ROLL for a reason. Now you know what that reason is.

If you insist on folding it, it will only be good as a dry goods container or a hat.

If you want to take it with you to use for water, you'll have to keep it on something like a straw or a dowel.

To use it to heat water, remove it from the dowel, set it on something roundish (like a rock or your head) and form it gently into a pot shape. Then set it down and scrunch-roll the edge all around so you have something to hold onto that will help to distribute the weight.

How you would boil water in it without having a rack of some kind to set it on is beyond me. Putting hot stones in it is the only other way I can envision doing it. Tongs or a metal spoon would be nice. A dipper would be a good way to transfer the water.

I don't really think anything is going to sit in a PSK and hold water months or years later. Keep a small pot, cup or billy in your bag and you won't have to worry when you've got enough other problems.

#179077 - 08/11/09 11:18 PM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: Susan]
GradyT34 Offline

Registered: 02/14/09
Posts: 118
Like the hat idea, but if it will not hold water what good would an aluminum foil hat be in shielding our brains from electromagnetic psychotronic mind control carriers? On an unrelated topic, aren't beer bottle labels made of aluminum?

#179117 - 08/12/09 01:49 PM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: GradyT34]
oldsoldier Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 11/25/06
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Loc: MA
HAs anyone tried boiling it with heated rocks? This would be my preferred method. I do this quite regularly with my tin cup, and it works fine. Its a far quicker way to boil water, as long as you have enough rocks (yes, lesson learned this week).
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#179152 - 08/13/09 12:02 AM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: GradyT34]
Susan Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
Posts: 5163
Loc: W. WA
"... aren't beer bottle labels made of aluminum?"

That's what you use to decorate the sluminum hats. grin

#179170 - 08/13/09 02:47 AM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: Susan]
scafool Offline

Registered: 12/18/08
Posts: 1534
Loc: Muskoka
If I got beer then why would I want water?
I think the point of the original foil idea was that you might not have a pot, empty can or stuff like that with you. It is a bit bulky to put in a pocket as EDC.
The idea of foil as a makeshift kettle seems to have some drawbacks but it is still an alternative to carrying a big pot just in case.

So far it seems that the problem is with thinner and cheaper foil.
I have not found a supply of really thick foil like MSR uses for camp stove windscreens but I have found a few sources now that are borderline adequate.
The windscreen foil seems a bit too heavy and bulky to fold and pack well anyhow.
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#179800 - 08/20/09 12:29 AM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: scafool]
GradyT34 Offline

Registered: 02/14/09
Posts: 118
Testing of aluminum foil for leaks: I just obtained a roll of "Super Strength Reynolds Wrap". It is by far the thickest (and most expensive) aluminum foil I could find anywhere in the nation (at 34.798 microns) and substantially thicker than the thickness Wikipedia indicates is "impermeable to water” (25 microns).

My first test was to see if, when new and then shaped in the form of cups or bowls of various sizes and configs and with as few winkles and creases as is possible, this aluminum foil would hold water without leaking at room temperature. As soon as I placed water in the first test cup, it started leaking, and in numerous places. Additionally, I could see small drops of water forming on the bottom and sides of the cup in “dozens” of places other than where the main current was originating, and in many cases, where I could not see any creases and wrinkles at all.

I then flow tested the other cups and bowls I had shaped, taking as much care as possible to minimize wrinkles and creases. Each time the cups and bowls leaked all over the place. In each test cup and bowl, the water would commence flowing in some place or other immediately after placing water in them. I could also see on the bottom and sides of the test cups and bowls dozens of other places where drops were forming like perspiration, independently of each other.

My conclusions:

1) If the thickest aluminum foil that I could find anywhere leaks practically straight “out of the box” every time I tested it (while using extreme care to minimize creases, wrinkles and folds), there's no point in attempting to test whether it can be shaped such that water can be boiled in it without it leaking.

2) If you intend to use super strength aluminum foil to fashion a mug to drink beer with, you best be ready to guzzle it down mighty fast.

3) On the positive side, when grilling with it there’s no need to pre-punch holes to allow juices to drip through because it comes right from the factory with all the holes one would ever need and at no extra cost.

#179839 - 08/20/09 03:20 PM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: GradyT34]
TheSock Offline

Registered: 11/13/07
Posts: 471
Loc: London England
In the UK chinese and indian take aways come in foil trays that are waterproof and stay in shape if you want to drink out of them. Why not use that?

and Sushi:
"Something the shape of a spectacle case, but opening on the end would be easy to carry and the right shape to boil water in.
Anyone know of any containers that shape?"

yes i do; a spectacle case.

The Sock
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#182005 - 09/11/09 10:46 PM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: Mike_H]
Steve Offline

Registered: 05/29/04
Posts: 84
Loc: North Carolina
I've heard that stainless steel foil is used to wrap metal parts when heat-treating them in a furnace, to keep out oxygen. I wonder if it would be a better alternative to aluminum foil for holding water? If the SS foil can exclude oxygen it probably does not develop pinholes when folded. Anyone with access to this stuff want to give it a try and let us know how it goes?

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#182032 - 09/12/09 02:52 PM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: Steve]
KG2V Offline


Registered: 08/19/03
Posts: 1371
Loc: Queens, New York City
The Stainless heat treat foild is downright dangerous - you don't want to handle it without proper gloves etc - it's like handling razor blades
73 de KG2V
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#182160 - 09/14/09 03:03 PM Re: Interesting post on Be Prepared To Survive [Re: KG2V]
thseng Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 03/24/06
Posts: 900
Loc: NW NJ
If the sharp edge problem can be solved, I think we just found the ultimate pack-flat PSK water boiling container:

They make stainless steel pouches for heat treating. The smallest I found was 2.5" x 5"

Very bottom of the page.

You could fold it in half or cut it shorter. Perhaps some high-temp silicone tape over the edges.
- Tom S.

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