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#1809 - 09/26/01 07:30 PM Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?
Craig Offline

Registered: 11/13/01
Posts: 1784
Loc: Collegeville, PA, USA
Mine has. I never use my lighter, so I put that in my jacket pocket. I have taken to carrying a Mini-MagLite (two AAA batteries) clipped to the inside of my right rear pocket. I took an unused British Metropolitan Police whistle and put that in my left rear pocket, next to my Swiss-Tech MicroPlus. <br><br>I got tired of having stuff on my belt and don't necessarily want to advertise what I have, so I took my Victorinox CyberTool 34 out of its belt pouch and put it in my left front pocket. I also took my original Leatherman PST out of my briefcase and put it in my right front pocket with my wallet and PrincetonTec Blast.<br><br>Does anyone here have a more sensible arrangement of their gear? Different or better gear? Remember, this is for office carry during the week, so I'm wearing dressy casual trousers, not blue jeans.<br><br>

#1810 - 09/26/01 10:11 PM Re: Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?
jet Offline

Registered: 03/06/01
Posts: 220
My car kit has changed only a very little, and mainly just to comfort my girlfriend:<br>I added one more packet of Mainstay rations & some more packets of Mainstay emergency water to my car kit and also to her car kit. This made her calmer, and that's fine with me. I also have tried to become more diligent about never letting my gas tank become any lower than half full, which is something I should do anyway. I carry a lot of stuff in my Wrangler. She has a more basic roadside repair oriented kit I made for her, because she doesn't go offroading in her Blazer.<br><br>What I carried on the airplane this last weekend changed:<br>I took no pocket knife nor mulit-tool, and I substituted a 44hr Nu-Wick candle & space blanket in place of my Altoids tin. My thinking was that shelter and warmth (to combat shock and protect from the elements) was paramount, and something was better than nothing. I also figured these items looked less threatening than some other items which the officials might be less familiar with. I still carried a first aid kit, but I took the scissors, safety pins, tweezers, etc. out of it.<br><br>(An interesting note concerning the Nu-Wick candle:<br>The security types wanted the matches OUT OF the candle and INTO my pocket. I guess they thought the matches were safer if stored somewhere other than right next to the wax. Also, since they didn't want any pairs of lethal tweezers menacing the safety of the airplane, I bent/wrapped the cheap tin tweezer-substitute that comes in the Nu-Wick candles around an ink pen before I went to the airport so as to turn it into a pathetic looking pliable spiral... like a tiny, thick, non-bouncing slinky. It was unrecognizable as anything even resembling tweezers, and obviously anything BUT threatening. But, if I ever need it to move the floating wicks around on top of the candle, I can always easily unbend it back into something resembling its original shape and sufficient usefullness. This wouldn't work with quality tweezers, but with these disposable babies, it was easy.)<br><br>My daily carry gear has not changed:<br>Velcro strap watchband, belt of woven elastic cord, cel phone, pepper spray, health insurance card, roadside assistance card, cash/checks/cards/coins, comb, spermicidally-lubricated, reservoir-tip condom in a mini (travel-sized) Extra Strength Excedrin tin (to protect it), Fisher Bullet pen, Rite-In-The-Rain booklet, Spyderco clipit (Endura, Delica or Calyspo Jr, depending on my daily mood & travel/activity plans), Acme Tornado whistle, white Micro-Light II, mini-tube of lip balm, mini Bic disposable steel & flint lighter, Leatherman Micra, 1 yellow & 1 orange 1"x36" ribbons (for flagging down emergency services when needed), two large safety pins, Brunton survival cards w/ fresnel lens & floating compass, laminated list of personal information, contact numbers & medical conditions, one-way valve CPR mask, 1pr nitrile surgical gloves and pocket first aid kit w/ moleskin and a few basic assorted OTC drugs, ointments/salves, towelettes/swabs & bandages/gauzepads.<br><br>I'm a computer geek who sometimes does offroading on the weekend, so I don't have to dress up very often. But, the stuff I currently carry can just as easily be carried in a suit & tie or cutoff shorts. When I go swimming, I transfer it all to a fanny pack. That makes the most sense to me, because I want to have my gear with me no matter where I am.<br><br>Earlier this year, I took my state's Concealed Carry certification training, passed the qualification test and had my photographs and fingerprinting done, but have yet to submit my final paperwork to the state for my background check. I expect to do so before the end of the year, and to begin trying out my first carry methods early next year. This is out of a sense of civic duty, long overdue. I believe a gentleman should always be armed, so as to be prepared to defend his lady (or his family), his community and his fellow man. But, I have never yet lived up to this ideal, despite the fact that concealed carry has been legal in my state since 1996. So, last year, I finally decided it was time to do something about it. I do not expect to fight off swarming bands of terrorists at the mall any time soon, so I see no reason why recent events should accelerate my pre-existing timetable on this matter.<br><br>My home supplies have not changed, but are likely to expand somewhat in the future. I have never kept much at my office aside from an EVAC-U8 smoke hood, and that, too, is about to change.<br><br>Stay safe,<br>J.T.

#1811 - 09/27/01 12:26 AM Re: Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?

Nope but I agree with Jet, home supplies are getting ready to expand to 90 days.<br><br>

#1812 - 09/27/01 12:53 AM Re: Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?

I am a little more self conscious about having my knife in plane view. It's sad really.<br><br>This is my daily pocket inventory:<br><br>R. rear pocket- Key chain with Swiss-utili key,small flint rod, and a white Photon II light.<br><br>L. rear- wallet with a spyder card.(nice little tool)<br><br>R. front- Swiss Champ on a small cord attached to a clip that goes to my belt loop. (helps with the weight) On cord I have a red Photon I covert (long battery life), and a small button compass. <br><br>L. front- Tool logic money clip.<br><br>When I am working I carry my Swiss Champ in a sheath and a Boker Infinity ceramic blade cliped in R. front.<br><br>If I'm dressed up (rarley) I carry a Benchmade Park Ave. with a lapel hook, hooked in R. front.<br><br>Any input or advise is welcome. This is a great forum.<br><br>Thanks, Kodiak<br><br><br>"Audaces Fortuna Iuvat"

#1813 - 09/27/01 03:14 AM Re: Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?

Man you got bunch of stuff in your pockets!!<br>surefire mini light<br>mini swiss army (classic?)<br>wallet<br>spyderco.<br><br>

#1814 - 09/27/01 11:52 AM Re: Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?
Craig Offline

Registered: 11/13/01
Posts: 1784
Loc: Collegeville, PA, USA
What can I say? I hate being unprepared.<br><br>

#1815 - 09/27/01 11:57 AM Re: Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?
Craig Offline

Registered: 11/13/01
Posts: 1784
Loc: Collegeville, PA, USA
What if you live in a small townhouse with no extra storage space? I'd love to assemble a 72-hour kit for two, but floorspace is at an absolute premium in our home.<br><br>

#1816 - 09/27/01 01:38 PM Re: Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?

A 72 hour kit should not take up any great amount of space. A BASIC 72 hour kit should fit in a day pack or 5 gallon plastic bucket. The front hall coat closet is a good place to store it since it is right next to the door and you can grab it on your way out. <br><br>For 72 hour BASIC kit, you only need a few things.<br><br>2 Quarts of water min. (more would be better)<br>Mainstay/Trail Mix/PowerBar/etc<br>Matches & Lighter<br>Knife &/or Multitool<br>First Aid Kit<br>Flashlight & Batteries (Think LED and lithium)<br>Tarp (min 8'x10') (or plastic sheeting)<br>Parachute cord (min 50 ft)<br>Trash bags, lawn size<br>Bandana (2)<br>Leather Gloves<br>Chapstick<br>Dust Mask (6)<br>Space blanket(s)/wool blanket<br><br>Things you can add that might be useful as backups or extend your comfort:<br>Chemical light stick (useful for lighting explosive or wet environments)<br>Tub Candle (for heating, cooking, or light)<br>Rain gear<br>Radio for news & weather <br>Paper, Pencil, Pen<br>Cash, $100 small bills and roll quarters (vending)<br>1 qt metal cook pot with lid<br>Hat<br>Change of underwear & socks<br>Unlined Nylon windbreaker with hood <br><br>This is enough for you to get out of the structure and have a few essentials to make the next few days bearable. As mentioned elsewhere, leaving your primary residence makes you a refugee unless you have a predetermined destination in mind. <br><br>If you don't have room for a daypack on the floor of your closet, the trunk of your car might be a second choice since you will typically have your car just outside your house. The 5 gallon bucket with lid is watertight and could be hidden inside a planter outside with a potted plant on top to disquise its location.<br><br><br>

#1817 - 09/27/01 03:32 PM Re: Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?
ToddG Offline

Registered: 03/07/01
Posts: 51
Loc: Boston, MA
Right Rear: Hanky<br>Left Rear: Wallet<br>Right Front: Pen, Rex, Sebenza Folder<br>Left Front: Keyring with; Whistle, Compass, White Photon, Small magnesium fire starter, SOG CrossCut. (I am thinking of ditching the CrossCut in favor of one of those swissteck utilkey things)<br><br>The best way out is always through.<br>-Robert Frost
The best way out is always through.<br>-Robert Frost

#1818 - 09/28/01 12:31 AM Re: Has your pocket carry changed since Sept. 11?
Doug_Ritter Offline


Registered: 01/28/01
Posts: 1948
Mine really hasn't. However, tyng up loose ends for this weekend's talk show appearance, I have just this minute finished updating the page and photos of what I carry, my Don't Leave Home Without It gear, if anyone is interested: http://www.equipped.org/onyrown.htm<br><br><br>Doug Ritter<br>Editor<br>Equipped To Survive
Doug Ritter
Equipped To SurviveŽ
Chairman & Executive Director
Equipped To Survive Foundation

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