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#177718 - 07/26/09 03:16 PM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: Brangdon]
Desperado Offline

Registered: 11/01/08
Posts: 1530
Loc: DFW, Texas
Regular FAK with "OUCH items" is in the master bathroom in a metal FAK box with a gasket to keep water out. (Think utility truck FAK box, but restocked with quality stuff.)

Each vehicle (4) and the 5th Wheel RV has an extensive FAK in an USGI M3 bag that a SF Medic turned MD helped me design. Some of the stuff in those is for when a trained responder shows up but has no gear. (Airways, etc.)

Motorcycle has a small kit of "OUCH items" and a few items for major bleeding plus sunscreen, lip balm, monkey butt powder, and bug dope.

Climate controlled Storm/Safe Room has the portable hospital that is also transitioned into 5th Wheel if entire family is going on a trip.

All of the FAK's also contain a small pack of hygiene wipes and feminine hygiene products for the ladies in my family. That small inclusion has made me very popular with both DD and DW, as they are forgetful.

I carry so much, because I seem to be the guy that either witnesses the accident, or comes upon the accident just as all the parts finally land.

I do the things that I must, and really regret, are unfortunately necessary.


#177722 - 07/26/09 04:05 PM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: scafool]
Roarmeister Offline
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Registered: 09/12/01
Posts: 900
Loc: Saskatchewan, Canada
Originally Posted By: scafool
Roarmeister's comments under the most likely emergency thread and Todd's get an eyewash bottle thread started me wondering about how accessible most peoples first aid kits are.
So where is the first aid kit in your house and when was the last time it was full?

Well, I am in transition myself - moving to a new townhouse this week so my current locations are not relevant. In my new place, I plan to have a FAK on each of the 3 levels.

3rd level bathroom will have a number of first aid items and primary meds in "medicine cabinet" and my travel toiletries bag.
2nd level will have the main FAK in the panty with ready access to kitchen/dining/living/deck. This kit is always full - part of that is the problem, I will distribute some of the items because the kit is packed to the gills!
1st level will have another FAK in the garage/storage/exercise room. May add an eye wash as I don't have a sink/tap on this level.
I will customize the FAK in each level appropriate to the activities that will likely occur there. It is not necessary to have a full load out kit in multiple locations.
As well, I have my mini-FAK in my day pack that gets updated about every 3 months. I also have a big FAK in my vehicle.

I also plan to have a Fire Ex on each level - I'm still thinking out my strategy on that one. (What size, location, hanger, etc.) I am also looking at getting a emergency access ladder for the 3rd level for exiting by a window.

#177730 - 07/26/09 06:49 PM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: Roarmeister]
bennym Offline

Registered: 07/26/09
Posts: 3
Loc: Gardner, Massachusetts
I'm new here, but thought this would be a good post to breakin on...

Having spent 34 years as a firefighter, and 8 as an EMT, First Aid is always at the top of my list.

The main household kit is in a kitchen cabinet that is reserved for ONLY first Aid material....

A smaller kit is in the basement/workshop area, then there's one in the Go Bag, then there's my EMT soft style Jump bag in the trunk of the car, and a smaller standard size commercial kit under the front seat, so if someone's with me and we come upon something they can grab that one....

Then there's a basic kit in each backpack for family members...

Then in the basement I have a large box of supplies to re-stock whatever gets used....

I have a strict policy with the family to re-stock after each use, and I check them every 6 months or so....

Each family member has been certified in Advanced ARC First Aid, and CPR...
Thanks for listening.... stay safe

#177782 - 07/27/09 12:36 PM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: Brangdon]
NCLee Offline

Registered: 07/17/09
Posts: 11
Let's see... 2 in the shop, 1 in the camper. Main supplies are in a cabinet in the bathroom.

Suggestion: Mark your calender to check your first aid supplies when you check the smoke alarm batteries. This is a good way to keep up with expired meds and replacements that are needed. When I started this I had some stuff that was 2-3 years out of date. Worse than useless some of that stuff was down right dangerous.

Just my 2-cents on the subject.

#177788 - 07/27/09 12:59 PM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: NCLee]
celler Offline

Registered: 12/25/03
Posts: 410
Loc: Jupiter, FL
For those of you using first aid "cabinets", you may want to have an empty bag designated and ready for a bug out situation. Emergency Essentials sells bright red backpacks which would be great for this purpose. It may not provide for the most organized first aid kit, but certainly a space saver for those that do not have room for a main and a mobile kit. YMMV.


#177800 - 07/27/09 02:27 PM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: NightHiker]
dweste Offline

Registered: 02/16/08
Posts: 2463
Loc: Central California
It would appear there is a consensus for multiple home first aid kits of different types in appropriate locations, as opposed to a single kit.

#177861 - 07/27/09 09:39 PM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: scafool]
samhain Offline

Registered: 11/30/05
Posts: 598
Loc: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The household FAK is a large tacklebox that lives under my sink in the bathroom.

Unless we are going on an extended road trip in which it gets put in the car with the luggage.
samhain autumnwood

#177867 - 07/27/09 10:49 PM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: samhain]
Dan_McI Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 12/10/07
Posts: 844
Loc: NYC
As is samhain's, ours is under the bathroom sink.

One is in the car also.

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#177869 - 07/27/09 10:59 PM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: Desperado]
MDinana Offline

Registered: 03/08/07
Posts: 2184
Loc: Deep south... Carolina
Originally Posted By: Desperado
Each vehicle (4) and the 5th Wheel RV has an extensive FAK in an USGI M3 bag that a SF Medic turned MD helped me design. Some of the stuff in those is for when a trained responder shows up but has no gear. (Airways, etc.)

Can I ask where you got your supplies? I've only seen one place that sells IV solutions- bpmedicalsupplies.com- (apparently w/o a doc presciption?), and only a few (ie, Gall's) that sells Oropharyngeal airway and endotracheal tubes.

I'd love to toss a few bags of NS into my car kit, and MAYBE a few ET tubes with a laryngoscope. Maybe keep a few in my home FAB too, if only to stop the hangover after a day of wine tasting (ie, getting drunk in public but trying to remain sophisticated).

#177891 - 07/28/09 01:53 AM Re: Where is your household first aid kit? [Re: MDinana]
JohnE Offline

Registered: 06/10/08
Posts: 601
Loc: Southern Cal
I've used BP Medical for non-prescription supplies, good prices and decent quality.

OP airways are easy to get, as are NPA's, ET's not so much. BP medical sells OPA's and NPA's very cheaply.

Savelives.com is another online supplier that I've used.


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