Louisville got hit bad and most were back up within 8-9 days. More electrical crews were on their way before the 1st storm wave was over. There are still massive piles of limbs and trees all over Louisville. The city thinks it will be done with the cleanup in another 2 months. As you went East and North, it wasn't as bad.

I've been all over Western KY in the past month or so. They got hammered. Seemingly, entire forests got snapped in half. There are mounds of limbs everywhere. If you hike the woods, it is more scrambling than hiking...tedious and takes forever. Widow-makers (loose limbs up in the trees) are EVERYWHERE and will probably be a threat for years to come. Most of the hotels are full of tree care, arborist, junk haulers, etc from out of state. I think they will still be working in late summer. They still have out-of-state electrical crews as well.

...got YAK???